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  • by Nicola Boulton August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate is a pure extract with only cannabidiol contents. CBD-infused products enable consumers to acquire their daily cannabidiol dose. Honey and cannabidiol are natural products that impact human health positively. Commercial CBD-enriched honey is expensive, and its purity, quality, and hemp source are unverifiable. Therefore, homemade CBD-infused honey guarantees effectiveness and safety and is cost-friendly. This article guides on how to make the product.

    Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate is a pure extract with only cannabidiol contents. CBD-infused products are the trendiest methods of acquiring nutrient-rich hemp compounds. These products range widely, including cookies, honey, gummies, and chocolates. Among them, honey has the greatest versatility because users can consume it directly or incorporate it into various products such as tea or coffee. Most commercial CBD-enriched honey is expensive, and its purity, quality, and hemp source are difficult to verify. Therefore, homemade CBD honey is better since an individual determines the product's quality using appropriate ingredients. This article guides on how consumers can enrich honey with cannabidiol isolate.

    How To Infuse Honey With Cannabidiol Isolate?

    The cook requires cannabidiol isolate, honey, and some fundamental equipment pieces. Lundquist (2022) explained that cannabidiol has different extracts, including isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. Some prioritize the latter since it contains numerous terpenes and cannabinoids that offer extra benefits. Nevertheless, if consumers worry about the THC traces, cannabidiol isolate serves better. You should determine the potency appropriate for your cannabidiol-enriched honey. For example, if an individual utilizes 1000 milligrams of cannabidiol to one honey (one glass), every teaspoonful will have approximately twenty milligrams of cannabidiol. You can lower or increase by selecting less or more potent cannabidiol isolate. Nevertheless, experts discourage people from incorporating additional oil because it interferes with the texture.

    Cannabidiol Honey Recipe

    The section below outlines how an individual can prepare homemade cannabidiol-enriched honey.


    • A sealed glass container
    • Heatproof bowl or small pan
    • Stirrer or spoon
    • CBD isolate
    • All-natural and high-quality honey (one cup)


    Put your honey into a container but bypass this step if utilizing the jar with honey. Place the container cover loosely to enable the present air to outflow. Fill your bowl or pan with sufficient moderate hot water, about three-quarters of the entire jar. Lower your container into the hot water gently. Give it approximately three to five minutes to make the honey lose. Remove this container from hot water, incorporate cannabidiol isolate, and whip appropriately before substituting the cover loosely. Allow the cooling to take place and tighten the seal. Keep in a dark and cool place. Learn more about what is cbd isolate good for?

    Additional Guidelines

    • Avoid overheating the honey because essential compounds might be destroyed. According to Fitzgerald et al. (2020), never try to prepare cannabidiol isolate honey with a microwave.
    • If the honey crystallizes or cannabidiol oil isolates, recharge it by putting the container into the heated water for some minutes, then blend before utilizing.

    Guideline For Preparing Infused Honey

    Preparing CBD isolate-enriched honey is easy, but you should start by stimulating the hemp plant and infusing the straining. However, the following guidelines should be considered:

    • Select high-grade cannabidiol variant and CBD isolate. According to Aliferis & Bernard-Perron, (2020), hemp and cannabis sativa are major cannabis variants. The former contains high cannabidiol content, while the latter has low amounts. Also, extracts from cannabis sativa have high tetrahydrocannabinol, the intoxicating molecule. Therefore, your CBD isolate should be sourced from organic hemp plants. These plants are cultivated on reputable hemp farms in Oregon and Colorado, which use organic farming. The hemp products have no pesticides, contaminants, microbials, and heavy metals. Also, your CBD isolate should be purchased from reputable companies. The products should be third-party lab tested for potency and safety purposes. Furthermore, prefer those extracted through the carbon dioxide extraction method.
    • Choose high-grade honey: Consumers should prefer honey with their favorite flavor. In this regard, choose local and raw honey whenever possible. Processed honey might add excessive taste to the recipe. Also, acacia and wildflower honey is perfect in such recipes. Purchase honey from trustworthy honey vendors since low-quality ones have negative effects. Avoid contaminated honey as the toxins affect the recipe's quality.
    • Storage: Honey has a long shelf life, but cannabidiol isolates have a shorter. Since the CBD-enriched honey has a short storage life, stored in dark and cool places, avoid exposing this product to adverse sunlight or heat. It degrades them by decreasing their shelf life. Use your product maximally after preparation and store the remainder in your refrigerator.

    How To Utilize Cannabidiol Isolate Honey

    The consumer desires to determine the best method to utilize cannabidiol, honey. Consume it orally suppose you desire to boost your wellbeing or internal issues. Most consumers prefer taking this product like common honey products. Other techniques include:

    • Spreading on crackers, bread, or toast
    • Utilizing a full teaspoon to sweeten herbal or regular tea
    • Using CBD-infused honey to replace sugar when baking.
    • Blending with mustard, olive oil, and vinegar, like a common salad dressing

    Gennard (2012) explained that when utilizing cannabidiol honey to address skin disorders, it is administered directly to your victimized body region. Although some users claim a stinging feeling after administering honey to their skin, many report soothing effects. Also, you can integrate cannabidiol honey into the cosmetic and skincare routine. Cannabidiol and honey have antioxidant qualities that address aging signs. Similarly, utilize one spoonful, use various face masks, and then wash off after twenty minutes. Learn more about can cbd isolate get you high?


    Cannabidiol-enriched honey provides an excellent method to reap cannabidiol and honey benefits concurrently. The product is convenient, nutritious, and sweet to use. Additionally, CBD-infused honey has a greater nutrient profile than various cannabidiol edibles, which might have excess sugar or artificial ingredients. Certain brands are marketing ready-made cannabidiol honey, although homemade is easier and quicker to prepare. Prioritizing homemade CBD-infused honey helps consumers reduce expenses while acquiring the desired results. Also, this lowers the chances for consumers to purchase a low-quality ready-made product. Choose high-quality honey, cannabidiol isolate, and related ingredients to develop a high-grade end product. Store CBD products in a refrigerator to increase their shelf life.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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