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  • by Nicola Boulton September 27, 2022 6 min read

    How to Apply CBD Cream on Your Hands

    CBD cream is a popular, topical cream. Read this article to learn more about applying CBD cream to your hands. You will also know more about the benefits of CBD cream for the hands and how to buy the best CBD cream for your hands.

    CBD products continue to be available to consumers in the forms they like. Therefore, the CBD market has almost a version of every product we use, from soaps, lotions, vapes, snacks, and shampoos. Think of any form that you would like to use your CBD, and the chances are that it already exists in the market. CBD cream for the hands is one example of a popular CBD skin care product meant for the hands. Read on to know what CBD cream for the hands is and how to apply it.

    What Is CBD Cream?

    CBD cream is a creamy skin care product infused with CBD. The user benefits from the CBD cream from the benefits that are derived from CBD, especially for therapeutic benefits.

    How to Apply CBD Cream to Your Hands

    Although there is no standard technique that you should follow to apply CBD cream, there are steps that you can follow for better results;

    Step 1. Cleanse Your Hand

    Your hand may be greasy or dirty and for CBD cream to be absorbed effectively, ensuring that the skin is thoroughly cleansed is important. You may use a flannel to ensure every trace of dirt or grease is cleaned out. Problems of the skin are caused by poor hygiene. Hands should be washed frequently and not only with water. Ensure you use soap for a thorough cleanse.

    Step 2. Dry Your Hand

    Use a towel to dry your hand. You cannot use the cream on wet hands because it will glide through and will not be absorbed into the skin. Dry your hand, although you should not let it get too dry because CBD cream only absorbs well when the skin is hydrated. The skin is too tight to allow proper absorption when it is too dry. You, therefore, need not take extreme steps in getting your hands dry, like using a drier or waiting for hours for the hands to be completely dry.

    Step 3. Massage your hands with the CBD cream

    Apply some CBD cream to your hands with a gentle massage for better absorption and blood circulation.

    Step 4

    Repeat the routine every day before you sleep. It is best at night-time because you will no longer be using your hands as you would have to if you applied the CBD cream during the day. Having the regimen every day before sleep time gives CBD oil the chance to settle and work on improving the skin.

    What Are the Benefits of CBD Cream for the Hands?

    The hands are probably the most ignored parts of the body, yet they do everything for us. They work in harsh conditions, including in detergents that may strip them of their natural oils. Legal (2022) discussed the therapeutic benefits of CBD. CBD cream derives its benefits from CBD, which has the following benefits to the user;

    As a Painkiller and an Anti-Inflammatory

    The hand gets exposed to environmental dangers, including cuts, joint pains, and skin conditions that may cause it to be painful and inflamed. According to Stella et al. (2021), CBD attaches itself to the endocannabinoid receptors, interfering with sending pain signals and subsequently providing relief. Überall (2020) discussed the effectiveness of using CBD to manage chronic pain.

    As a Moisturizer

    Beautiful skin can never look dry. As you touch water, detergents, and chemicals with your hands or wash them frequently, your hands are stripped of their natural oils. Zimniewska et al. (2021) suggested that CBD hand cream has moisturizing properties and will restore moisture.

    Prevent the Hands from Aging Prematurely

    When hands are neglected, they will show signs of premature aging because they will seem dry, and wrinkles will form. The CBD cream keeps the skin moisturized and tight so that your hands match your age.

    To Regulate Sebum Production

    Sebum is a substance produced by the body to make the skin look glossy and beautiful, but an overproduction of sebum makes the skin flaky and clogs the pores. According to Evans (2020), CBD can regulate sebum production while unclogging the skin.

    For Relaxation

    CBD cream may not get into the bloodstream, but as it soothes the skin conditions you may be trying to treat, it also treats the emotional distress that the condition is causing. Healing emotional disorders first starts with finding the root of the disorder. For instance, if the skin condition is causing the person to have low self-esteem and hence develop anxiety, the anxiety, and the low self-esteem will disappear when the skin condition is treated. Pellati et al. (2018) highlighted how CBD helps in managing stress. CBD cream can treat skin issues because it has been proven to have medicinal properties.

    For Managing Insomnia

    Some skin issues may be so difficult to cope with that they cause the person to have sleepless nights. Inflammation and pain will keep the person awake. The itchiness and the low self-esteem that some skin conditions come with can cause insomnia. Insomnia is treated when the cause has been identified. And suppose the cause is emotional stress from a skin condition. In that case, the CBD cream is useful because the domino effect will treat emotional issues and insomnia when it treats the skin condition. Moltke & Hindocha  (2021) stated that CBD is useful for treating insomnia by alleviating the causes of insomnia.

    How to Buy the Best CBD Cream for the Hands

    As the skin is a sensitive organ, choosing a product that will not cause harm is important. The following are the guidelines for choosing the best CBD cream;

    Seek the Doctor's Advice

    A trip to the doctor for the doctor will be useful in the following ways;

    • If you intend to use CBD cream to treat a skin disorder, the doctor will advise you on whether using CBD cream is a good option.
    • The doctor will check if the product's additives and ingredients are safe for the user.
    • The doctor may advise the best places to buy the best CBD hand cream

    Read Customers' Reviews

    The customer reviews will give the user a hint on what to expect from the product. Reading reviews is useful, especially for online buyers of CBD products.

    Do Some Research

    It is important to research CBD hand cream. When you find the product you like, you may look to the Certificate of Agency to determine if the contents are safe. You should also find out if a third-party laboratory has tested the product.


    The CBD hand cream is useful to ensure your hand looks as healthy as other body parts. The benefits of the CBD hand cream are based on the benefits of CBD, which include helping the user relax, sleep, and relieve pain and inflammation. CBD also regulates sebum production, which, when produced in excess, may cause skin conditions. When buying CBD hand cream for a skin condition, the buyer must seek the doctor's advice as self-medication may worsen the condition. You should also research the product and read the customer's reviews before buying the CBD hand cream.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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