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  • by Nicola Boulton September 07, 2022 5 min read

    The Real History of CBD

    Every river has its source, so for everything one is using, it is necessary to know where it came from and whatever has led to its victory of popularity. One may find that many individuals who use cannabidiol or its products do not know how it came to be used in different countries.

    Like many products that have information about their origin, cannabidiol has a history. This article will unfold the history of cannabidiol by explaining when it was discovered, what research has been done on it, how it came to be realized in the U.S., and its recognition in the U.S. today and in the future. Besides those, one will know the different benefits of cannabidiol, the side effects one may be exposed to, and the standard delivery ways one can use to have the help at exposure. Since the sibling rivalry between cannabidiol and other cannabis compounds, many countries have not recognized cannabidiol to push forward its legalization. Therefore, this article will explain the legality of cannabidiol across different countries of the world. Peer into the composition and find out more about cannabidiol:

    The Real History of CBD

    Cannabidiol was first discovered in 1940, just after its first publication by scientist O'Shaughnessy. Its complete discovery was influenced by scientist Robert S Cahn who recognized and proposed its medical importance. Around the 1940s, the scientist Roger Adams realized that besides cannabidiol, there is another compound known as THC, which can alter the state of one's mind. Since then, many have learned the importance of cannabidiol, contributing to its; extensive uses in different fields.

    Research on Cannabinoid Pharmacology

    Researchers found that cannabinoids can change the state of mind. The prominent cannabinoid that can cause such an effect was found and proved to date that it is tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly abbreviated as THC. In 1978, New Mexico passed a law of Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research, an Act that recognized the legal use of cannabis sativa. It gained momentum in 1980 when Doctor Mochoulam found that cannabidiol could treat epilepsy. Since then, cannabidiol has been used to treat other mental conditions apart from epilepsy. Learn more about cbd delivery methods

    How CBD Has Been Identified in the U.S.

    California was the first state in America to propose the use of medical marijuana in the year 1996. Soon afterward, other countries in the U.S. followed suit. The following are the countries that legalized cannabidiol and the year each of them did so:

    • 1998- This year, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington proposed using medical marijuana.
    • 1999- The use of medical marijuana was proposed in Maine
    • 2000- Hawaii, Nevada, and Colorado offered their citizens the use of medical marijuana.

    Since then, researchers have conducted different studies on cannabidiol and other compounds, familiarizing many individuals. Moreover, many people have realized the benefits of cannabidiol in treating various ailments, reducing anxiety, and boosting sleep and appetite. Despite some countries in the U.S. legalizing cannabidiol, some individuals have opposed its usage in their lives. The reason for not supporting cannabidiol is bound on the following factors; cannabidiol can change the state of mind, and other cannabinol like THC can cause a 'high' effect when smoked.

    CBD in the U.S. Today

    Since cannabidiol was realized in the 20th century, many have recognized cannabidiol, hence using it. Cannabidiol is sold in many states, thereby maximizing profit in such conditions. Since the 2018 Farm Bill passed the use of cannabidiol, research has expanded clarification on the benefits of cannabidiol. Moreover, the Bill federally legalized the use of hemp-derived cannabidiol soon after it was passed. Food and Drug Substance also approved the use of Epidolex, an oral form of cannabidiol. The researchers have made cannabidiol products sold in stations, dispensaries, and online platforms, which has dramatically expanded the use of cannabidiol in the U.S. today. Learn more about can you overdose on cbd?

    Future of CBD

    Since the 2018 Farm Bill and different studies conducted on cannabidiol, its future has been foretold. Many people have recognized CBD and made it part of their life by using it to treat various ailments to improve their life. However, some have not realized its benefits, hence opposing its usage in their life. It is, therefore, good if such countries have people who do not recognize CBD to know that it is high time the benefits of cannabidiol were realized. On the other hand, countries that have legalized it and made it be used for medical purposes should facilitate other countries to advocate for its use. Following such guidelines makes cannabidiol have a brighter future and improves the living standards of many.

    CBD vs. THC

    Though many people have become familiar with cannabidiol and its products, it is sad that they lack knowledge of its description and effects. However, one can know the accurate description and its relationship with significant compounds. Pellati et al. (2018) stated that cannabidiol is a compound extracted from cannabis sativa or hemp. Despite cannabis sativa having gained momentum by being applied in different fields, many people still confuse it with having some adverse effects like causing psychoactive effects and leading to addiction and over-dependence. However, one should know that THC is responsible for such products. Much consumption causes alteration of mind, misjudgments, and changes in one's behaviors.

    Methods of CBD Delivery

    There are different ways one can enjoy cannabidiol and get the full benefits. The methods of cannabidiol delivery differ from one form to another. The methods of delivering CBD can be explained below:

    • Smoking or inhaling- This method of cannabidiol delivery involves enjoying cannabidiol vapes. It is the fastest method of feeling the effect of cannabidiol.
    • Oral or sublingual- It involves taking cannabidiol or its products through the mouth. The forms taken using this way are tinctures or oils.
    • Topical applications- It is the external application of cannabidiol, and one strictly applies it on the skin surface.

    Benefits of CBD

    The following are the benefits of cannabidiol one may enjoy from its usage:

    Side Effects of CBD

    The following are the dangers of cannabidiol failure to take care:


    The history of cannabidiol helps as many individuals as possible to explore it and embrace its usage. The article explained that the use of cannabidiol was first adopted by Americans, who afterward contributed to its spread in different parts of the world. Despite cannabidiol having been embraced by many people, some have diminished its future. However, cannabidiol tends to have a bright future since many individuals are embracing and so different countries and states are reaching a point of legalizing it. Cannabidiol has some benefits, which have led to it being used by others; hence each should explore such benefits. However, poor and unguided use of cannabidiol exposes one to some side effects, as explained in this article.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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