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  • CBD Lip Balm UK Shopping Guide

    CBD Lip Balm UK Shopping Guide

    CBD, an acronym for cannabidiol, is one of the most renowned organic products in medical and cosmetic products globally. The article below delves into one CBD-infused cosmetic product, CBD lip balm, and a detailed buying guide.

    CBD has risen to global rank due to its anecdotal and researched therapeutic and health benefits to the human body. Cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant, home to over 80 organic compounds such as tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabichromene and cannabidiolic acid. However, the most common compounds that have been at the centre of major research studies are THC and CBD. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis and is also classified under Class B prohibited compounds in the United Kingdom. Most companies are now infusing CBD into their products due to its numerous health benefits. However, one should be careful about the type of CBD product they purchase because most companies do not permit them to sell cannabidiol products, which makes their products subject to contaminants. When purchasing CBD lip balms, ensure you purchase from legit stores in line with the UK laws on CBD.

    CBD Lip Balm UK Shopping Guide

    What is CBD Lip Balm?

    According to Rub (2022), CBD lip balms are categorised under CBD topicals because they are applied directly on the skin. However, unlike other CBD topicals like salves, CBD balms have a thick consistency and an almost solid nature. The main ingredients of CBD lip balms are wax, fatty oils and CBD, the major ingredient. If you are suffering from dry, chapped and cracked lips, a CBD lip balm could offer much-needed relief since it contains soothing and analgesic properties. When you apply CBD lip balm on the lips, the skin tissues absorb it from where it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors nearby.

    Types of CBD Lip Balms in the UK

    Before purchasing your CBD lip balm of choice, it is vital to understand the different types of CBD available to put you in a better position to make the right choice. Below are the three types of CBD;

    Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

    Full spectrum CBD lip balm is a hemp extract that contains all the compounds present in hemp, such as terpenes, flavonoids, THC and CBD. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for a plant's scent. Most people prefer to consume full-spectrum because it births the entourage effect, which is a theory that claims consuming CBD with other cannabidiols produce a better effect.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

    Broad-spectrum CBD lip balm contains all the compounds of the cannabis plant apart from THC, which makes it a better option for people who prefer not to consume THC for personal reasons. However, it is worth noting that some brands may infuse trace amounts of THC into their broad-spectrum balms. Like full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum may produce better effects due to the different cannabis compounds, such as terpenes and CBC.

    CBD Isolate

    CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD since it does not contain any compound of the cannabis plant apart from CBD. For CBD isolate to be manufactured, all the different compounds of cannabis are extracted through an extensive process. Note that different companies use different extraction processes, which may affect the purity of the final product. However, regardless of the type of extraction process, the final product should contain 99% potency. CBD isolate may be the perfect pick for individuals who prefer to avoid all the compounds of cannabis.

    The Legality of CBD Lip Balm in the UK

    Shannon et al. (2019) stated that even with CBD rising to global stardom, especially in the UK, there are still some doubts about the compound's therapeutic benefits. If you are a novice to CBD lip balm and reside in the UK, it may be best to understand its legal status. CBD and all its products are legal under UK law as long as they meet a certain standard. Below are some of the UK regulations on CBD and its products;

    • CBD products should contain less than 0.2% of THC, which is a controlled substance according to the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971
    • Any company or brand that deals with the sale, possession and consumption of CBD should have a license from the UK home office
    • CBD lip balm ought to be clearly labelled based on the FSA regulations
    • CBD products such as CBD lip balms should have a Cosmetic Product Safety Report that ascertains the safety of the product
    • CBD products should only be distributed or sold by licensed medical personnel who have met the criteria of the UK home office
    • All CBD products must be sourced from industrial hemp approved by the UK

    Considering that CBD is legal in the UK, carrying it on domestic flights is safe if your airline allows CBD products on board. Before flying, ensure you read the luggage guidance, plus the terms and conditions of your airline, to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. If you travel internationally, ensure that the state you are landing in allows CBD products.

    Where to Purchase CBD Lip Balm in the UK

    Zenone et al. (2021) suggested that if you are a CBD fan residing in the UK, you should find the best place to purchase CBD. The rule of thumb is always to strive to purchase your CBD lip balms directly from the manufacturer since you are assured of the right potency of the product. Despite your preference, it is best to purchase from a company or brand that gives its clients total transparency of its products and manufacturing practices. There are two places you can purchase your CBD lip balms; local and online stores. While each has its pros and cons, most people prefer online shops since they offer a wide range of benefits such as;

    • Regular discounts and bonuses on various cannabidiol products
    • Website promotions
    • Easy access to third-party lab reports
    • A very knowledgeable and highly-efficient customer care support team
    • A chance to earn commissions from being a member of their affiliate programs

    Note that the shop you purchase CBD lip balm from must be registered with the Food Standards Agency to show compliance with UK laws on CBD products. Also, your brand of choice should not be parading their CBD products as a nutritional supplement or make any unprecedented medical claims on their products.

    Factors to Consider When Purchasing CBD Lip Balm in the UK


    Price et al. (2021) suggested that bioavailability is the ability of a substance to get absorbed into the body. In essence, if a product contains a high bioavailability, the better the body will absorb it into the bloodstream, which means better and quicker effects. CBD is fat-soluble, affecting its bioavailability because the body will have difficulty absorbing it into the bloodstream.

    CBD Source

    CBD lip balms are legal in the UK if they are sourced from hemp that the UK regulates. If the hemp plant has been subject to harsh chemicals, it may affect its purity and safety. If the hemp plant is treated with synthetic chemicals, it may cause serious health complications to its users, such as cancer and kidney damage.

    Certificate of Analysis

    A COA is a detailed report outlining the various compounds in the CBD lip balm. Most online stores provide a COA to their products. If a company fails to show their COA, it may be better to purchase from another brand because it shows that its products have harmful products that they do not want to show to the public. A detailed COA should have the following;

    Heavy Metal Analysis

    It indicates the different metals found in the product. Examples of heavy metals include mercury, lead, arsenic etc. Long-term exposure to heavy metals may lead to fatal health conditions such as kidney damage.

    Pesticide Analysis

    A pesticide analysis gives a detailed report on the pesticides the hemp was exposed to during farming. Using a CBD lip balm with high pesticide exposure may cause hormone disruption, weakened immunity and liver damage. Additionally, pesticides may cause congenital disabilities and cancer cases in unborn children.

    Cannabinoid Analysis

    A cannabinoid analysis shows the right amount of CBD in the CBD lip balm in milligrams.

    Third-party Testing

    A brand or company should also produce results from a third-party lab test to ascertain the purity of its products. A third-party lab result will show its clients that the company was transparent enough to subject its products to an outside lab test.


    Most CBD lip balm stores have both online and offline stores, and as is the norm, clients will always give their reviews after purchasing and using a company's products. Reading the reviews before buying any products is vital to ensure you purchase authentic ones. If the reviews are negative, it may be best to avoid purchasing the products. Some companies use fabricated reviews to coerce clients into buying their products. For this case, you should read the company's COA or ask family or friends about the company.

    Making Your Own CBD Lip Balm

    Making your own CBD lip balm allows you to infuse all your choice ingredients for the perfect DIY CBD lip balm. Below are some of the ingredients you will need for your lip balm;

    • CBD oil
    • High-grade beeswax pellets
    • Shea butter
    • Essential oil of choice


    • Take three tablespoons of each product except the essential oil
    • Put them in a heating bowl and allow them to melt
    • Stir till all the ingredients form a sticky consistency
    • Add in your essential oil of choice
    • Pour the final product into tubes and put them in a freezer for about 10 minutes
    • Labelled the finished product and used it whenever your lips feel dry and chapped

    Benefits of CBD Lip Balm

    It Contains Antioxidant Properties

    Using a CBD lip balm on the regular may shield your lips from oxidative stress. CBD is rich in fatty acids, which may help boost your lips' health, especially if you are prone to drying and chapping. Some ingredients infused in lip balms that help with oxidative stress include Vitamins A, D and E. Before stepping out in the sun, it is advisable to smoother a layer of CBD lip balm to keep your lips protected and succulent.

    Hydrating and Softening

    CBD lip balms ensure your lips stay succulent thanks to their numerous ingredients, such as beeswax, essential oils and antioxidants. To keep your lips succulent and happy, ensure that you also up your water intake on top of using your CBD lip balm of choice regularly.

    CBD is Organic

    According to Von Wrede et al. (2020), CBD is an organic compound derived from the cannabis plant. An organic compound means that it is safe for use by vegetarians as well. Also, organic products rarely cause fatal side effects.

    Repairs the Skin

    Our lips are mostly exposed to numerous environmental factors that damage the tissue around them. Incorporating a CBD lip balm into your lip care essentials will ensure that your lips undergo intense rejuvenation for a natural glow-up.

    Side Effects of CBD Lip Balm

    CBD is an organic product, and most people tolerate it perfectly fine. Das (2020) stated that the side effects associated with CBD are often a result of the different ingredients infused into the cannabidiol products. It is why experts normally recommend performing a patch test before using any CBD topical product to ascertain its safety on your skin. Balachandran et al. (2021) stated that it is vital to consult a professional doctor before incorporating CBD into your regimen, especially if you are using other medications because CBD affects how the liver metabolises medications. Below are some of the side effects associated with the use of CBD;

    • Diarrhoea
    • Fatigue
    • Drowsiness
    • Weight and appetite fluctuations
    • Dry mouth


    Due to its purported and documented medicinal and health advantages to the human body, CBD has gained popularity on a global scale. The cannabis plant, which contains more than 80 chemical substances, including tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabichromene, and cannabidiolic acid, is the source of cannabidiol. THC and CBD, however, are the most prevalent substances that have been the subject of significant research studies. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and is a Class B illegal substance in the United Kingdom. Due to CBD's multiple health benefits, most businesses are increasingly incorporating it into their products. One should exercise caution when choosing the kind of CBD product they buy, though, as most businesses do not have the right to sell cannabidiol, leaving their products open to contamination. Make sure you buy CBD lip balms from reputable retailers who adhere to the CBD legislation in the UK.


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