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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    HHC – Your New Favourite Hemp-Derived High

    Hemp-based products are gaining popularity in all aspects. An individual can obtain the products in different strains and brands. HHC is one of the cannabinoid strains that is slowly growing. This article explains several aspects that one needs to know about CBD.

    HHC is the short form of hexahydorcannabinol and is one of the newcomers’ products of CBD. The hemp plant contains hundreds of products that can be able to suit a vast number of individuals. Just like delta eight and delta 10, HHC is seen to have a different standing point, unlike the THC regarding legality. It is seen to provide the same experiences as THC. The aspect that sets it out as distinct from the other is the onset of its effects when consumed by a user. When vaped, a consumer can feel the effects almost immediately, unlike other cannabinoids, which take some minutes to feel. When finished, the results are like the feeling high from sativa high. The potency level of HHC is lower than that of Delta 8. But when an individual is using a high-quality strain of HHC from a well-known and reputable company, it is easier to notice the potency difference because of the purity of the product. HHC can be more complex than other cannabinoid products depending on the extract obtained and the product user.

    Where To Obtain HHC

    Individuals can obtain HHC from the pollen and seeds of hemp plants which occurs naturally. Just like other cannabinoids, HHC was first synthesized back in the 1940s. Jacob et al. (2019) explained that HHC was created through hydrogenation of THC, a process used to manufacture margarine. Unlike CBD, which is popular today, the individual cannot produce HHC from their home setting; HHC can only be obtained through a safe and equipped laboratory. HHC can be obtained in two different molecules from the lab as one is more active than the other. It makes the potency of the products obtained vary. It gives a person more reason to go for reputable companies' products.

    How Does HHC Feel Like?

    Each person can have a different HHC effect as they experience the effects differently. Most individuals report feeling more active and productive, unlike the other cannabinoid products. Also, like cannabis, different strains result in different outcomes and experiences. The effects are a result of different ECS and receptors. MacLean & Ferris (2021) stated that when HHC is consumed, an individual body will react differently if it interacts with the receptors differently. The different effects result from other interactions of HHC and the receptors. To be keen, individuals are advised to consume a considerable amount of HHC to prevent any further developments.

    Can HHC Make You High?

    CBD is the only cannabinoid that does not make a person feel high. HHC, just like THC, makes an individual feel high when consumed. It gives a person a euphoric feeling, and some see it as enjoyable. Metzelthin et al. (2022) explained that any person consuming HHC would feel the highness in different forms and modes. Some can experience mild, while others can experience a severe feeling of highness depending on the amount of HHC consumed. Some users share the same feeling as that of THC, but it is not yet been proved if the surface is the same. No long-term effects or extreme side effects have been reported from using HHC.

    Is HHC Legal

    Abernethy (2019) explained that the legalization of CBD and related products was signed in 2018 under the Farm Bill. All products containing no more than 0.3% THC levels were allowed. HHC is legalized if it includes not more than 0.3% THC level. Not all states allow the consumption of the product as each state has its Hemp based laws. Individuals should be keen on the products they use to avoid the consequences of federal law.

    Benefits of HHC

    Individuals using HHC have claimed to have positive effects and symptoms from using it. It is claimed to help alleviate some health conditions and ailments and thus can be used for medicinal purposes. Some states do not allow commercial use of HHC as it is illegal under state laws. It can be used for several purposes like;

    Pain Management

    Most people seek medicinal products from cannabis because of chronic pain. HHC can alleviate and relieve chronic pain with the proper doses.

    Treating of PTSD

    Many united states individual has PTSD. This condition is associated with several symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. When HHC is consumed, it is effective as it helps in alleviating the symptoms by making an individual calm and relaxed. It eases anxiety symptoms and helps improve an individual; sleep quality.

    Potential Cancer Treatment

    Although most of the information about HHC in cancer treatment is anecdotal, cancer patients state that it helps shrink tumors and reduce chemotherapy pain in cancer patients.

    Ease Vomiting and Nausea

    Users consuming HHC have benefitted from vomiting and nausea as it reduces such cases. It can be used well in cases of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

    Sleep Enhancement

    Individuals with chronic pain and diseases have insomnia and sleep problems resulting from the pain. Consuming HHC helps alleviate the pain and reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, which helps improve sleep. More research is needed to know whether there is a direct interaction between HHC and sleep quality.

    Effects of HHC

    Each person is affected differently by HHC, with several users reporting productive highness and activeness. But with different HHC strains, individuals will have other effects. Some common effects of HHC on a consumer are:

    • Alters individual cognitive perception
    • Alter visual perception
    • Increase heart rate
    • Increases body temperature

    Consumers using HHC state that its psychotropic effects take a longer time to set in compared to THC. But the results, unlike THC, last longer in an individual.


    There are many cannabinoids compound being discovered and safe for use by an individual. Although one should be keen, most products are safe for use per the laws. HHC, as a new strain that is slowly gaining popularity, is seen to effectively help in treating and alleviating some common symptoms and diseases. It makes it easier and more popular for consumers to try the product. Before consumption, an individual should consult a doctor to prevent any adverse effects from overdoses or underdoses.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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