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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    Side Effects of Using CBD

    Like any other substance, CBD has its side effects. They include drowsiness, gastrointestinal issues, dry mouth, nausea, liver injury, and Cannabis induced anxiety.

    Only one CBD medication, Epidiolex, has been licensed by the FDA for treating two rare kinds of epilepsy. Research into the physiological effects of CBD is still in its infancy. Examining and approving Epidiolex revealed CBD to have possible hazards and side effects such as tiredness, stomach problems, and dry mouth, as well as a reduction in hunger and nausea. CBD still has a lot of questions, including; What happens if I take it for an extended period? To what dose of CBD are recognized side effects due? Is the manner of ingestion (oral, smoking, vaping, or topical) a factor in how much it's ingested? Is CBD harmful to a child's brain? What are the effects of CBD on the fetus and breastfed infants? As some animal studies have shown, is it true that CBD impacts male fertility?


    According to Huestis et al. (2019), some typical negative effects while taking CBD include tiredness and sedation. It is also regarded as an advantage, but it is noted that the effects can be too powerful if you're also taking CBD with other sedating drugs.

    Gastrointestinal Issues

    Some people may suffer diarrhea or liver issues [while consuming CBD] depending on the individual and their medical history; thus, monitoring is crucial.

    Dry Mouth

    Also known as "cotton mouth," CBD might potentially cause the lips and eyes to feel unusually dry. Though this adverse effect is more likely to occur with THC, it can also happen with CBD.

    Can Interact with Other Medications

    Brown & Winterstein (2019) established that CBD could react with other drugs. Chatting with your doctor about whether CBD might influence your present medicines is vital. If you are using other drugs, CBD can alter their efficacy, and the amount you are taking may need to be re-evaluated by your doctor. CBD might interact with other drugs to create negative effects. Because there is less data on how CBD interacts with prescription prescriptions and common over-the-counter supplements, you should talk to your doctor before using CBD if you are taking other medications.


    When using CBD supplements, some people may feel nausea. It depends on the individual's sensitivity to CBD and the dosage taken. When it comes to CBD supplements, the quantity absorbed might vary greatly due to the wide variety of options available. In combination with the unique characteristics of each individual, it will determine what CBD side effects you may encounter.

    Liver Injury

    When testing Epidiolex, the FDA discovered that CBD could cause liver damage as a side effect. Blood tests are used to diagnose liver disease in its earliest stages. This danger can be minimized by only consuming CBD under the guidance of a medical professional.

    Damage to Fertility

    Even though CBD hasn't been well studied, Du Plessis et al. (2015) argued that cannabis usage negatively decreases sperm count and other indicators of male fertility, such as viability and motility. Research on human participants is needed to improve these investigations. If you're providing cannabis to a patient in their reproductive years, you should be aware of these possible negative effects.

    Dosage and Quantity

    The FDA does not officially regulate doses of CBD; thus, there are no established guidelines. Between 100 and 800 milligrams a day have been used in most clinical studies to date. Consult your doctor before taking any CBD product to determine a safe dosing regimen. In addition, symptoms and other drugs or supplements you're taking should be included in this strategy.

    Cannabis-induced Anxiety

    Even if you're a seasoned cannabis user, you may not experience the same effects every time you take a hit. Whether you're using it to alleviate mental health issues or to stoke hunger, sometimes it works just as expected. Other times, it might worsen anxiety and tension, particularly when used with a high-tetrahydrocannabinol product (THC). As a result of the anxiety induced by cannabis, you may experience a panic attack, which can include: sweating or shaking, a sudden sense of doom you can't explain and worries about others watching or judging you; a racing heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and intense feelings of fear; chest pain or choking sensations; stomach pain or nausea; dizziness; and numbness or chills. Worrying about dying or losing one's faculties is another common phobia. Despite the scary nature of these sensations, they are common in panic episodes. Fortunately, panic episodes don't represent a substantial risk. Within a few minutes, they'll also disappear on their own. Panic, on the other hand, may make those ten minutes seem like a lifetime.

    Special Precautions and Warnings

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Sarrafpour et al. (2020) showed that taking CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding may put your health at risk. Products containing CBD may include contaminants that are dangerous to an unborn child. Avoid using it at all costs. Youngsters: A special prescription CBD medication (Epidiolex) may be safe for children to ing orally in dosages up to 25 mg/kg daily. Use this product in youngsters at least one year old with particular problems. Other CBD products' safety in youngsters is unclear. Patients with liver problems may require lower CBD dosages. According to preliminary studies, people with Parkinson's disease may experience worse muscular movement and tremors if they take large amounts of CBD.


    It might encourage patients to avoid or delay seeing a healthcare professional due to false claims. A doctor should always discuss the best strategy to treat a sickness or condition. Certain CBD products' quality is called into question as well. The FDA examined certain unapproved goods and found that they didn't contain the amount of CBD they claimed. Others might have dangerous pollutants in them. Medical professionals and healthcare providers recommend only third-party-tested goods, such as insecticides. Due to their relative newness, many items on the market may not be what they appear to be or may not have passed quality control checks. Authenticity certifications for CBD products should be available on the vast majority of the websites selling them. Don't bother those who don't. The FDA has cleared the use of a single CBD product to treat two uncommon and severe types of epilepsy. The FDA has not yet authorized any additional CBD products. Labeling CBD as a dietary supplement or an ingredient in the food is currently unlawful. Additional study is needed into how CBD may be used to treat different ailments and disorders. Unproven medicinal claims are being made about certain CBD products.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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