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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    What You Should Know When CBD Is Not Working for You

    Did you waste money? Is CBD supposed to take longer to work? Are you using it the right way? Did the CBD seller scum you?' These questions are out of frustrations some CBD users deal with when CBD products don't give the expected results.

    CBD assists in managing various health conditions. Its effectiveness depends on various factors like the dosage, the product's quality, and how long you use it, among other determinants. People buy CBD products hoping to get the cannabidiol benefits talked about everywhere-health providers, in advertisements, and internet. Everyone talks about how magical CBD is. That's why it's understandable when CBD new users get disappointed when they feel the CBD is not performing the 'magic' as others calm. Abandon the thought that CBD is a miraculous product. The more you convince yourself CBD only helps reduce symptoms, the easier it'll be to accept that you cannot get results immediately. Still, CBD is beneficial. You only need to know why it's not giving you the right results. Here is what you should know when CBD is not working for you.

    How Do You Know CBD Is Not Working for You?

    CBD is an approved natural compound known for various health benefits. You will know the CBD product is not useful if;

    • It's not making a difference in your health condition
    • You are experiencing unpleasant side effects
    • You are not getting consistent results

    What Makes CBD Products Not Work for You?

    You Bought from the Wrong Source

    Anytime you doubt the effectiveness of the CBD product you bought, question the CBD source before thinking about anything else. Questioning the source and quality of the product is important in determining the effectiveness of cannabidiol. CBD products are popping up in all corners, even places you may not expect them, such as gas stations. You can get cannabidiol-infused products from over-the-counter shops or online stores. Scammers use CBD's popularity to sell products with no health value. Some may not even contain CBD, as the seller may make you believe. You can protect yourself from being pulled into buying the wrong CBD product by; checking the third-party lab tests, reading customer reviews, and purchasing from well-established CBD brands. Ensure you buy from a seller you can easily confront and get a refund if the product is not working. The ineffectiveness of a CBD product is not your fault. You will be surprised that some of these CBD sellers know that their products may be useful and are willing to give you a better product with higher quality.

    You Are Taking the Wrong Dosage

    The quality is low, or the dosing is incorrect if the CBD is not working for you. A combination of both will give you a massive disappointment in your CBD experience. Finding the appropriate dosage of CBD is sometimes complicated, especially for newbies. Searching the dosage online has confused beginners because of the many different dosage proposals highlighted. Calapai et al. (2022) claimed that taking 10-40 mg of CBD is not effective as many CBD users think. Iffland & Grotenhermen (2017) revealed that CBD dosing should be around 600-1200 for more noticeable results. However, they warn that not everyone should take this amount. Those with a slow metabolism, underlying conditions, or allergic to certain cannabis compounds have individualized dosage needs. Allow your doctor to guide you before making CBD part of a lifestyle.

    You Are Limiting Yourself with Cannabinoids

    CBD does a lot to the body, and using a high-quality CBD product will help you benefit wholesomely from this natural compound. CBD is not the only extract of the cannabis plant. Baron (2018) claimed more than 100 cannabinoids have different health benefits. CBD not working for you may be a signal you complement it with another cannabinoid profile for better results. The study above also proved that CBD with excellent quality help with pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. However, managing chronic ailments such as Crohn's disease requires a blend of stronger cannabinoids. Low THC levels are commonly blended with CBD for maximum benefits.

    You Have Not Used CBD Long Enough

    Maybe the problem is not the product's quality, the dosage, or limited cannabinoids. You may be lacking patience, and that's it. Ueberall et al. (2019) proved that the longer-term benefits of CBD, like anti-inflammatory abilities, need daily use, and these effects are usually felt after about 2-4 weeks. It takes time for the outside-the-body CBD (CBD introduced to the body) to interact with the inside cannabinoid receptors (Endocannabinoid system) and immune system to cause a response from the cells. Don't expect to get immediate effects from complex health conditions. CBD is a supplement, and it's not guaranteed you will experience quick success. Pain-killing effects may be felt within minutes, hours, or weeks, depending on the severity of the condition you're trying to manage.

    The Delivery Method Is Wrong

    Tran & Kavuluru (2020) suggested that CBD exists in topical creams, tinctures, vape oils, capsules, and gummies. Don't stick to one delivery system if it's not working for you. Maybe a different CBD form will work better for you. Bioavailability varies in different CBD products. Some options like CBD oils and vaping give faster results than gummies which must get to the digestive tract before the CBD travels to the Endocannabinoid system.

    What to do if CBD is not working for you

    • Change the place you're buying your CBD product from
    • Consult your doctor to find the right CBD product for your condition
    • Be patient because CBD takes time to work
    • Take the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer. It's usually in the instructions label
    • Switch to CBD with a higher potency level for quicker results


    CBD should give you pleasant effects. You are supposed to notice a difference in your health after using CBD products. CBD can delay inducing its effects in your body. CBD can help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. CBD combined with THC can work to provide the best effects. Don't give up too soon. Give it some time, especially if you are a beginner. Multiple products are infused with CBD oil, such as medications, supplements, cosmetics, snacks, and drinks. Ensure you try different CBD products before you stop using them.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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