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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    How to Make CBD Wax

    Various ways make CBD wax. Herein is about how to make CBD wax, including; what CBD wax is, how CBD wax is used, how to make ingredients, and the benefits of using it.

    CBD wax is becoming the new trend in the cannabis market. It is because of the high potency it possesses. As CBD products are becoming more popular, most people enjoy smoking CBD wax to get the benefits. Finding how to make your CBD wax at home is easy and inexpensive. This article covers you if you want to take your own DIY CBD wax. People have a simple method of how you can make their own CBD wax right in the comfort of their homes. People also discuss the benefits of CBD wax when used. Below is a guide on making CBD wax and how to use it.

    What Is CBD Wax

    CBD wax is one of how CBD concentrate exists if you have ever heard of CBD concentrate. People enjoy its use due to its huge potency. You do not need a higher dose to experience its full benefits. You are assured of getting its full benefits by using a smaller dosage.

    How Is CBD Wax Made

    Various extraction processes are used to make CBD wax. Some of the common extraction methods include:

    Butane Hash Oil Extraction

    The butane hash oil extraction method is also commonly referred to as BHO. In this method, butane is used in the extraction process to extract the essential oils present in the cannabis plant. It also extracts other cannabinoids and also terpenes. The butane is left to vaporize. The result is a highly concentrated product. BHO is popular, although it contains some downfalls, such as: during production, there is a high risk of explosion that may occur, and not all butane evaporates; hence residual butane is left, which means that it should be removed. According to Seltenrich (2019),  all the residual butane must be removed since it is dangerous to humans. Learn more about will using cbd wax make me high?

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

    Carbon dioxide has become one of the most effective manufacturing of CBD wax. According to Nuapia et al. (2020), pressurized carbon dioxide is used to extract cannabinoids. Heat and also high pressure is utilized to make CO2 supercritical. It means that it takes the form of liquid and gas simultaneously.

    The good thing about this type of extraction is that any CO2 that remains inside the concentrate evaporates after extraction. It leads to a pure CBD wax than CBD wax produced using butane.

    How to Make CBD Wax At Home

    CBD wax has a softer consistency and looks more like wax than various THC concentrates. It is easier to produce and handle due to its softness.

    A person should always start with a small dose if they are a  beginner. A user can first try with a small puff and wait for some time to see how the body reacts if they smoke CBD wax through dabbing.

    Cyr et al. (2018) advised that a person should start with around 2.5 grams of CBD wax. Once the body gets used to it, users can gradually increase the amount.

    Ingredients Needed

    Hot water

    Fine mesh metal screen

    2.5 grams cannabis


    Heat and freezer vessels that have a spout

    Unbleached coffee filters

    99-100 percent of isopropyl alcohol


    • Break and crumble your cannabis a bit
    • Place cannabis in an oven or container so it can be dried out. The temperature of the oven should be around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Let it heat for 20 minutes.
    • Consider placing it in a freezer with the alcohol bottle once it becomes dry and crispy. Let it chill for around three to five hours.
    • Pour the cold alcohol on the cannabis. Let it be covered by an inch.
    • Swish the mixture for about twenty seconds. Let it sit for like an hour.
    • Separate the bud from alcohol using the mesh screen. In case any of it is left, squeeze it out.
    • Set aside the plant matter since you are working with alcohol
    • Pour the alcohol on the filter inside another jar Using a coffee filter.
    • Squeeze the coffee filter till you get much alcohol out. Be cautious not to destroy the filter.

    Let the alcohol evaporate using any of the following methods:

    • Put a coffee filter on top of a container and give it some time. This method requires patience.
    • Put the water bath on top of the stove and ensure low temperatures. You will start noticing evaporation signs. Ensure that the alcohol does not boil. It is because alcohol is very flammable, and the stash can be damaged too.

    Once the alcohol has evaporated, your homemade wax is ready. Scrape the wax out of the container. Store it inside a glass jar. Make sure that it is away from any source of light. Learn more about how to smoke cbd wax?

    Benefits of CBD Wax

    Pain Relief

    According to Rub (2022), CBD wax can help eliminate the pain you may feel in your joints or muscles. It is because CBD helps in reducing inflammation by preventing compounds that lead to inflammation from being triggered.

    Alzheimer's disease

    Berg et al.(2022) suggested that CBD wax can help people with Alzheimer's recognize familiar faces. It is because Alzheimer's makes a person lose the ability to recognize people.

    However, research is ongoing concerning the benefit of CBD wax.

    Alleviates Anxiety and Depression

    The calming effect of CBD may be why it is popular and why people love using it. According to (Shannon et al. (2016), CBD wax has proved its benefits in calming people with social anxiety during anxiety periods.


    It is always nice to begin small like any other new product. You can start with a small amount if it is your first time using CBD wax. Once you get used to it, increase the amount gradually when you have become experienced. Consider the benefits of CBD wax in the body, relieving pain, treating Alzheimer's diseases, and alleviating anxieties.

    You can make your own CBD wax in your house's comfort. It is inexpensive, and you will still acquire the same benefits too. However, always make sure to purchase your ingredients from a trusted and reliable brand to avoid the low-quality products available in the cannabis market. Follow the procedure correctly to make the best CBD wax product.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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