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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Can You Swallow CBD Paste?

    CBD paste is one of the cannabis products that is fast gaining popularity. This article will focus on helping you understand what CBD paste is, the ways of using the paste, and how you can use the CBD paste rectally.

    CBD paste offers an alternative oil usage and may be as versatile as the oil. Its often manufactured from extracts from hemp and combined with other carrier compounds like beeswax and coconut oil. Most of its products are packed into syringes to be able to measure and get a precise quantity. CBD products are currently not controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. There is no official recommendation for the doses. In recent years, CBD has led in research and discussion. A study review conducted in 2017 showed CBD as a great safe deal for treatment. The studies included in the review didn't recommend a specific dose that all the users can use. One of the findings they discovered was that people respond differently to the effects of CBD in people and animals. The CBD paste is highly potent and has ten times cannabidiol compared to CBD oil.

    The paste may probably have the easiest formulation to get. You don't need a wide range of knowledge about the hemp extraction process to make the paste. There are some consequences of buying a low-quality CBD paste without knowing it.

    What is CBD Paste

    It is a thick and sticky element that contains butter, oils, and waxes apart from CBD. The paste has different ways of using it that contain a powerful concentration of CBD. The product is usually packed in syringes because of its high consistency. It is not easy to use it with a dropper. You can use the product precisely and get accurate doses with a syringe. The paste is also found in a wide range of strengths, usually 20%-30%. The product is also available in various sizes ranging from 1 g-10 g.

    CBD paste is prepared at home. The items needed are some coconut oil, a jar, and cannabis buds containing a low percentage of THC. The CBD paste is different from other CBD items. It also contains several benefits and side effects many users may have come close to.

    Ways of Using CBD Paste

    CBD paste is taken in various methods. It has a smooth texture which means it can be used as it is or combined with several items.

    Taking CBD Paste Underneath the Tongue

    VanDolar et al. (2019) suggested that you can put a few drops of CBD paste under the tongue. The area is usually rich in blood vessels, and the membrane separating them is usually very thin. Kotru et al. (2021) suggested that saliva helps CBD to pass the paste into the blood. It then goes around the body and usually takes effect after 15-25 minutes.

     Some of it is broken down while another gets lost before it is used with the many ways of using CBD. Once used in this manner, 35% of every measure reaches the bloodstream. It makes it the most suitable way of using the paste.

    Added to Food or Swallowed As It Is

    Teterycz et al. (2021) showed that you could also put drops of the paste under the tongue and swallow it or take it by mixing it with food. It is a high fatty substance and hard to mix easily with water. However, you can add it to your meals or blend it into butter and spread it on toast.

     It is a great way of using the paste for people who may want to mask the flavor. 4% to 20% may pass through the digestive system for body consumption after ingesting CBD.

    Prepare Your Capsules

    For people interested in preparing their capsules, you may purchase empty capsule shells ready for refilling. Add a little amount to every shell and close it, ready for consumption. Adding some measure of CBD paste to the capsules is easier than adding powder or oil. This type of consumption is usually applied by users who are not interested in CBD flavors or perhaps find a way of using it discreetly at the workplace.

    Using It Rectally

    Antonio et al. (2018) showed that a little amount of CBD is inserted rectally. The area has plenty of blood vessels near the surface. 50% of it reaches into the blood for the body's use. Due to its high level of efficiency and fast effects of the method, it is recommended to apply the paste by putting it underneath the tongue. Follow the tips below to achieve this.

    Hold the Syringe Firm on the Palm of One Hand

    Ensure you hold it with four fingers; the thumb should be free to push the plunger. It offers you more control. It is difficult for you to waste or apply more than required. Learn more about benefits of cbd paste

    Take Off the Safety Cap with the Other Hand

    For some CBD paste products, you need to twist the nozzle plunger to release the paste. You may also have to connect an applicator nozzle. Learn more about how to consume cbd paste?

    Press the Plunger with a Thump and Squeeze Paste out to the Fingers

    It would help if you consumed a small piece, the size of a rice grain, daily. Many of the CBD paste syringes have some marks that can assist in measuring out the required amount.

    Use the Finger to Rub the Paste into the Mouth Under the Tongue

    These should take at least one minute. The longer you leave it, the more it gets absorbed. Other users prefer swallowing the remaining after some minutes while allowing it to absorb fully.

    The Bottom Line

    Most CBD products are packed into syringes to be able to measure and get a precise quantity. CBD products are currently not controlled by the Food and Drug Administration. The correct CBD product for you is the one that can supplement your needs effectively and be precise in measuring CBD. A versatile product may have several uses and be applied in various ways. For the users who may not know where to start with their paste, begin by putting the indicated amount underneath the tongue. After discovering whether it can work for you, stick to that product. Remember to consult your doctor before you start using any CBD products. Especially the people who may be taking other medication.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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