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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    The Definitive Guide to Water-Soluble CBD

    Water-soluble CBD products are on the market, and one may be skeptical about them since it is the knowledge that CBD is fat-soluble. Most known forms of CBD include tinctures. This article discusses water-soluble CBD products, how they are made, and the benefits over other forms.

    One of the most known forms of CBD is its oil. It can be taken as it is or added to food and drinks. It is known that oil does not mix well with water. CBD oil, in its natural form, is an oil. CBD, like other cannabinoids, is fat-soluble and mainly used in other fatty substances. Lack of information might make one miss out on the benefits of these products. Explore how water-soluble CBD is made and its benefits in this article.

    Basics of CBD

    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound of the cannabis plant. It is mostly extracted from the hemp implant and is not psychoactive. CBD is mostly confused with marijuana. Though CBD can be extracted from the marijuana plant, the most compound present in the plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) responsible for the high effect. CBD is available in different forms, such as vapes, oils, pills, creams, and gummies. These products can be made differently to produce oil-soluble or water-soluble CBD. The most common type of CBD is oil soluble because cannabinoids are naturally fat-soluble compounds. But water-soluble products are now available on the market. What does it mean for CBD to be water soluble?

    What is Water-Soluble CBD?

    Rong et al. (2018) pointed out that cannabinoids, including CBD, are lipophilic or fat soluble, meaning they dissolve more easily in fat than in water. Water-soluble substances like vitamin C dissolve in water. It makes them easily absorbed into the body since the human body is largely made of water. CBD is not easily absorbed into the body and is mostly made with other fat-soluble substances. It means that the time taken for CBD to be effective is longer. Water-Soluble CBD easily dissolves in water and increases absorption in the body.

    How is Water-Soluble CBD Made?

    Scrimali explained that Water-soluble CBD is made using nanotechnology. The process includes breaking down the hemp particles and making them more absorbent in water. These processes are discussed below: Learn more about cbd and employment drug testing


    Water-soluble CBD is made through a process called nanoemulsion. Ultrasonic waves put pressure and shatter CBD molecules into dozens of tiny particles. It increases the amount of CBD reaching the bloodstream. Learn more about 9 simple ways to boost your mood

    Emulsifying CBD

    The tiny CBD products are mixed with fatty emulsifiers. Since CBD is lipophilic, the emulsifier acts as an intermediary for oil and water. It makes the CBD particles mix with water.

    Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD

    Water soluble CBD can be used in droppers or made into pills, gels, and capsules. These types of CBD oil have several benefits over other forms of the product:

    Easy to Dose

    Dosing on CBD products has always been controversial. Most people have difficulty knowing how much CBD they take with tinctures or gummies. Water-soluble CBD allows a user to measure their consumption. The tiny particles on water-soluble CBD make them evenly distributed in the product ending up with the same amount of CBD in each dosage.

    Longer Shelf life

    Newton stated that water-soluble CBD has a longer shelf life than other product forms. It makes water soluble CBD products superior to other products in the market.

    Convenient to Use

    Water-soluble CBD can be available in liquid or powder, or tablets. It makes CBD easy to use and convenient. It can be inconspicuously taken as pills or capsules.

    Fast Effects

    It takes a long time for CBD to be absorbed in the body and have effects. Water-soluble CBD is made to dissolve faster into the bloodstream and takes less time to be effective. The small particles due to nanoemulsion make them easily penetrable and move through the cellular membranes. Its ability to mix with water makes it as effective as other water-soluble substances.

    Consistency Dosage

    Unlike other forms of CBD, whose dosage can be hard to determine, water-soluble CBD has a specific dosage amount with every dropper, capsule, gel, or pill used. One does not have to remember the amount in every dropper or how much they are supposed to take. The dosage of water-soluble CBD products is the same and can be measured accurately. Consistency dosing will reduce the amount of CBD that might go to waste with other forms of CBD.


    Newton stated the rate at which water-soluble CBD products enter the bloodstream is high compared to other forms of the product. Stella et al. (2021) discussed that Water soluble CBD products make it possible for one to take them orally since they can be easily absorbed directly.

    Buying Water-Soluble CBD Products

    Users can get water-soluble CBD products in walk-in and online stores. Products like edibles, capsules, beverages, pills, or powder are available. Water-soluble products take a shorter time to be more effective than tinctures or gummies. One should consider the following when buying and using a water-soluble CBD product.


    CBD emulsion is made using ingredients commonly used in the food and beverage industry. One should ensure the ingredients used are safe and that there is nothing used that may cause them harm.

    Accurate Dosing

     CBD water-soluble products have specific dosages on the labels. One should follow the dosage instructions for use.


    A buyer needs to ensure the company has established quality and safety standards, including third-party testing of the producers. There should be documentation to verify the quality. One should also research to ensure the company is credible and has good reviews.


    Increasing awareness and availability of CBD products have led to research on how effective they can be administered. CBD products are naturally fat-soluble, making it hard for them to be accurately absorbed into the body. Water-based CBD products use nanotechnology, which involves nano emulsion through high-intensity ultrasound and emulsification. The body can only absorb a certain amount of regular CBD, but the uptake is high using water-soluble CBD. These products are widely available in the market. Consumers must research to ensure they buy quality products for potential benefits.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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