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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    How Is CBD Wax Made?

    CBD wax has recently gained popularity as most individuals opt for it because of its benefits. Wondering how CBD wax is made? Herein, this article discusses what CBD wax is, how CBD wax is made, and its benefits of CBD wax.

    The CBD market is booming as each day passes. Daily, more people are attracted to CBD's various benefits. Everyone is using CBD, from older people to ill patients and even fitness enthusiasts. The various CBD products in the market reflect how countless individuals benefit from the non-intoxicating cannabinoid. The newest product in the market is CBD wax. The CBD wax is gaining popularity since it has high potency. Other popular CBD products in the market include CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD facemasks, and CBD serums.

    What Is CBD Wax

    CBD wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. This form of CBD is gaining popularity due to its high potency, as stated before. It contains a high concentration of CBD, which allows you to consume high amounts of CBD while taking a little CBD wax. , one requires less CBD wax to gain desired results.

    How Is CBD Wax Made?

    CBD wax is manufactured through various extraction methods as it is manufactured by crashing the cannabis plant materials using a solvent through a system referred to as a closed-loop extraction system. Below, the article explains the different extraction methods of CBD wax deeply. The CBD extraction methods involve:

    Butane Hash Oil Extraction

    The butane extraction method utilizes butane to remove the entire essential oils in the cannabis plant. Al-Zouabi et al. 2018 stated that It also pulls out other cannabinoids like terpenes and flavonoids. After the essential oils and cannabinoids are extracted, the butane is left to evaporate, resulting in a highly concentrated product. The Butane extraction method is the most common, but it contains some downfalls, such as: during production, there is a high risk of explosion that can occur, and the residual butane in the concentrate needs to be removed. It is crucial to remove any residual butane since butane is dangerous to humans. Despite the stated factors, it remains to be a popular extraction method.

    Carbon Dioxide Extraction:

    Carbon dioxide extraction is becoming a preferred method for manufacturing CBD wax. Khajeh et al. 2005 stated that pressurized carbon dioxide extracts various cannabinoids like flavonoids in the cannabis plants during extraction. To turn carbon dioxide into supercritical, high pressure and heat are utilized. The supercritical form of carbon dioxide means it looks like liquid and also gas at the same time. This method is also known as supercritical Carbon dioxide extraction. The good thing about this extraction method is, unlike butane which may remain in the concentrate after evaporation, carbon dioxide left in the concentrate after the extraction process will evaporate. It then produces a purer CBD wax than CBD wax produced using butane. Consumers become confident when ingesting CBD wax since it doesn't contain residual solvents.

    Various Types of CBD Wax

    Knowing the different types of CBD wax will help you make an informed choice to opt for a CBD wax that is beneficial to you. Most manufacturers do not list their products as "CBD wax," so when purchasing CBD wax, you will find products listed as CBD live resin, CBD shatter, CBD budder, and CBD crumble. Let us discuss what these terms mean and what makes them unique:

    CBD budder

    CBD budder is produced by air pressure and removing hemp at high temperatures. It results in a fluffy wax whose consistency resembles butter, hence the name CBD budder.

    CBD crumble

    CBD crumble manufactured exactly like that of CBD budder. However, it uses CBD oil that has higher moisture and viscosity. The CBD oil is pre-purged too. The result of this process is a substance that is crumblier than CBD budder. Its consistency resembles feta cheese a lot.

    CBD Live Resin

    CBD live resin is manufactured using freeze-dried hemp. The hemp plant is frozen and dry while it is fresh before extraction begins. Frozen hemp tends to preserve cannabinoids like terpenes more; hence it is more flavorful. Due to this reason, it is the most expensive type of CBD wax, and most people prefer it.

    CBD shatter

    CBD shatter's structure is different from wax. Abraham et al. 2022 stated that, as its name implies, it looks more like broken glass. Some people compare it to rock candy. CBD shatter is manufactured using chemicals or sometimes heat to remove the oils. When it cools and hardens, it looks like amber-hued glass. When CBD shatter is heated, it turns into a thick liquid that resembles honey.

    Benefits of CBD Wax

    The main benefit of CBD wax is its high potency. When manufactured correctly, it has no residual solvents, meaning it contains a high concentration of CBD. Individuals consuming CBD wax do not require much of it to get the desired results because of its high potency. Unlike other forms of CBD, you can consume a little amount of CBD wax to achieve your desired effect. Since our bodies react differently and individuals do not experience the same benefits of CBD, some people have preferred using CBD wax to other forms of CBD like CBD oil and CBD gummies.

    How Is CBD Wax Used

    The most common method of ingesting CBD wax is through a process known as dabbing. According to Hardener et al. 2019), you put the wax on an already heated nail of the dab rig. Then the wax turns into vapor which you inhale. The good thing about dabbing is that the wax will not burn like smoking. Instead, it heats the wax, vaporizes it, and inhales it.


    If you are wondering whether CBD wax can make you high, the good news is that it can't. It is because CBD wax does not have THC, a psychoactive compound in cannabis. Products that contain high levels of THC can make you high. CBD wax may become the most popular method of ingesting CBD soon. However, not many people find it appealing. Before consuming any CBD product, first, do some research about it to know its effects. You will also know the risks it may have. Or, a better way is to consult your doctor to find out its risk and effects.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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