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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    What's the Big Deal About Antioxidants?

    A lot of questions have been asked about antioxidants. They have become the biggest trend in the market of late. This is because of the benefits that they have. They are known to fight free radicals, have antiaging properties and minimize the oxidative stress in an individual's body.

    Much hype surrounds the antioxidants. This is because of the benefits that they have been acclaimed to have. The hype around the antioxidants may have gotten to you, and you may want to know what they are about their importance and if they are worth the hype they have. Antioxidants are found in different things. They are present in plants as well as in the body of an individual. They are known to be fat or water-soluble. This means that they can be found in the parts of the body that oily and watery. They are found in different body parts, and the antioxidants work together to ensure that they prevent harmful substances from contacting the healthy body cells. This article discusses the big deal the antioxidants have.

    What is an Antioxidant?

    According to Nimse & Pal (2015), antioxidants are referred to as molecules that assist in protecting the body cells against free radicals that may damage the healthy cells in the body. Some free radicals that may get into the body include; cigarettes, alcohol, and some dust particles in the air. When there is too much absorption of free radicals, the body is taken through intense oxidative stress. It may be at risk of diseases like inflammation, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders. The antioxidants are the ones that are responsible for blocking oxidative stress, preventing them from getting into contact with the healthy cells.

    Where Can a Person Get the Antioxidants?

    Shahidi & Ambigaipalan (2015) reported that fruits and vegetables are the ones that have been associated with being rich in antioxidant properties. It is important to note that the antioxidant properties are greater when a fruit or vegetable is darker. Some vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidant properties include; strawberries, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, plums, peppers, onions, and eggplant.

    Are Antioxidants Present in Supplements?

    Using nutritional supplements to gain antioxidant properties is mostly discouraged. It is not seen as a healthy practice. This is because the most vital nutrients are found in food than in nutritional supplements. However, those who wish to use the nutritional supplements to gain antioxidant properties can mix different vegetables and fruits and make salads or smoothies in the morning. You can always tap into your creative side and get to come up with different recipes for nutritional supplements.

    Benefits of Antioxidants

    Fight the Free Radicals From Getting into the Body

    According to Kattappagari et al. (2015), antioxidants assist in fighting free radicals and prevent them from getting into contact with the human body. Free radicals have unstable and highly reactive molecules looking for ways to become stable. Their main aim is to gain electrons so that they become stable. This can be done by attacking either a protein or a lipid. It is difficult to avoid the free radicals as they can also be obtained from food and air. The antioxidants assist in donating the electrons needed by the free radicals to become stable. This means that when the electrons are donated, it prevents further chain of free radicals from harming the healthy cells. This, therefore, means that one should always have an abundance of antioxidants in the body that will help fight the free radicals and assist them in becoming stable.

    Minimize the Oxidative Stress

    According to Tobe (2013), oxidative stress is likely to occur when the body does not have balance. This may bring about damage to the brain and the body in general. It may bring about various diseases such as Parkinson's, cardiovascular and diabetes. When the body lacks antioxidant properties, oxidative stress is likely to occur. It may bring about inflammation in the body. The body may experience some pain that may be brought about by inflammation. The human body does its best to fight oxidative stress. However, the body's antioxidant system is not enough, so one is encouraged to take in food such as fruits and vegetables with antioxidant properties that may be extra to the one found in the body.

    Improve the Mental Health of an Individual

    The brain is one of the sensitive body parts that may be affected by oxidative stress. The oxidative stress may affect not only the learning and memory of an individual but also minimize the growth of new cells. When the memory and learning of an individual are affected, it may be about disorders related to mood and depression. Ribeiro (2015) showed that one could minimize depression and anxiety by taking in food rich in antioxidant properties.

    Support Aging in a Healthy Way

    Some antiaging skin products have the presence of antioxidants properties. Most dermatologists have recommended using antioxidants such as vitamin C, especially during topical administration of skin products. Most skin products like the CBD oils have antiaging and antioxidant properties that protect the skin from radical damage. This leaves the skin firm, healthy and glowing. The skin tone is left to be even. However, you do not have to ingest the antioxidants. The best way is to find skin products with antioxidant properties and apply them topically. The effects will be felt internally and externally as well.


    The antioxidant deal and big hype are all worth it. This is seen with the benefits that they have on the body. The importance of antioxidants is that they help fight the free radicals from getting into contact with healthy cells and harming them. This may even bring about inflammation, swelling, and soreness. These may be associated with the pain that one may end up feeling. It is better to not only rely on o the antioxidant system in the body to give out the benefits listed but also to take in food that is rich in antioxidants to avoid these. Such foods are vegetables and fruits. Protect your body from harm by following whatever this article indicates.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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