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  • September 05, 2022 5 min read

    What Is the Entourage Effect? More on How It Works

    Three different types of CBD can bring about the entourage effect. They include; full-spectrum, whole-plant, and broad-spectrum CBD. The entourage effects have a lot of benefits, such as acting as an antioxidant and having neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. This article explains what an entourage effect is and how it works.

    Entourage effects explain the theory of cannabis compounds having the ability to work best when they are consumed together than separately. It means that all the benefits of the compounds of cannabis are felt greatest when they are combined. When combined, the endocannabinoid system is stimulated, thus assisting the body to have optimal balance. It, therefore, means that an individual's overall health can be improved. This article discusses what the entourage effect is and more on how they work. Learn more about benefits of hemp

    Entourage Effect Meaning

    According to Stella et al. (2021), the entourage effect explains the theory of the ability of various compounds of the cannabis plant to work together for the well-being of the body. It helps the different combinations to give out the other benefits in the body. Learn more about is cbd addictive?

    Ways The Entourage Effect Can Be Experienced

    Different types of CBD can bring out the entourage effect. They include;

    Full-spectrum CBD

    Maayahet al. (2020) stated that most people rely on full-spectrum CBD because it contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. Some compounds in the full-spectrum CBD are flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, and many other cannabinoids.

    Though at low levels, they also have the presence of the psychoactive compound THC.

    Whole-plant CBD

    They may seem similar, but they have some critical differences between them. Most of the time, people have related the full-spectrum CBD to the whole plant CBD. The main difference between the full-spectrum CBD and the whole-plant CBD is that the latter has all the components of the entire plant that it is extracted from, including fats and waxes and some other essential compounds that are not found in the full-spectrum CBD. When the whole spectrum is removed, some combinations are lost in the extraction process.  

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    Jin et al. (2020) stated that broad-spectrum has the presence of almost all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. However, they do not have the THC compound in them. There are instances when the THC component can be traced in small amounts.

    How Do Terpenes Play a Role in the Entourage Effect?

    According to Stepanyuk & Kirschning (2019), terpenes are natural and organic compounds that give plants a distinctive smell and aroma. They have a role to play in the entourage effect. They are responsible for giving out the products that complement CBD or may even bind with the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. There are different terpenes types, each of which has additional benefits for the human body. When used together with the other compounds, they benefit the human body.

    Terpenes contribute in the following ways;

    • Have some therapeutic effects on the body.
    • The absorption of cannabinoids is improved in the lungs and the digestive tract.
    • Plays a significant role in flavors and aroma.
    • Cannabinoid metabolism in the body is slowed down.

    Which Type of CBD Is Better for the Entourage Effect?

    There are three different types of CBD. They include; full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate-based CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD has almost all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. It does not have the presence of the THC compound. It means that it cannot get an individual to be high. The absence of the THC compound makes the difference between the full-spectrum CBD and the broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum has all the compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. Most people rely on it when they want to feel the high effect because they have the presence of the psychoactive compound THC in them. All the compounds found in the cannabis plant make them more significant for the entourage effect. Isolate-based CBD cannot give out the entourage effect because it has no compounds except CBD. It is because they undergo several processes to make them pure. Therefore, no interaction of CBD with another combination would bring out the entourage effect.

    Importance of the Entourage Effect

    Anti-Inflammatory Functions

    CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation in the body is caused when a harmful substance interacts with the healthy cells, thus damaging them. THC helps boost the anti-inflammatory functions of CBD by easing joint pain and minimizing inflammation in the body.  

    Antioxidant Properties

    Almost all cannabinoids have been associated with having antioxidant properties. It means that when they are consumed together, they can have a substantial effect. The effects have gotten also depend on the type of CBD that one is using. If it happens to be the full-spectrum CBD, the presence of THC in the CBD compound will boost the antioxidant properties and make them strong.  

    Neuroprotective Properties

    THC in the CBD compounds is believed to affect the mind negatively. However, when taken in small amounts, they can positively impact an individual's mind. The different compound found in the CBD helps in protecting the brain cells from damage. CBD can act on the brain receptors, thus minimizing inflammation in healthy brain cells. It also assists the brain in avoiding some brain diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia.  

    CBD Products Meant for the Entourage Effect


    They are great as they can be incorporated into the wellness routine and are ideal when seeking support with CBD for sleep.


    The best thing about this method is that its effects are felt faster than the other methods. They are taken sublingually. It means that they are placed under the tongue.

    Side Effects of the Entourage Effect

    • Dry mouth
    • Nausea
    • Fluctuating weight
    • Diarrhea
    • Fatigue
    • Short-term memory loss
    • Slow reaction


    The article explains that the entourage effect is brought about when many compounds are consumed together. It brings about a lot of benefits and advantages to the human body. The great thing about the entourage effect is that it can work on various areas of the body. Some adverse effects are minimized, improve the absorption of compounds into the body and assist in overcoming the defense mechanisms of bacteria. It is always difficult to tell the feelings of entourage effect as it depends on various factors like health, genetics, and an individual's age.


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