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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read


    Bioavailability measures the rate and fraction of an initial amount of a drug (or any substance) that successfully makes it to the section of action or the body fluid from which it is used. It is critical in the CBD space since it determines how much CBD you can benefit from in any product you take.

    Most CBD brands use bioavailability, the rate and the fraction of an initial amount of CBD product a person takes that successfully makes it to the body fluid from which it is used or the action point. It is common to find CBD companies claiming to be using certain extraction methods to extract CBD and boost its bioavailability. How important is CBD? It matters from every angle and determines the percentage of the product you are taking that your body will benefit from, helping you to know if you are getting value for your cash. Here is all you need to know about bioavailability, starting with its definition.

    What Is Bioavailability?

    Whether you are a CBD fan or have never thought about CBD despite its many health benefits, you need to know what the term means. It is worth noting that bioavailability is not only important in the CBD world; it also matters in the pharmaceutical context too. According to Price & Patel (2021), bioavailability is a measure of how much of the initial product or substance and the rate at which it gets to the destination, which could be the body fluid from where the body uses or the action point.

    What Is CBD?

    Are you considering joining the CBD regime? You must know what CBD is. Whether online or in the streets, we cannot get enough of CBD, hence why you need to be at par with what it is. According to Mascal et al. (2019), CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, mostly extracted from hemp. Cannabinoids refer to the collection of active chemical compounds in cannabis plants. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in nature, but CBD is at the top of the list of the most sought cannabinoids. People relate to its non-psychoactive nature, and fans also love its therapy. Unlike THC, which Schlienz et al. (2018) found psychoactive, CBD will not make you high. Watt & Karl (2017) noted that CBD is therapeutic, one of the reasons we don't expect CBD popularity to go down any soon since people are interested in CBD therapy. You can enjoy CBD products in one of the three formulations; isolate, full- and broad-spectrum CBD.

    Bioavailability in CBD Products and What Determines It

    Bioavailability is a critical term in the medical field, but that's not all; it also matters in CBD. It refers to the fraction of the CBD in the product that successfully makes it to the bloodstream for the expected effects and how long this takes. There are many CBD products, including CBD vapes, oils, tinctures, capsules, and edibles that deliver CBD, and they all vary in bioavailability. How bioavailable a CBD product is depends on many factors, including;

    CBD Metabolism

    If you can process CBD fast, the CBD in it reaches the bloodstream fast, reducing wastage of the cannabinoid.

    The CBD Product You are Taking

    CBD vapes, oils, and tinctures, are certainly more bioavailable than CBD edibles and capsules. They need no digestion that would delay delivery and compromise the amount the body takes.

    CBD Potency

    The potency of the CBD product you are taking may not affect how fast CBD is delivered to the body, but it certainly influences how much CBD your body benefits from. The higher the potency, the higher the chances of getting more CBD molecules from the CBD product you are taking.

    CBD Quality

    You must invest in quality while buying CBD products since product bioavailability depends on quality.

    Physiological Factors

    Your physiology is a powerful tool in determining how bioavailable the CBD product will be. They affect your CBD metabolism, ultimately impacting how much CBD your system benefits from and the rate at which this happens. Learn more about how long does cbd last?

    Does CBD Bioavailability Matter?

    This article helps you understand bioavailability in the CBD and medical worlds, but does it really matter? Of course, yes, bioavailability matters. It determines the percentage of CBD oil or substance you are taking and the rate at which it gets to your body. The higher the bioavailability of a product, the better. This allows you to feel CBD effects fast, and your system receives a lot of CBD (or drugs or other substances). Meanwhile, a slow metabolism means you can only enjoy a small percentage of the product you took, and it takes longer for the effects to surface. Thus, many users opt for CBD, which offers more bioavailability, and invest in quality to make the package whole. Are there better CBD products in terms of bioavailability?

    What Are the Most Bioavailable CBD Products?

    CBD is a novel compound, and unsurprisingly, its products are expensive. Thus, people do their level best to invest in quality and not to go for low-quality CBD products that compromise bioavailability at the expense of cheap costs. It takes knowledge of how CBD products compare in bioavailability to choose an item that will not disappoint you but allow you to get the most CBD possible. Regarding the different CBD products you can explore to get the cannabinoid’s benefit, CBD vape oils and tinctures are the most bioavailable. When inhaling CBD vape oils, they get to the bloodstream immediately, allowing you to get the most in terms of CBD. How much you can get from CBD oils in terms of bioavailability depends on how you use them. Taking CBD oils sublingually allows the CBD in them to get into the bloodstream fast since the blood vessels below the tongue channel it to the bloodstream. Meanwhile, you can also take CBD oils orally, but this compromises bioavailability since the oil goes through the digestive tract, making it take longer to reach the bloodstream. Moreover, adding CBD oils to foods and drinks delays delivery and compromises bioavailability.

    How to Boost Bioavailability in CBD

    Do you want to boost the CBD bioavailability of the products you bought to get the most from them? Focus on quality; the better the quality, the more bioavailable the CBD product will be. Besides, you can work on potency. If you have been on CBD for long enough, you can try more potent products. CBD history also affects bioavailability. When new to the CBD regime, it takes a long time for the body to have the least CBD. However, as you take more CBD, this improves. Lastly, focus on CBD oils and tinctures since they effectively deliver CBD and are not confirmed dangerous.


    Bioavailability is the measure of how much of the initial dose gets to the destination and how fast this happens. It is critical in drugs and CBD, determining how much of the cannabinoid you can get from a product. CBD oil and vapes are among the most bioavailable CBD products, allowing you to get the most CBD in a short time. What affects CBD bioavailability? How can you boost it? Peer into this article to get more on this and related topics? Learn more about vulvodynia and cbd


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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