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  • by Nicola Boulton August 18, 2022 5 min read


    CBD isolate has to go through several processes for them to be pure. The purity of the CBD isolates means that they should not contain any amount of THC or any element of cannabinoids. This means they have to go through several processes to achieve it. Some of the different ways of making the CBD isolate include; extraction, decarboxylation, and filtration. 

    There are three different forms of CBD with varying functions. They include broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate exists in two forms; crystallized and powdered. There are different ways in which one can consume CBD isolate. However, it all depends on whether one prefers it in powdered form or crystalline nature. You can take them by inhaling, ingesting, mixing, or sublingual consumption. This article's main focus is on the different ways in which one can make the CBD isolate. Those against consuming the CBD isolate because of the doubt that they have the presence of the psychoactive component will learn from the process through which it is made and how their purity is maintained.

    Steps on How the CBD Isolate Is Made


    According to Qamar et al. (2021), for any concentrate to be made, it must first be extracted from the source. CBD isolate is extracted from the source using ethanol or carbon dioxide. The main point of extracting it is to ensure that the CBD isolate does not come out with the mixtures of terpenes or other cannabinoids. This is made possible by passing the hemp product from the extraction column. The resulting product will be a crude oil with all the hemp plant components and then refined to make some isolate products.


    This process is performed during or after the extraction process. The main purpose is to change the cannabinoid gotten that has the presence of some acids by converting it into CBD. This is to make sure that they are safe for the human body. The products have to pass through some heat available in the vacuum pressure. However, one should check on the amount of heat used on the product so that it may not damage the extract. Most people prefer doing this process before the extraction process as the production of the isolate will be most efficient during production.


    This process will be the third one, but it will depend on what you used to extract the product. Most people prefer using the carbon dioxide method. This method involves the removal of some nutrients such as proteins and fatty acids. Delta et al. (2021) suggested that allowing some fats to remain in the extract will make it have a lot of build-up of fats, and the extract may end up not having CBD isolate that is completely pure. This process is vital as it aids in removing g all the unwanted chlorophyll, thus improving the quality of the extract and making it pure from all the harmful nutrients. For this to happen, they must be subjected to temperatures that will make the extract freeze. Freezing the extract will make it possible to filter out fats from the CBD oil. The fats filtered out will likely solidify when the temperatures are normal, and the final product becomes the liquid cannabinoids and the solvent.


    This process is made possible by the use of a vacuum pump. This process aims to get rid of the solvent extract, especially after separating the fats during winterization. Creating the CBD isolate will be easier in this process as the vacuum pump will pull the cannabinoid mixture out and get to separate them from the compounds in solid form, as explained by Lazarjani et al. (2021). Learn more about benefits of cbd isolate

    Solvent Removal

    This process comes right after filtration. The goal is to get rid of the ethanol left during the winterization process. It involves the use of so much heat as well as applying pressure on the vacuum by making the solvent evaporate without destroying the final extract. A Rotary falling evaporator is a piece of equipment preferred in this process. This equipment ensures that evaporation takes place and that a lot of heat is used to remove the solvent that may still be present in the extract. Learn more about where to buy cbd isolate?


    The main aim of this process is to make sure that the whole extract is refined after going through all the processes. In this process, the extract has no traces of solvent materials or other unwanted compounds. A film evaporator is the most preferred equipment in this case. The equipment uses a mechanical blade to make a thin film from the increasing liquid, becoming viscous by passing it through the vacuum pressure on the heated column. 

    Are CBD Isolates Safe?

    CBD isolates have a lot of myths and doubts surrounding them. According to Pellati et al. (2018), most believe that the THC component is found in them because they are a form of cannabidiols, just like the rest. However, they are not dangerous as they sound or seem. They are the best option, especially for those that aim at treating medical conditions and not getting high. The powdered form is what makes people think that the isolate is not safe. It is the purest CBD as it does not have the presence of any cannabinoid. The great thing about the CBD isolates is that they have no smell or taste. This means they cannot leave one with any smell after using them. The fact that they can be used in foods and drinks, especially in their powdered form, means they are safe for consumption. Since their effects are very slow, it all depends on one's preference on how fast they want to achieve it. They can increase the dosage depending on the effects they want. They are also hypoallergenic. Those who are scared of using it because they thought they can be sensitive to it are assured that it is pure and cannot cause reactions.


    Making the CBD isolate is meant to ensure that they are pure and free from cannabinoids. They have to go through several processes to isolate the final extract. At most times, the final product may be two products. The solvent extract and the CBD isolate. Both of them may be isolated, but the solvent one may have some traces of unwanted components. This is why it is never considered an isolate.       


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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