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  • by Nicola Boulton August 13, 2022 5 min read

    Can CBD Gummies Get You High?

    CBD gummies have become a new trend on the market because they cannot make one high. They do not contain THC, the psychoactive element that causes euphoria. Some factors people look for when choosing CBD Edibles include what they are, the difference between CBD and other products, and if they are legal.

    The main active ingredient in hemp is CBD. As noted earlier, CBD Sweets lack the psychoactive compound THC, which makes them high. CBD is extracted from hemp and then infused into edible candies, food, and snacks to make CBD edibles. They come in different flavors, shapes, colors, and concentrations. The FDA does not approve most CBD products because of their strengths and purity. Consumers are advised to research CBD edibles before purchasing.

    Can CBD Gummies Get You High?

    What Is CBD?

    CBD is an active and natural cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It does not contain the THC factor and hence cannot be in a position to make someone high. However, there are instances in which the CBD may have some THC traces. This is because both these compounds, THC and CBD, are extracted in the same plant. The traces may not be high enough, but when used in high dosages, they can make one get the high effect caused by the psychoactive compound.

    Types of CBD

    There are three different types of CBD. they include;

    Full-spectrum CBD

    It is also known as whole plant cannabis. This is because of the presence of all the compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. This means that it also has the presence of the THC factor. Most of the time, when one gets high when they use CBD products, it may be that they have consumed the full-spectrum CBD, which is in high dosage. All the compounds found in the full-spectrum CBD are active. This means that if one consumes the CBD gummies that have the full-spectrum CBD in them and does so in a high dosage, they can cause an individual to get high.

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    Broad-spectrum has all the compounds of the cannabis plant except THC. However, there are instances when the THC compound may be found in small traces though not high enough to have a high and stoning effect on an individual. This, therefore, means that when taking broad-spectrum CBD with small traces of THC on them, they cannot get you high since the THC compound traces are in small amounts.    

    Isolate-based CBD

    Isolate-based CBD is known to be pure. It only has the presence of the CBD compound. It undergoes several processes to make sure that all the compounds present in it are removed and that it is completely pure. Most people use isolate-based CBD Gummy Bears because they do not want to experience the effects of the THC compound as it is not present in them.  

    What Are CBD Gummies?

    Evans (2020) suggested that CBD Oil Gummies are flavored and fruity gummies infused with CBD oil. CBD novices should start with small doses of Cannabidiol Gummy Bears and increase the dose gradually to achieve the desired effects. Getting the right dosage may seem difficult because Cannabidiol Gummies affect people differently. Body weight, genetics, and age play a role in how CBD gummies affect different consumers. Zenone et al.  (2021) noted that Cannabidiol Edibles have medicinal importance in assisting in fighting conditions such as Parkinson's, depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer's.  

    What Is the Difference Between CBD, Hemp, Cannabis, THC, And Marijuana?

    Most people think that hemp, cannabis CBD, marijuana, and THC are the same. Cannabis is a plant divided into two types. They include; the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. While marijuana is from the cannabis plant, hemp can only be from the cannabis sativa family. This implies that even though marijuana and hemp have some things in common, they are different. For example, hemp does not have THC, the chemical that gives one a "high."

    The active ingredient in hemp is CBD, which has THC traces. According to Teitelbaum (2019),  CBD has been accredited with the functions of relieving insomnia, pain, anxiety, and inflammation. In addition to CBD's medicinal advantages, hemp is also great for making environmentally friendly and biodegradable products such as clothing, building materials, paper, and biofuel.

    Are There Any Health Benefits Of CBD Gummies?

    Manufacturers of Cannabidiol Sweets have claimed that CBD is effective in relieving pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety and improving sleep. Oberbarnscheidt& Miller (2020) noted that CBD gummies treat epilepsy in children. Barrus et al.  (2016) discovered that they have also been proven to have a placebo effect; this is the act of taking something to relieve the condition, making one feel well even if the product has nothing.

    Are CBD Products Legal?

    CBD products are derived from hemp. It has less or no amount of the psychoactive compound that makes one high, the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Thus, making it legal in most states. Consumers are advised to check the legality of CBD and CBD products in their state of residence before purchasing CBD Infused Gummies.

    Can CBD Gummies Make You Fail A Drug Test?

    CBD-Infused Gummy Bears cannot make a user fail a drug test, but if one takes full-spectrum CBD, THC may be detected in urine tests and the hair. If one is concerned about failing a drug test, one should avoid full-spectrum CBD products. This is because they have a broad range of molecules compared to other types of CBD, amounts of THC included. Learn more about cbd vs hemp gummies


    CBD gummies do not make users "high'. 'Though there may be traces of THC, the amount is not enough to cause a "high" or to even have some mind-altering effects. However, CBD products have calming effects that prevent one from being stressed and anxious. If one is planning to travel with CBD gummies, they need to learn about the laws of the destination they are going to before buying them.

     Some of the stopover states or countries may be against the use of CBD-Infused Gummies.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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