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  • by Nicola Boulton August 29, 2022 4 min read

    Promoting a Sense of Calm with CBD & Meditation

    This article discusses the therapeutic benefits of CBD and how such benefits allow for meditation and relaxation.

    CBD and meditation practices, like yoga and therapy sessions, have gained popularity among many people. This is because CBD provide calming effects creating a good environment for meditation. The article explains the association of CBD, a sense of calm, and meditation by providing information to the following query and statements: What is meditation promoting calmness? Facts to consider when purchasing CBD for meditation and calm, How CBD reacts with the body to induce calmness, and the Benefits of CBD to different types of meditation practices. Learn more about how yoga mums can use cbd for energy?

    What is Meditation in promoting Calmness?

    Most people picture meditation as sitting on a mat, legs crossed, and chanting. Farias et al. (2020) stated that meditation is an inward mental focus to enhance relaxation and awareness. Most religion seeks meditation since it has its roots in spiritual affairs. However, it enhances the mental focus to alleviate stress, anxiety, and calm the mind.

    Facts to Consider When purchasing CBD for Meditation

    Rubin & Rita (2018) explained that the Food and Drug Administration had not regulated the production of CBD; therefore, most brands can produce low-quality and contaminated products lowering the effects of CBD for meditation. The following are factors to consider;

    • CBD product Ingredients- Users may be allergic or sensitive to some ingredients in CBD. Therefore, it is important to consider the effects of its ingredients.
    • CBD source- where the cannabis plant is grown is a factor since the CBD's origin can determine the end product's pureness. For example, Hemp plant cultivated on rich soil will result to high-quality products. Purchasing CBD products extracted and cultivated in an organic derived method is important. It is because, during meditation, the organic nature of the product heightens the benefits of CBD to the users.
    • Potency - the higher the potency, the more effective the CBD in inducing calmness in users.
    • The manufacturer's reputation - one of the best ways to learn about the manufacturer's reputation is reading online reviews and consumers' opinions and visiting their website. Avoid products with negative reviews and customer comments.

    How CBD Reacts with the Body to Induce Calmness

    Park & Jeremy (2020) explained that CBD interacts with body endocannabinoid systems and brain receptors to restore body balance. CBD binds with receptors and stimulates them; this enhances various effects such as pain relief, relaxation, calm, and improved mood. Many meditation users have reported a sense of calm and mind peace when using CBD products.

    How to Include CBD in Meditation practice

    Many yoga practitioners have added CBD to their mental health toolbox. If you wish to add it to the meditation mat, you should consider the dosage of CBD and the timing of consuming CBD with your meditation practice. A CBD dose depends on factors like body weight, metabolic rate, and frequency of use since CBD effects are different for everyone. Most people have reported a dosage between 10 to 60 Mg per day to provide a sense of calm and mind peace.

    The time CBD takes to manifest depends on the method of consumption and how CBD is metabolized and processed by the body. Oral consumption, such as taking gummies, edibles, drinks, and capsules, takes around 1 to 2 hours to manifest. Notably, CBD goes through the digestive tract and liver for breakdown. Sublingually consumption is fast and effective since CBD oil is placed under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing; CBD compounds are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the soft membranes of the mouth. The effects manifest in 2 to 5 minutes. CBD topicals like cream or lotion are applied directly to the skin; the effects take 15 to 45 minutes to kick in.

    Benefits of CBD to different types of meditation practices

    CBD can enhance different types of meditation. Sarvet et al. (2018) highlighted that CBD has proven to react with body receptors to portray the following benefits; Learn more about how to use cbd for aftersun care?

    CBD promotes Mindful Meditation

    Mindful meditation is staying calm and thinking about the present events without judging. It helps reduce stress and anxiety in people. CBD, apart from reacting with brain neurons to promote calm and peace, increases serotonin production, reducing mental stress.

    CBD and Guided Meditation

    Guided mediation is session whereby you are guided through a video or audio. It boosts people's focus, especially those who have difficulty focusing on themselves. CBD induces calming effects, ensuring they are confident and increasing their concentrations.

    Improving Walking Meditation

    Whether, you have been practicing meditation for years, it is difficult to sit still for 30 minutes without doing anything. CBD has created a new meditation technique of simply walking while focusing your mind on the surroundings. CBD not only provide your mind with peace and calmness but also makes your body relaxed and energetic.


    Modern life causes all types of physical discomfort such as anxiety, mental stress, and other chaos around the world. Many people are turning to CBD and meditation as ways to tame this discomfort and promote a sense of calm in their busy, boring lives. Using CBD alongside meditation brings various benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety, and nervousness, improving focus and concentration, and promoting relaxation. CBD for meditation can be taken orally, sublingually, or applied directly to the skin. However, for oral intake, it is important to take the supplement early so the effects will kick in during the session.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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