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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Why Does My Battery Blink 3 Times?

    It is common and natural for the vape pen's battery to blink several times. However, try not to ignore the blinking. Make sure you check on it, as it can mean it is time to change the vape pen, or it might have some connection issues. Some of the problems related to the vaping pen battery and its issues include; vaping pen blinking twice, the meaning of vape pen lighting, and the disposable vape pen blinking.

    For a vape pen battery to blink, it may be brought about by many factors. When this happens, it is often connected with the battery being dead or losing its charge. It may be that the battery needs to be replaced, and at times a coil connection must be done. Vapes pens have different types of blinking. Others happen on the side of the power button behind it, and others blink on the lower side of the button. When a vape pen battery blinks, it all depends on the type of vape you are using to know the message it is giving out. However, when you notice the blinking, make sure not to avoid it. It is always a sign of an issue with the vape pen.  

    Vape Pen Battery Blinking Three Times

    According to Held (2016), most vape pen batteries can allow the lights to blink three times. There is always a reason why this happens. The battery may blink three times when you have turned on the power button or when you shut it down. When pressing the button, most of the time, it is pressed more than five times when you plan to turn them on and off. When it is pressed, it simply makes the temperature or the voltage has been changed. In such a case, the battery will blink to show that some settings have been changed. It may also mean that the vape cartridge and the battery may have a connection issue or be because of a short circuit. At other times it may mean that the vape cartridge may be burnt out or not working properly.

    Why Does the Vape Pen Blink in Different Colors

    When you notice that the vape pen blinks with a certain color, you should check how often the blinks happen. By doing so, you can then reference the manual or use the guide of the vaping pen to know more about your vape pen. The number of times many factors can bring the battery blinks. Some of the factors may mean that there are issues with the coil or the battery. At times, the color of the vape pen when it blinks may be related to the voltage or the temperature setting that the vaporizer was set to. Most vapes that lack the display screen happen to have these issues. This is mainly because one may need to know whether their setting is high or low.

    Meaning of Vape Pen Lighting

    McCormick (2019) suggested that most lighting and flashing will always depend on the type of vape pen you are using. The best thing is always to look into the manual to know the vape's condition. Most of the time, the lighting color is always brought about by the voltage setting or heat indicator. The number of times the blinking happens indicate that the battery needs to be charged or the coil might be burnt.

    What's the Reason for the Vape Pen Blinking When Charging?

    For all this to happen, it depends on the vaporizer. It is always best to check on the manual first. When you notice that the vape pen is still blinking even when it is on the charger, it is sometimes an indicator that it is charging. Once it is charged completely, the blinking will stop or stay constant. However, there are times when the vape pen battery may blink for a while, and then it stops blinking when it is put on the charger, as described by Cullen et al. (2018). The fact that it blinked shows that the battery is charging and connected. Once you notice that the battery is still at zero even after putting it to charge for some time, it will simply mean that the blinks were to show you that the battery was not well connected, and there may be an issue with it. The issue may be brought about by either the charger or the battery. Either way, you should check on your type of vape from the manual so that you may have an idea.

    Disposable Vape Pen Blinking

    Just like the standard vape pens, disposable vape pens have several reasons for blinking, as explained by Cardoso Filho et al. (2019). The vape pens that are disposable at times blink in a specific way or colors to indicate that there is a short circuit. At times it may be that the battery may have failed. However, it would help if you had in mind that some disposable vape pens may die much quicker than the standard vaporizers. If you see that the vape pen is blinking light, it may show that it is time to dispose of the vape as it seems useless and get a new one.


    It is normal for the vape pen battery to blink multiple times. Some of the reasons may be that the battery is not charging well, connection issues, or it may be overheating. At times, it may blink and show different colors as they blink. The coil may bring about this issue. The temperature or voltage setting may also contribute to the vape pen blinking with different colors. Most of the time, the vape pens turn into blue colors. This is the most evident color. If you notice that the vaping pen battery is still blinking and it is not getting any charge, or the charging is still at zero, the best thing in such a case is to get a new vape pen that will not have issues with the battery.    


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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