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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Do You Take a Hit on a Cartridge?

    The article will discuss more concerning the cartridge, whether you can take a hit on a cartridge, and how to increase the device's shelf life and experience a smooth and clean vaping experience.

    Vape pens are currently the most popular devices for marijuana consumption. They are easy to use and have high portability. Although using it may seem as easy as pressing a battery and taking your vape. Some good practices may help you maximize the vaping experience. Avoid using a lot of heat for some reason. The device automizer does not require a lot of heat to vaporize the oil; once you use high temperatures, it overloads the cartridge, leaving the device more prone to getting clogged.

    Do You Take a Hit on a Cartridge?

    Hot to Take a Hit

    When the machine vaporizes, it pulls more oil naturally into the chamber. So it requires less enthusiasm to produce a clean and solid size hit. Using aggressive pulls provides a scratch on hits that are harsh to the lungs and increase the chances of clogging. To achieve the best experience, take a small and gentle hit by setting low temperatures rather than making a huge pull. Suppose you are interested in hitting the join. Pull the vapor into the mouth with the check muscle before you inhale into the lungs. It will enable you to get big and condensed hits as gentle draws are usually long.

    How to Troubleshoot Clogs

    Varlet (2016) noted that clogging is susceptible to vape pen devices, especially when setting a machine for high temperatures. If the cartridge is backed up, use the warming function built up in the V1 device to assist in getting rid of any blockage. It is used to clean the clogs. As mentioned, pre-heat the oil may lead to more clogging, resulting in bigger hits.

    Experiencing more blockages means more fixing to the machine. You can run a toothpick to the mouthpiece, usually down and back. It allows opening the cartridge and cleaning up any oil buildups in the vapor. It is done after the cartridge has cooled down and not after it hits when the inside of it is still hot.

    Getting the Best from Your Cartridge

    For users who have been new to cannabis products or cannabis enthusiasts for some years, the use of vape pens has tremendously increased over the last few years. Consumers have known the benefits CBD and THC vape devices offer compared to the traditional ways. The vape pens are both easy to use and discreet, and portable. According to Ramamurthi et al. (2019), the oil cartridge produces a small odor compared to the smoking flower. The users are aware of how expensive both the THC and CBD cartridges are. These can be frustrating if the devices show to run out more quickly than required.

    There are some recommended practices to follow for your device to last longer. Below are a few simple steps to follow and get the best from your cartridges and vape pens.

    Read and Understand Instructions

    To ensure that you are using the device correctly and pairing it with the correct cartridge, read the cartridge and vape pen manual. It may help save your money in the future. It will help ensure to use of a required product and apply the correct techniques more efficiently. Understanding how the machine operates and how to use it minimizes the chances of expensive damage.

    Store the Cartridge Well

    Consider how and where you store the vape cartridge if the best is required from them. According to Wang et al. (2011), Cartridges evaporate in high environments. It would help to store them in cool and dry places when you are not using them. It is important because you don't leave it on the windowsill or hot car. Once the cartridges are left for high evaporation, they usually evaporate at the top of the cartridge. You can control this by keeping the cartridge vertical with the mouthpiece facing down to assist in reducing evaporation.

    Consider keeping the device in the manufacturer's case. It can protect it from damage. It is also important to keep it in the pocket or purse when traveling.

    Zhao et al. (2021) found that the most critical thing to do to extend the life of your device is to keep it unscrewed from the cartridge when you are not using it. It prevents the oil from not being heated, which may lead to wastage and reduce the risk of breakage and leaking.

    Confirm Whether the Cartridge Is Empty

    If you are not getting much from the cartridge you may need, take some time and ensure it is empty. Sometimes it may look empty, but some oil has been trapped inside that are invisible. Some may have hardened at the bottom and along the sides of the device. However, it might not be easy to get the residual oil out.

    If it is necessary to remove it, unscrew the top of the empty cartridge carefully. If it seems to have some residual liquid inside, turn it upside down and allow it to empty. If there is still some hardened oil at the bottom or on the sides of the cartridges, you can use a toothpick and remove it. Dab it into a pipe or blunt paper, whatever you remove from the cartridge. Ensure to get the money's worth from the cartridge.

    The Bottom Line

    Avoid hitting blinkers as they can easily break down the cartridge's metals and damage the brain. Heat for 3 to 5 seconds and inhale for some seconds. Holding the heat cannot do anything. Wait for 10 to 15 seconds and breathe it out. Ensure you keep the temperatures low to get perfect hits from your device. Some devices may not control the temperature, so you must heat and hit the vape. Also, it is good for you to take small hits.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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