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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    CBD + Lavender: Can They Help With Stress?

    There are different ways that CBD and lavender can assist in minimizing or managing stress. It can be done through different properties such as aromatherapy, anti-anxiety, and improving sleep by treating insomnia.

    CBD has been on the rise for a while. The same applies to the use of lavender. Though its name may not be that common, lavender is one of the ingredients used in making essential oils. It is found in terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for the distinct and specific smell and aroma found in plants. They have been known to have benefits for the human body. Some of the benefits are related to relieving stress. This article has discussed how CBD and lavender can assist in dealing with stress.      

    What is CBD?

    CBD is one of the organic and active compound found in the cannabis plant. It is known to be psychotropic as it does not have the presence of THC factor that brings out the high effect in individuals.

    Types of CBD

    There are three forms of CBD. They include;

    Isolate-based CBD

    This type of CBD is mostly used by those who do not want to experience the high effect of THC. Isolate-based CBD is completely pure and does not have the presence of any compound of the cannabis plant except THC. It goes through several processes to ensure all the compounds are removed.  

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    According to Jin et al. (2020), broad-spectrum CBD has almost all the compounds present in the cannabis plant. The only compound that is not present in the broad spectrum is THC. However, there are instances in which THC can be found in the broad-spectrum CBD in small amounts. However, the small amounts cannot affect an individual, as they cannot exceed 0.3%. 

    Full-spectrum CBD

    It is at times referred to as the whole-plant cannabis plant. This is because it has all the presence of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. Some of them include terpenes, THC, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. THC present in the full spectrum is not higher than 0.3%. This means that it cannot cause a high effect. However, when one consumes high amounts of full-spectrum CBD, they may experience a high effect as they may have consumed too much THC. Often, full-spectrum CBD is seen as similar to broad-spectrum. The only difference is the lack of the THC compound in the latter. 

    What is Lavender?

    Lavender is one of the essential oils used by different individuals. It is one of the types of the different compounds that are found in the terpene compound. Terpenes are one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. Terpenes are responsible for the distinct smell and aroma found in plants. Lavender is mostly found in the linalool terpene. Learn more about stress relief and cbd

    Ways Lavender and CBD Assist in Dealing With Stress

    Has Aromatherapy Properties

    Most people have introduced the use of lavender and CBD in their daily lives. This is because it has aromatherapy properties. Most manufacturers have started using CBD and lavender to make health and wellness products. They have been associated with the properties of calming the mind and relieving stress. self care tips for holiday stress

    Treating Insomnia and Improving Sleep

    Insomnia is the long hours that one cannot get some sleep even after a long and tiresome day. At times, it may seem like a sleeping disorder. Insomnia is brought about by stress and, at times, anxiety. Evans (2020) stated that lavender and CBD work by calming the mind and giving out some slow sleep to an individual. Lavender plays a big part in this as its great smell calms and soothes the mind and makes one fall asleep faster and get rid of the stress they are experiencing. Jordan (2022) suggested that you always use CBD oil and lavender essential oil, especially during your bedtime routine, to assist by preparing the mind and body for some great sleep.  

    Has Anti-anxiety Properties

    Stress, at most times, can be caused by anxiety. CBD and lavender are known to have anti-anxiety properties. When anxiety is high, the stress symptoms may worsen and disrupt an individual's daily routine. It may even bring about stress and anxiety disorders. According to Spinella et al. (2021), lavender and CBD have some anxiolytic properties that assist in eliminating anxiety, and thus stress is minimized. The calming properties of lavender assists in calming the body and mind and make them unable to have stress.  

    Improves Mood

    Stress is likely to deal with the mood of an individual. Most terpenes have been linked to being used in aromatherapy sessions. Some terpenes, such as linalool, have a great and soothing aroma that makes them great for aromatherapy. The calming and soothing smell can clear one's mind from work stress and make one happy and calm. This is one of the reasons why it has been introduced in people's rooms. Some use them in the form of candles. The sedative and calming effects work best for the nerves by relieving some stressful situations. This means they can lighten an individual's mood and calm their mind.

    Ways of Consuming CBD+Lavender


    CBD + lavender can always be used topically. Most CBD manufacturers use CBD and lavender in making essential oils. This means that they can be applied to the skin and made to interact with the endocannabinoid system so that its effects of assisting with issues related to stress are felt.     


    CBD oil and lavender can always be vaped. When vaping, the main materials used are vape pens and cartridges. An individual inhales the CBD oil with the presence of lavender, thus minimizing the stress and bringing out positive emotions and happy moods.   


    This article shows that CBD and lavender can be used to deal with stress issues. This can be possible through the different properties that they have that assist in bringing forth the benefits that they have. For the effects of dealing with stress to be felt, one needs to check the various ways they consume CBD. Some of the ways include; topical and vaping. It is all about individual preference. Choose one that best suits your needs.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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