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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read


    What is CBD? How best can CBD be infused into other products? What are CBD topicals? How best can an individual use CBD topicals? What are some of the CBD topical products in the market? This article explains a buyer's guide to topical CBD products like creams, roll-on, cooling gels, and balms.

    CBD is the short form of cannabidiol and is a plant extract from cannabis plants. It can be obtained from either marijuana or hemp plant, depending on its purpose. CBD products obtained from hemp are legal, while those extracted from marijuana are illegal. CBD topical products come in different concentrations, forms, and formulas to suit the individual's wants. The products are meant to help an individual have ideal wellness in their daily life routine. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound as it cannot make an individual feel high and is known to have some medicinal properties that help relieve pain and aches.


    What Is Topical CBD

    Topical CBD is a product infused with CBD that consumers apply to the skin. Russo (2018) explained that most topical CBD products are genetically and botanically crafted to deliver relief and reduce soreness, pain, and inflammation on the skin. This topical CBD contains no THC, even with euphoric and psychoactive properties.

    Formulations Of Topical CBD

    There are three types of CBD topicals in the market. The difference occurs from the composition of the different products, the amount of CBD and THC contained in specific products and different potency levels. They include; full spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate.

    Full Spectrum CBD.

    This variety of CBD is loaded with every compound found in a cannabis plant. The compounds include flavonoids, THC, and terpenes. Full-spectrum has therapeutic properties because of the many compounds’ compositions. THC in this type makes an individual feel high and entourage when used. It has an earthy smell resulting from the many compounds contained within it.

    Broad Spectrum CBD

    It is the type of CBD that contains all the compounds from the cannabis plant but lacks THC. When consumed by an individual, one does not feel High because no THC is composed. When consumed or used, an individual can feel the entourage feeling. It also has an earthy smell because of several compounds contained within it.

    CBD Isolate

    It is a pure CBD product that excludes all other compounds like THC, terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. It is the purest product of CBD, and individuals can use it without feeling high. It contains only CBD, and it is odorless and flavorless.

    Types Of CBD Topicals

    CBD Balms

    CBD balms are waxy, contain a thick texture, and are almost solid, unlike the CBD salves, which have a softer feeling. The base component of balms is fatty oils ad waxes, unlike the lotions and creams, which mostly utilize water as the base component. CBD balms have a high concentration making them best for relieving pain when used as they can be applied to an individual skin directly. They have a calming effect on the skin when applied because of the high CBD content.

    CBD Creams

    CBD cream's products revitalize, restore and rejuvenate an individual skin when used. They are of botanical origin and formulation, spread smoothly and applied to an individual’s body. CBD creams aim to moisten and nourish the skin when it has dried. They can be scented to attract some customers who desire certain aromas in products.

    CBD Roll-Ons

    It is a simple and essential topical CBD product that utilizes gel formulation to be spread over the purposed area. They are easy to use, pocketed, and convenient as individuals can autonomously use them depending on their personal needs. CBD roll-ons are enriched with pain-relieving components, and they come in a better texture and unique state as they are hassle-free, making users easily use them in the affected area. Learn more about cbd topicals side effects

    CBD Cooling Gels

    These CBD products are manufactured with a revitalizing menthol, arnica, and skin-nourishing hemp. Individuals can use CBD cooling gels both night and day depending on the need of use as one can fully reap the benefits to their bodies, but they should not be applied around or in the eyes. To prevent negative effects, individuals should apply the products skillfully.

    Why Purchase CBD Topicals

    Individuals should be able to choose the best CBD topical for use because there s a wide range of topical products in the market. Different products have different formulations, compositions, and benefits. CBD topical can benefit an individual as it has been noted to have several health benefits. According to Peyravian et al. (2022), topical application of CBD might have a long-lasting therapeutic effect on arthritis-related conditions. CBD product was seen to help deal with arthritis conditions and reduce inflammation when applied. Wang et al. (2020) explained that because of the anti-inflammatory ability coined in topical CBD, an individual could benefit from skin-related conditions as CBD was able to reduce acne, psoriasis, and anti-inflammatory eczema on the skin. Those with muscle problems can also use topical CBD products as it aids in reducing pain. Swan & Hamilton (2020) explained that topical CBD helps individuals with muscle crumps and those suffering from peripheral neuropathy as CBD help relax and bind the injured nerves, which causes stiffness, weakness numbness in an individual.

    Factors To Consider When Purchasing CBD Topicals

    Before purchasing any CBD topical product, a consumer should consider some aspects to purchase quality and better CBD topical product. Look for third-party lab results for the product. The product should have a private lab report explaining the composition of the product. Also, the source of the hemp CBD is important. It should be sourced from fertile soils void of heavy metals and mold. The composition of the product is also important. Check if it contains some carrier oils, which increases the product's bioavailability. Be keen on the dosage and how best to apply the product to prevent side effects.


    Since different have different choices and preferences, it has made it for manufacturers to produce a wide range of CBD topical products to meet a wide range of needs. There are many topical CBD products in the market, and individuals should be keen when purchasing. Most products aim to nourish, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin. Individuals should use products carefully to avoid negative effects; when CBD cooling gels are used badly, it can affect the eyes. Seek a doctor's prescription to prevent and avoid any adverse effects. Purchase products that are of high quality coming from reputable companies with transparent policies. Learn more about is applying cbd topically better?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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