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  • by Nicola Boulton September 06, 2022 6 min read

    Five Tips for Applying CBD Muscle Rub

    Looking at CBD applications, one may realize that it can be used to alleviate muscle pain and see it working effectively. After an activity or exercise, one feels exhausted and needs to relieve muscles and joints from the pain experienced.

    Cannabidiol can be used for different purposes that are not limited to pain alleviation, reducing anxiety, stress, and muscle pain. One may want to relieve muscle pain using cannabidiol but lacks ideas on how to apply it. Poor and incorrect ways of applying any drug or substance to the body can lead to severe injuries; hence, one should be educated on the correct applications of such drugs. This article explains how one will get various ways cannabidiol can be applied to the skin to maximize its effectiveness and results on the body. Also, it unfolds the content of cannabidiol as a cannabis compound by giving its types, benefits, and side effects.

    CBD vs. THC

    Horth et al. (2018) stated that cannabidiol is a compound obtained from cannabis sativa or hemp. Cannabis sativa has more than 100 compounds, and cannabidiol takes the day's cake because of its more comprehensive list of applications for many years than any other compounds in cannabis sativa. Most people confuse cannabidiol and THC despite the two being different in effect they cause in one's body. Therefore, THC is a compound in cannabis sativa that causes a 'high' effect and leads to addiction and over-dependence. However, cannabidiol can be consumed without one feeling weird, the opposite of the counterpart. If one wants to embrace cannabis compounds, it is wise to use cannabidiol since it is the primary compound that has the potential for therapeutic benefits to one's health.

    CBD for Muscle Pain

    If one uses ointments, lotions, and creams to alleviate pain after a workout or any other activity, one might have used cannabidiol creams or lotions. However, first cannabidiol consumers may be willing to embrace its use, only to find it difficult because they lack the skills to apply it.

    Clean the Part Affected

    One needs to clean the part where cannabidiol cream or lotions should be applied. This help to remove dust particles or any substance from the skin, enabling cream penetration into the skin and bringing a faster effect. One can achieve this using wet wipes, cotton wool, or methylated cloth. Learn more about can you overdose on cbd?

    Use the Recommended Amount

    One should remember that a small amount goes deeply; hence a small amount of cannabidiol cream should be applied on a thin layer. No restrictions are put on, and one should use more amounts of creams to fill the effects. One should know that severe pain requires more cannabidiol; hence more of it should be used when it is challenging. Moreover, cannabidiol creams are more potent; therefore, it is recommended to use a small amount when starting and continue using more until the effect is felt.

    Apply Deeply

    Cannabidiol creams and lotions are effective for pain relief and are meant to penetrate deeply into the skin. Therefore, one should apply firmly and carefully to facilitate penetration into the skin for effective results. The creams should not be used lightly but massaged deeply to avoid an accumulation of residues on the skin.

    Consider Including Other Forms of CBD

    Pairing cannabidiol cream or lotions with cannabinol gummies, oil, or tinctures is always advisable. Since cannabidiol creams and lotions mainly target skin benefits, one should use such other forms to boost their effectiveness.

    Clean Your Hands after Application

    Cannabidiol creams and lotions for muscle pain relief are only for external purposes. One should wash the hands to avoid accidents that may arise from touching the eye, mouth, or nose. It should apply even to all ointments for pain relief, but not only in cannabidiol creams or lotions should one tend to do so.

    Other Forms of CBD Delivery

    Apart from the external application of cannabidiol forms, there are other forms of delivering cannabidiol forms to enjoy the benefits. The following are different forms of cannabidiol delivery:

    Smoking or Inhaling

     It mainly applies to cannabidiol vapes, where one allows the cannabidiol works to evaporate, leaving smoke behind for one to smoke or inhale. It is the fastest means of receiving the effect of cannabidiol but risky. It is because much is unknown whether cannabidiol vapes pose injuries to the lungs and other respiratory structures. Therefore, it calls for one's attention to consult the doctor whenever the use of cannabidiol vapes is to be employed.

    Oral or Sublingual

    It is the act of delivering cannabidiol forms through the mouth or putting it below the tongue. It works on tinctures and oils forms of cannabidiol. However, this method might not be embraced by first cannabidiol consumers since one is exposed to experiencing earthy smells and weird tastes when delivering such forms.

    Benefits of CBD

    Besides helping to relieve muscle pain, there are other benefits of cannabidiol. The following are the benefits of cannabidiol:

    What are the Side Effects of CBD

    The following are the side effects and risks that might await one in case of poor usage of cannabidiol usage:

    CBD Types

    One would like to know the cannabidiol formulations available online or in cannabidiol stores. Therefore, the following are the types of cannabidiol and their constituents:

    • CBD isolate- If one is a first cannabidiol consumer and wants to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol, this is the best type. It is because it is the purest type without any cannabis compound except cannabidiol.
    • Full-spectrum – It is a type of cannabidiol that contains most cannabis compounds with at least 0.3% of THC. It is suitable for regular cannabidiol consumers.
    • Broad-spectrum CBD- It contains most cannabis compounds except THC. Its benefits are not limited to cannabidiol isolate.


    One can find muscle pain manageable by using cannabidiol creams and lotions. However, this might not be possible if one does not know the steps or procedures for applying it. The above steps are necessary for effective results; hence one should consider following them later. The effect of cannabidiol cream to relieve muscle pain may be limited; hence one should consider including other forms. Apart from delivering cannabidiol form externally, there are other forms of doing so as had been captured in this article; hence one should embrace such methods for added benefits. Consequently, such strategies work according to the constituents, and one should try to know the types of cannabidiol and what is contained in each of them.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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