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  • CBD Body Wash UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Body Wash UK Shopping Guide

    The legalisation of CBD in the United Kingdom led many individuals to adopt the consumption of CBD products for various purposes. Manufacturers have been seen to infuse CBD in various products like edibles and topicals. CBD body wash is one of the products individuals can access in the United Kingdom. This article explains CBD body wash and guides how to shop for the best product.

    CBD is among the cannabinoids an individual can access from the cannabis plant. Initially, CBD was illegal but legalised as it contains various benefits from individuals consuming the product. CBD is obtained from the hemp plant that is beneficial to an individual with various therapeutic effects. As a primary compound, CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant because it contains more CBD than THC. In the UK, CBD extracted from the marijuana plant is not legally accepted because marijuana contains a high amount of THC. On consuming THC, one can feel intoxicated and get high. CBD products are advised to contain THC in no more than 0.2%. Not all individuals are comfortable consuming THC because of its effects. The popularity of CBD comes from the non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive nature that is associated with it, as it cannot make an individual feel high or experience euphoric effects. It can be infused in topical products like salves and balms and edibles like gummies. An individual can feel the effects according to the forms and consumption methods.

     CBD Body Wash UK Shopping Guide

    What Is CBD Body Wash

    CBD body wash is a topical product that individuals can access and use to treat their skin for different purposes. It is a personal care product that can be accessed in various places for different purposes by an individual and is designed to be used on an individual’s skin when taking a warm bath or shower. The body wash is infused with CBD. CBD has been associated with various benefits to an individual ranging from health and wellness. It can reduce inflammation in an individual's skin, calm the mind and help soothe the skin. Rub (2022) explained that the body washes infused with CBD can be used by an individual for various purposes as it helps incorporate the CBD into the skincare routine of an individual and help one gain various benefits of CBD on the topical application or use. Individuals do not ingest the CBD body wash as it is specifically manufactured for topical use only. For effective and safe use of the product, one is advised to follow the instructions and know the ingredients contained in the product.

    Types Of CBD Body Wash

    There are different types of CBD body wash that an individual can access in the market. The variance in the type of products comes from the components infused and the potency levels.

    Full Spectrum CBD Body Wash

    The full-spectrum CBD Body wash contains all the components found in the cannabis plant. It is the strongest as it contains all the compounds that can benefit an individual in various ways. Individuals are advised to check the product's potency, as it should not be more than 0.2% THC. THC is intoxicating and psychoactive, and individuals are advised not to consume it.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Body Wash

    This body wash type contains all the compounds found in the cannabis plant but has no THC. Individuals uncomfortable with the THC levels infused in the full-spectrum CBD body wash can use this product. It has no THC infused with it and is beneficial to an individual.

    CBD Isolate Body Wash

    This body wash is among the best-used and preferred products an individual can access. They can feel the CBD effects fully, which are non-intoxicating and non-psychoactive. They are the best and cannot result in any effects on an individual.

    Legality Of CBD Body Washy in the UK

    CBD products are complex in the United Kingdom. Thanks to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, CBD is not a controlled substance as it is illegal; thus, no one can supply or possess CBD in the UK. But in the modern day, it is legally acceptable, making it a safe and effective product that an individual can use. The CBD products like body wash are sold as a food supplement and should not have any medicinal claims. Bengyella et al. (2022) explained that the Food Standard Agency is responsible for managing CBD-related products, as no product should contain more than 0.2% THC. Some guidelines check on the testing and labelling process of the product. All companies selling CBD-related products in the UK follow all the guidelines. Individuals should be keen to prevent adverse effects as the CBD market is highly unregulated. Individuals can get low-quality products containing various harmful pesticides and heavy metals. Also, avoid products extracted from marijuana, as it is illegal in the UK.

    Where To Purchase CBD Body Wash In the UK

    There are various places where an individual can purchase CBD body wash in the UK. Depending on an individual choice, the product is accessed online or offline.

    Online Retail

    There are various online retailers that an individual can access to purchase CBD body wash, like amazon. An individual can check the product available online and make a purchase. Online retail is conveniently such that it is easier for an individual to purchase CBD body wash. One can shop from the comfort of their home, and the product can be shipped to their destinations. Before making a purchase, one needs to research the product they need before making an order. Check the reviews a make sure that the product meets the quality standards.

    Physical Store

    You can access CBD body wash in various health food stores in the UK and some pharmacies. Some natural beauty shops and stores are seen to sell CBD body wash. The health food store is seen to carry a variety of naturally infused products that are good for an individual’s health. The natural beauty store and spas are seen to carry various natural and organic beauty products that are used topically as CBD Body wash.

    CBD Dispensaries

    These are specific dispensaries that are known to sell CBD-related products, and individuals can access them physically. Medical cannabis products are accused and have a license to sell such products as they come with a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. The CBD body wash is purchased from an authorised dispensary in the UK that complies with all the hemp consumption and cultivation regulations.

    Factors To Consider When Purchasing CBD Body Wash

    Zenoneet al. (2021) explained that before purchasing any CBD body wash, an individual should consider some factors that help determine the product's legality and quality. With the hemp market highly unregulated, individuals should be keener to prevent access to low-quality products.

    The legality of the product

    In the UK, the consumption of CBD products is accepted. But the levels of THC should not be above 0.2%. Any CBD product with more than the stipulated amount of THC is termed illegal under federal laws and regulations in the UK. The CBD infused in the product should be sourced from hemp plants as they contain more CBD than THC. Products infused with CBD extracted from marijuana are avoided as they are illegal.


    Individuals should look for quality CBD body wash. Not all CBD body wash in the market is safe for topical use. One should check whether the product has passed through third-party lab testing and is accompanied by a certificate of analysis. It helps in knowing what is composed in the CBD body as it explains the ingredients. An individual is advised to check the product's purity and potency levels to prevent access to low-quality products.


    Various aspects bring about the variance in cost. One should consider the CBD body wash that fits their budget. The variance is brought about by factors like the strength and potency of the body wash infused with CBD, the types of CBD infused and the concentration levels. Individuals should understand that high-quality products are always expensive and more effective than low-quality ones.


    During the purchase, one is advised to look for naturally and organically sourced products. With the CBD market highly unregulated, it is easy to get body wash infused with inorganic extracted CBD, which is of low quality. Individuals should avoid products with pesticides and synthetic additives as they can easily irritate an individual’s skin.


    Different products of CBD are used differently. Most topical products are not consumed orally. The CBD body wash is not used in open wounds, eyes, or mouth. It is because it can irritate an individual, making them uncomfortable.


    Different individuals have different skin types. Before purchasing the body wash, one should find out if it will cause any irritation to the skin. Individuals with sensitive skin are advised to check for products specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It will reduce instances of irritation and adverse effects.

    Side Effects of CBD Body Wash

    Zinn et al. (2015) explained that CBD body washes in the United Kingdom are accepted and used for various ways and purposes. Although it is safe for consumption, various side effects are associated with it. No individual has reported serious side effects after using the product. However,individuals should be keen as mild effects are experienced. Dry skin and mouth are one; CBD body wash can lead to skin dehydration, especially in individuals with irritative skin. It tends to temper the body’s ability to retain moisture, thus leading to dry skin. Dizziness is another mild effect as the CBD in the body washes and interacts with the skin receptors, which dissociates the body’s natural clock and sleep pattern. It becomes hard for one to stay awake and become productive. Fatigue is another side effect associated with using body wash infused with CBD. Individuals with various skin infections and conditions like acne and psoriasis should seek instructions on CBD products to prevent an interaction with the medication being used. One is advised to be keen when purchasing to prevent any adverse effects. The effects of the product also vary from one person to the other because of the variance in the body’s metabolism and age. Each person has a different endocannabinoid system that processes the CBD body wash differently. Furthermore, one should obtain CBD products from a reputable source.


     The CBD body wash is among the best-selling products that an individual can access and use topically when taking a bath to feel the CBD effects. It contains various compounds which, on consumption, largely benefit the user. CBD helps address various skin conditions associated with an individual. It is legally accepted, and the THC infused should not be more than 0.2%. One should check with the laws in their city, as not all cities allow the consumption of CBD-infused products. It is important to purchase a legally accepted product to benefit from the various aspects and therapeutic effects fully. One should be keen on CBD body wash products as some can react with an individual’s skin, resulting in some irritation. Other side effects of CBD body wash are dizziness and fatigue. One is advised to consult a doctor on the dosage amounts and how best they can use the CBD-infused body wash.


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