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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Is There Such a Thing As Vaping Too Much?

    CBD can be taken into the body in various ways, including vaping, which is considered to have a high bioavailability. This article highlights everything you need to know about vaping CBD, including the advantages of vaping, the types of CBD e liquids, and how to choose the best CBD vape.

    CBD can be taken into the body in various ways, including vaping, which is considered to have a high bioavailability of about 56%. CBD industries have flourished because it was made legal in about 50 states. CBD has been used in treating skin conditions such as eczema and acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is also used for medical purposes for treating epilepsy. CBD can be taken into the body by vaping, sublingual, edibles, and topicals.

    Is There Such a Thing As Vaping Too Much?

    What Is Vaping?

    Vaping is inhaling vapor using battery-powered e-cigarettes. CBD vaping involves using cartridges filled with CBD e-liquid inhaled directly into the lungs. Vaping is considered the best way to take CBD because it has a high bioavailability compared to the other ways since it allows CBD to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream. According to Darabseh et al. (2020), vaping is considered healthy compared to smoking which involves full combustion of the cannabis, which, when taken to the lungs, might affect it.

    CBD vaping is achieved using a cartridge with a battery atomizer filled with vape juice. There are two types of vape pens: refillable and disposable.

    Refillable Vape Pens

    These pens allow the user to replace the juice when it is over and is long-lasting. It can be used for different vaping styles and to vape the content directly to the lungs or the mouth. Refillable vape pens have a high cloud compared to disposable vape pens. Moreover, the airflow into the cartridge can be adjusted; therefore, you can moderate the amount of vapor puffed.

    Pros of Using Refillable CBD Vape Pens

    • Have a bigger cloud
    • Allows airflow

    Cons of Using CBD Vape Pens

    • They are costly compared to disposable; require an initial investment.
    • It is less discrete.
    • They need maintenance

    Disposable Vape Pens


    • They are relatively affordable and thus cost-efficient; anyone can afford them.
    • They require no maintenance
    • They are light, slim, and discreet


     The cloud production is small

    It cannot be used as a direct lung option

     What Is Contained in the Vaping Juice?

    • Vaping juice is also called e-liquid or vaping CBD oil. It is a common food ingredient that is slightly thick, colorless, odorless and has a faintly sweet taste. The oil contains approved ingredients by MHRA, including propylene glycol and PG.
    • Vegetable glycerin is a common food additive thicker and sweet compared to PG.
    • Flavonoids give the vape unique and various tastes that will give the users different choices.
    • CBD extract is the main ingredient.

     Types of CBD E-liquids

    CBD e-liquids are of three different types based on the CBD used to make them.

    CBD Broad Spectrum E-liquids

    CBD broad spectrum liquids contain all the chemical compounds that complement CBD found in the plant but do not have wax and oil. It does not have THC, a common compound with a high feeling property. The vapes are made of different flavors, such as strawberries and lemon.

     Full Spectrum CBD E-liquid

     This type of e-liquid contains all the natural compounds found in the hemp plant, including THC, wax, and oil, the e-liquid of this type tends to be thicker and cannot be used by a normal cartridge in vaping. It requires adding other forms of e-liquid to make it less dense for easy puffing. Also, since it contains all the content from the hemp plant, including the flavonoids, it comes with its natural hemp taste.

    Isolate CBD E-liquids

     This has no additives or other compounds that complement the CBD. It is good for people who want to add CBD to their cigarettes. CBD isolate e-liquids can be flavor intricated; open pod devices can be used.

     Vaping Dosage

     Although vaping is considered a safe way to get marijuana, there is no particular dose given to the users. The doses used in vaping vary from person to person and depend on the purposes of taking the CBD vape, for example, medical purposes or tolerance. According to Mecha et al. (2013), people can vape to treat inflammation and reduce pain by taking 20 to 30 puffs daily. However, this differs since there are consumers who can take up to 1000 puffs a day.

    If you are a beginner in CBD vapes, you can start small; 2-3 puffs, and stay for almost two hours before getting another puff. This will allow you to monitor the effect of CBD on the body. Therefore, it will be easy to know the exact dose that you will be taking.

    Effects of CBD Vaping

    Vaping is a new phenomenon and is considered healthy. There is less research on the effects of vaping CBD. According to Lamb et al. (2016), fewer side effects of CBD include drowsiness, euphoria, increased appetite, and red eyes.

    How to Choose the Best CBD Vape

    The Ingredients

    Before choosing a CBD vape oil, you should know the characteristics of a good e-liquid. The ingredients with their percentages should be outlined on the bottle, and be clear if it contains THC and the exact amount.

    The Source of CBD

    CBD can be derived from the cannabis Sativa plant or hemp plant. Food and drug administration encourage the use of hemp-extracted CBD, mainly grown in the US, since it is grown under agricultural regulations.

    Quality of CBD

    The cannabis plant is believed to draw in all the compounds found in the soil and air. This means when grown with so many chemicals, they will be traced in the end product lowering the quality.

    How to Purchase CBD Vapes

    There are many CBD products both in the market stores and online; therefore, there is a possibility to get low-quality products. Consider buying CBD products from a reputable and trusted company or brand. If the product is purchased online, confirm what other users are assaying about the product, this will help you know if the product is legal and reliable.


     Vaping is considered one of the best ways of taking CBD since it does subject the compounds to full combustion and is thus healthy compared to smoking. Vaping is done using vaping pens and cartridges filled with vaping juice. There are two types of vaping pens disposable and rechargeable vaping pens. The difference is one can be reused while the other works only once. People respond differently to CBD. Thus, you need to consult your doctor before taking CBD.  


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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