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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Will I Build a Tolerance to CBD if I Take too Much

    People are interested in cannabidiol (CBD) for its purported health advantages, but concerns about its effects on the body are bound to arise like any new chemical. Consumers worry about the potential addictive properties of CBD oil and CBD isolate.

    CBD, like other cannabinoids, has direct effects on the endocannabinoid system. THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis; regular users may already be familiar with it. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant component in hemp and the second most influential component in the plant. Users of THC may be aware of how their bodies can adapt to the drug's psychoactivity, but it's fair to wonder if CBD can have the same impact. Considering how similar THC and CBD are, it's reasonable to infer that their effects are comparable. Tolerance development is not an issue with CBD; this is only one of the many ways this cannabinoid differs from others in its function.

    What Is Tolerance

    A person who develops tolerance must take increasingly large doses to attain the same results as when they started. Tolerance development should not be confused with actual addiction or dependency. Regular coffee drinkers know it takes more of the beverage to achieve the same effects as when they first started chugging the stuff. Consider knowing how tolerance develops. The body's primary job is to perform homeostatic mechanisms to maintain homeostasis or cellular balance. The body processes any drug, food, or water introduced and instantly attempt to return to homeostasis. This explains why chronic alcoholics have such a high tolerance: over time, their bodies have become more adept at responding to and controlling the chemical imbalance.

    Tolerance Building

    According to Working (2022), CBD, like many other medications and substances, can cause tolerance if used excessively. However, suppose anyone discovers that its effects have diminished over time. In that case, it is recommended that they take a few days off to let the body recover before restarting on a reduced dose. Learn more about how to improve your focus?

    Reasons Tolerance May Be Experienced

    The CBD Purchased Isn't from a Reliable Supplier

    Ensure you know where to get legal CBD oil. While its popularity develops, CBD appears in an increasing number of outlets, from internet businesses to over-the-counter stores. Some of these products do not contain high-quality CBD. The FDA currently authorizes no over-the-counter CBD products. Some con artists capitalize on this by peddling defective goods with misleading descriptions.

    Users Have to Work on Getting It into the System

    Finding the optimal CBD dose can be challenging. Everyone's physiology is different, and the ideal dosage will vary depending on the person. MacCallum et al. (2021) revealed that individuals should begin with a low CBD dose and gradually increase it until they reach the optimal level. Busse et al. (2021) revealed that regular dosing stimulates the endocannabinoid system to maintain an adequate blood level of CBD, increasing the body's sensitivity to cannabinoids. Micro-dosing is a popular method for determining an individual's optimal dose and maintaining that dose over time.

    More Time Is Required

    It might take weeks or months of daily CBD use before any noticeable effects are felt. When investigating CBD's effects, people can't pop a couple of Tylenol and call it a day. Spending time and energy on the investigation process to discover the long-term repercussions takes dedication. However, if users don't see improvement after using the product for a few months, they might want to switch brands. Keep track of how long one has been using CBD and if any changes have occurred. While it's hard to keep trying without success, users may appreciate that they didn't quit.

    An Alternative Method of Administration Is Required

    People learn of a new CBD product daily. Everything from CBD coffee to lubricant and bath salts can be purchased online. CBD can be found in many edible forms, including candy, chocolate, tinctures, topical creams, vape oils, pills, and suppositories. While individuals are unsuccessful with one method of administration, perhaps another would be more suitable. Chayasirisobhon (2021) stated that bioavailability is essential since it determines how much CBD enters the bloodstream. When people take CBD gummies, for instance, the cannabinoid travels through the digestive system before it can be absorbed, which means that they may only end up with a small percentage of the initial dose in their approach. Sublingual administration of a tincture, placed under the tongue, results in rapid absorption into the systemic circulation. Individuals can experience its benefits without waiting for their digestive system to metabolize it. The best approach for individuals may change depending on the discomfort they are trying to alleviate.

    It's Simply Not for You

    While CBD has gained in popularity recently, this does not indicate that it is a magical medicine that will help everyone. Somebody might do everything and still find that CBD doesn't help. The metabolism, biochemistry, and genetics affect how well CBD is absorbed and how individuals respond to it. The endocannabinoid system is the body's natural response to cannabinoids, and its operation varies from person to person. Westmoreland et al. (2020) found that 20% of Americans may have a genetic mutation that naturally causes them to manufacture more endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are similar to cannabinoids but are produced by the body. The effects of CBD may be muted or nonexistent because of the higher quantities of endocannabinoids already present in someone with that mutation.

    Research, Dedication, and Patience Are Required for Successful CBD Application

    In contrast to other therapeutic choices, such as prescription drugs, CBD has not undergone as much research, and the CBD sector is currently working to determine the optimal administration methods. However, the effects do not follow the recommended dosage. Finding the correct brand, dose, and delivery route for patients involves time, patience, and continual study. The process may become costly, as it may take several months to purchase multiple brands of goods to find what works.


    Developing a tolerance to CBD is like creating a tolerance to any other chemical. Consult with a doctor to see if any alternative treatment options could work. A trial pack may be a better option than a full-sized version from an established company that may cost more money but may not work. It would help if one kept an eye out for independent lab testing. A large variety of well-known brands of good quality are available for purchase. Like any other product, conduct comprehensive research to get the most out of the product. Learn more about is cbd a drug?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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