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  • September 27, 2022 5 min read

    Is CBD Good for Your Feet?

    Nearly 80 percent of adults in America have foot complications. As a result, an alarm needs to be raised to solve the problem in time before it affects one. Therefore, the article will emphasize foot complications and how they can be managed using CBD.

    Cannabidiol has been used and is still being used for medical purposes. The uses of cannabidiol that have been explored are not limited to reducing stress, and anxiety, alleviating pain and boosting sleep and appetite. However, the feet problem has not received the recognition it deserves. Though more medical research is needed to prove that cannabidiol benefits the feet, this article will focus on some foot complications from which cannabidiol products can benefit. It will also discuss the types of CBD, methods it can be delivered, legalization, and benefits. Peer into the article and find out more about managing foot problems:

    What is CBD?

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural extract from cannabis sativa or hemp. Cannabis sativa is composed of more than one hundred compounds. THC is the most known and consumed by many people. This is why many people intend to buy cannabis sativa and smoke it so that they feel 'high.' Moreover, much THC consumption leads to addiction and overdependence; hence one will not be able to do without it. Cannabidiol does not cause psychoactive effects nor lead to addiction and overdependence; hence, it is good for medical purposes. Despite being confused by many people, one should notice that the duos are different in their effects when consumed by an individual.

    How CBD Helps the Feet

    According to Macedonio et al. (2016), the body has two endocannabinoid systems; CB1 and CB2 receptors. Such endocannabinoid systems have receptors that bind with cannabidiol. When one takes cannabidiol to manage pain, the receptors are therefore stimulated by cannabidiol to release chemical compounds that alleviate pain. Atalay et al. (2020) found that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory that helps to prevent pain around the joint in the feet. Since inflammation makes one feel pain and is bedbound, taking cannabidiol is a good remedy. A person with diabetes often suffers from pain in the feet; hence, taking cannabidiol helps control diabetes. One condition diabetics may suffer gout, characterized by swelling around the knee joints. Kogan et al. (2019) reported that taking cannabidiol helps to control gout. Arthritis is one of the foot problems leading to a lot of pain for the longest period; hence referred to as chronic pain. It is characterized by inflammation of feet joints; thus, taking cannabidiol can enable one to manage pain caused by arthritis.

    How Can CBD Be Taken for Feet Problems?

    There are different methods to take cannabidiol to achieve the targeted results; it has foot problems. The methods cannabidiol products can be taken include applying on the skin, inhaling, ingesting, and injecting. The following is a discussion on each type of delivery:

    Skin Applications

    Skin application is also called topical application, where one applies cannabidiol creams or lotions on the skin surface. This application method takes long before giving an effect; hence not recommendable if one intends to manage pain faster. It should be applied to the skin firmly and slowly to benefit from its effect. One should wash the hands after applying cannabidiol lotions or creams to avoid contact with the eye or nostril leading to irritations.

    Oral or Sublingual/ Ingesting

    Oral or sublingual applications are used when taking cannabidiol tinctures or oils. Sublingual is a faster method of cannabidiol delivery since, below the tongue, there are blood vessels that enable cannabidiol to reach the bloodstream. However, it is not suitable for first cannabidiol users since they may not withstand the bad smell that is contacted one on one. Learn more about what does cbd taste like?


    One can inhale cannabidiol vapes through the nose to achieve the effect. Inhaling cannabidiol products like vapes are the fastest way of feeling the effect of cannabidiol benefits. However, consult a doctor before starting to use them since much is not known about whether they can damage lung cells or not.


    It is the method involving delivering cannabidiol products through needles and syringes. The method is not recommendable since it causes injuries to the skin and blood vessels just below the skin surface. Learn more about what does cbd stand for?

    Legalization of CBD

    Different countries have different takes on the use of cannabidiol. Consequently, such countries have put forth laws and regulations governing its usage. In America, the use of cannabidiol was allowed when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. In the UK, cannabidiol products are allowed if they contain 0.3% THC, and the rest of the percentage is occupied by another cannabis compound. In Australia, cannabidiol is allowed for human consumption if it contains 2% THC and other compounds occupy the remaining percentage. It is wise if one knows the take of a country that should be visited concerning cannabidiol products since it will help one not to go against the rules and regulations of such a country. In America, where cannabidiol products have been embraced since the 2018 Farm Bill, some states have put restrictions on cannabidiol usage.

    Other Benefits of CBD

    Apart from helping one manage pain in the feet, the following are other benefits of cannabidiol products:

    Side Effects of CBD

    Although cannabidiol benefits individuals' health, it also bears some side effects that cannot be ignored. Therefore side effects of cannabidiol are the following:


    The importance of cannabidiol to human beings is not outdated since many of its products have benefits in our day-to-day lifestyle. Cannabidiol products can help in the management of pain in the feet. When endocannabinoid receptors bind with cannabidiol, they are stimulated to produce chemical compounds that alleviate pain. Moreover, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory that helps to control inflammation leading to arthritis and many other ways discussed in the article that cannabidiol use to achieve pain management. For maximum benefits and enjoyment of cannabidiol, one needs to know the methods of CBD deliveries, as discussed in this article. Besides helping pain management, cannabidiol has other benefits, but it is not void of the effect listed above. To benefit from cannabidiol, one should know each country's legalization of CBD.


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