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  • by Nicola Boulton September 05, 2022 5 min read

    CBD at Work

    Since many people have realized the importance of cannabidiol, they may be willing to use it in different sets up; hence managing their conditions such as anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and boosting sleep. Cannabidiol benefits are not limited as they may be in the case of other cannabis compounds, and one should not mind using them. This article explains how CBD works for an individual at work.

    Since cannabidiol has a wider variety of application, many have made it part of their life, hence applying it in different sets up. Being at work requires one to be focused on ensuring maximum productivity. Leaving chronic pain will force one to attend to it regularly regardless of time or the place one is. As a result, one may decide to use cannabidiol in the workplace with or without the employer's concern. This article will explain what one should know about using cannabidiol or its products in the work setup. Various ways of delivering cannabidiol, its types, benefits, and side effects will be discussed. If one typically attends a workplace and is a regular cannabidiol user, consider this article as your solution:

    CBD vs. THC

    If one wants to have a routine of using a product, it is customary to understand its originality and the effect it will have on their health. According to Pellati et al. (2018), cannabidiol, referred to as CBD, is a compound extracted from cannabis sativa or hemp. In hemp, cannabidiol is much more concentrated in the flowering parts. Unlike in the hemp plant, where it is much concentrated in flowers, in the cannabis plant, it can be extracted from any part of the plant. Many confuse it with THC and say it brings the 'high' effect. THC is a compound like cannabidiol but brings a 'high' result and leads to mental conditions when consumed.

    What To Know About CBD at Work

    Leaving with chronic conditions may force one to ensure regular and strict attendance to it. Those working are not exceptional cases of chronic diseases or pain. Consequently, it may cause one to carry cannabidiol to the workplace and use it over there. Below are the dos and don'ts of cannabidiol at the workplace: Learn more about is cbd a medicine?

    What To Do to Use CBD in Work Place

    For one to freely use cannabidiol or its products in the workplace, the following should be done:

    • Tell the manager or employer if one needs to use cannabidiol at work. Since cannabidiol is not legalized by the FDA, using it in the workplace is a matter of concern and should be known by one's boss.
    • Use cannabidiol from trustworthy sources. Cannabidiol from unknown sources may contain THC, a compound that changes an individual's mental conditions and behaviors. Consequently, one might be charged with using drugs at the workplace.
    • One can freely apply cannabidiol externally. This method of delivering cannabidiol is safe since one may not test positive for the drug test.

    What One Should Not Do

    Concerning the use of cannabidiol in the workplace, one should not do the following things:

    • When one wants to use cannabidiol internally for medical purposes, it is wise to communicate it to their manager. It will prevent one from worsening the conditions due to unnecessary fears that could be avoided.
    • Do not buy cannabidiol products from online platforms since they may contain THC altering the state of their mind and making them test positive for drug tests.

    What Employers Need to Know

    As cannabidiol gains popularity, some employers might take advantage of this; hence using it in the workplace. Since some companies take advantage of high cannabidiol demand by the citizens' employers should warn employees against online platforms of buying cannabidiol as they might contain THC, which is intoxicating. Employers should not prevent employees from applying cannabidiol products externally. Employees who want to use cannabidiol for therapeutic purposes should communicate in advance. Learn more about should cbd be used daily?

    Ways of CBD Delivery at Work

    There are different ways to explore the benefits of cannabidiol in the workplace whenever allowed. The following are the ways of delivering cannabidiol and its products:

    External Applications

    It is mainly applicable in cannabidiol creams and lotions. It is the fastest way of receiving the effect of cannabidiol. One needs to have a small amount of cannabidiol in the palms and allow it to receive the heat and melt. It is followed by rubbing it on the skin firmly and slowly until the effect is felt.

    Sublingual/ Oral Delivery

    It is explored while using cannabidiol oils and tinctures. It may also be good but not suitable for first-time cannabidiol consumers. It is because these forms contain some compounds which contribute to the earthy smell and weird taste; hence may be disgusting.

    Smoking or Inhaling

    One can smoke cannabidiol vapes or burn cannabidiol wax to evaporate, leaving vapors for one to inhale. It is also the fastest way of feeling the effect but calls for one attention since much is not known about whether using them may damage the lungs. Therefore, one should use cannabidiol vapes through the doctor's instructions to avoid health problems.

    Benefits of CBD

    The following are the benefits one can enjoy from using cannabidiol products:

    Side Effects of CBD

    The following are the side effects associated with cannabidiol usage:

    Types of CBD

    Types of cannabidiol are identified according to constituent compounds and the level of THC used. There are three types of cannabidiol: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and cannabidiol isolate. They can be discussed as below:

    • Full-spectrum – It contains most cannabis compounds with at least 0.3% of THC. It has most applications amongst other forms.
    • Broad-spectrum- Made up of most cannabis compounds except THC; hence suitable for those who want to enjoy CBD without feeling 'high.'
    • CBD isolate is the purest form of cannabidiol, free from any cannabis compound. This type is suitable for the first cannabidiol consumers since it does not have a weird taste or smell.


    Most people may want to enjoy cannabidiol in a different setup without restrictions. It may be possible if one clarifies why to use it. One would like to use cannabidiol in a workplace due to living with chronic conditions. The article has discussed the dos and don'ts one should follow concerning cannabidiol use in the workplace. Employers should also bear the above guidelines on what to do when it comes to cannabidiol usage. It will create a good rapport between employers and employees. One must know the methods of delivering cannabidiol products, types, and benefits, not forgetting its side effects. One should act wisely and enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol without restrictions.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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