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  • by Nicola Boulton September 14, 2022 6 min read

    CBD Wax Dosing

    CBD wax is among the new products of the Hemp plant that is now largely dabbed by many. Although, most people are wondering about the right dosage your body can tolerate when dabbing CBD wax. Continue reading as the article explains CBD wax dosing by giving information about why we need to calculate CBD wax doses and How to figure out the right dosage for CBD wax

    CBD is one of the 100 cannabinoids in the Cannabis Sativa plant, but it does not exhibit psychoactive effects associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Although the effects of CBD are being studied, people using the compound have reported various benefits such as anxiety and stress to relieve, alleviate pain, boost sleep quality, and help hydrate your skin. CBD products are readily available over the counter across most states. The main product emerging due to its high concentration of cannabinoids is CBD wax, but the dilemma for many is what is the right dosage to take. Like other regular wax, your body can consume CBD wax by inhaling the melted wax or dabbing the wax to harness the power of CBD.

    Why You Need to Calculate CBD Wax Doses

    Calculating the right dosage is important in any drug or dietary supplement like CBD wax. You must strike the correct balance between dabbing the right amount of CBD wax that is enough to be therapeutic but not so high as to become toxic or cause dangerous effects. CBD dosage isn't standardized because, until today, research about the potential effects of the compound is still going on. The food and drug administration (FDA) has only standardized one cannabis-derived drug (epidiolex) to treat epilepsy. The drug contains CBD dosage ranging from 20 to 30 Mg per tablet, making it the ideal dosage for newbies joining the CBD regime.

    Potter et al. (2019) stated that CBD wax contains a high potency of CBD molecules, making it more effective than other CBD products. However, this renders it more dangerous for CBD products to overdose. When the beginning dosage of other CBD products is 20 Mg, doctors advise beginners to dab or inhale CBD wax of  5-8Mg per day.

    How to Figure out the Right Dosage for CBD Wax

    CBD wax is made of CBD compounds and has a high potency; knowing the right amount to consume is crucial. Younger (2019) suggested that CBD reacts differently to people. Some will harness its power and capability without the dangerous side effects, while others may experience drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of appetite. All these depend on the amount of CBD you are consuming. Consider the following to determine the amount of CBD wax to take;

    • The body weight
    • The severity of your problem
    • Age
    • Your body chemistry

    It is important to remember the CBD wax dosing you start with may or may not be the ideal dosage, but a test of the amount of the compound your body can tolerate.

    The Body Weight

    People respond differently to prescribed medications and other substances like marijuana, but their body weight is one of the major determining factors. In CBD wax, you can use your body weight as a guide to help you figure out the best amount to start with. Depending on your condition, you can decide if you want a low, medium, or high dose by using the body mass as a factor. Wierucka et al.(2014) provided helpful information about the relation between body weight and CBD dosage, whereby 4 subjects underwent an experimental dosing test. 1st subject weighing 45kg could tolerate only 10-20 Mg of CBD concentrate, 2nd subject of 57kg took only 40Mg, 3rd subject (70kg) tolerated 50MG, while the last subject weighing 100kg tolerated up to 85mg of CBD.

    Besides body weight determining the amount of CBD to consume, it also determines how long CBD compounds stay in your system. The more body mass you have, the more fatty cells where CBD molecules dissolve, and the prolonged time it takes to leave the system. Therefore people with low body weight can dab CBD wax more regularly without many effects compared to vice versa.

    The Severity of the Problem

    Various conditions, such as skin disorders, pain, and mental disorders, may require different doses of CBD wax to relieve the condition efficiently. The following are start doses for three main reasons people dab CBDS wax:

    Anxiety and Stress

    The high concentration of CBD wax is best suited for immediate anxiety reduction. However, it is not advisable to use the same amount of wax to reduce anxiety daily since each anxiety has its magnitude. The recommended dose for acute anxiety is 2 to 10 Mg per day, while chronic anxiety ranges from 30 to 75 Mg per day. People, who are suffering from mental anxiety like GAD, can take up to 300Mg per day.

    Different Levels of Pain

    When dabbing CBD wax for pain, the dosage will correspond with the severity of the pain. It also depends on the area affected by inflammation. According to Mob et al. (2015), for acute pain, you only require 5Mg of CBD; for chronic pains, you can use up to 100Mg per day, while for specific pains like back pain, stomachache, or sciatica pain, it depends on the method of consumption and a dosage ranging from 50 to 150 Mg can do the job.

    Stabilizing Sleep Pattern

    Dabbing CBD wax and taking THC products can be best suited to induce sleep. However, for newbies, the Cannabis regime is not appropriate due to the psychoactive nature of THC. Dabbing CBS wax of 20 Mg one hour before sleep can help you fall asleep fast and keep you fresh and alert the next day.

    Age of a Person

    Doctors prescribe different dosages to adults and kids because they have different body chemistry; dosing CBD wax is not exceptional. In the healthy fields, an adult is any person above 17 years. Wheeler et al. (2020) explained that adults could dab more CBD wax than children; an adult's beginning dosage is 10 Mg compared to 2mg for kids. However, conditions such as seizure and epidiolex in children can require a beginning CBD wax dose of up to 8Mg, similar to an adult suffering from the same disorders.

    Your Body Chemistry

    Although body weight is crucial, two people can weigh the same but react differently to CBD doses. This is because of other factors like metabolism and heart and kidney conditions. People suffering from kidney or liver problems may require a small dose of dabbed CBD wax compared to healthy individuals because their bodies may require extensive external help to process CBD compounds.


    CBD wax is not a miracle product, but it does have the power to treat certain symptoms like pain, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Dabbing CBD wax is the best method to consume the product, but it can be tricky to find the right dosage. When using CBD, starting with a low amount and giving your system time to adjust before moving to the next stage is important. CBD wax dosing varies from individual depending on their body chemistry, weight, age, and the severity of the problem at hand. Since CBD wax has high potency, the beginning dosage should range from 5 to 8 Mg to avoid overwhelming your body.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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