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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    The Best Serums for Oily Skin

    Are you struggling with oily skin? Incorporate serums into your skincare routine and enjoy oil-free skin.

    Oily skin could be genetic due to warm or humid climatic conditions or result from over-exfoliating or too much cleansing, depriving your skin of its natural out. Regardless of the cause, you don't want to be that girl with a shiny face. The hassle is real, though. Moreover, you might have unsuccessfully tried different skin care regimens. The good news is that a good serum can help control your skin's oil. Furthermore, some packages come with extra benefits to your skin. However, what are the best serums you can use, and how do you ensure you pick only the best in the market? Read on to find out.

    The Best Serums for Oily Skin

    Serum for Your Skin

    If you are familiar with skin care products and routines, no doubt you have heard of and even used the serum. It is a liquid or gel-like product containing Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid, or salicylic acid, among other beneficial ingredients.  You can apply it to your skin in different processes; before you moisturize or after cleansing and toning. You should keep off very heavy serums or oil-based ones. Below are various serums ideal for oily skin;

    CBD Serums

    CBD is gaining popularity, and many beauty and health and wellness manufacturers are incorporating it into their products. This is because of its purported antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties. Therefore, if you want to add CBD into your skincare routine, you can get a CBD serum to help fight oily skin and acne. You won't fail to notice its soothing effects too. According to Oleinik (2022), CBD can help combat acne and oily skin.

    Vitamin C Serums

    Vitamin C is one of the key ingredients for addressing oily skin. It is an antioxidant that can help promote glowing skin, is good for all skin types, and can help keep acne at bay. Furthermore, get a Vitamin C serum if you worry about dark spots.

    Vitamin C serums are great for reducing the imperfections in your skin, ultimately making it one of our best serums for oily skins. According to Telang (2013), Vitamin C contains antioxidants that make it a key ingredient in dermatology.

    Anti-Acne Serums

    Bhadra (2020) stated that hormonal acne is one of the issues related to oily skin. Therefore, when buying serum, you may also want to factor in its anti-acne properties. Who doesn't want clear, spotless, and smooth skin?

    The ingredients in this serum must possess antioxidant or anti-microbial properties. An example is turmeric. Besides, if the reviews about the serum are mostly positive, and users mention it helped them get rid of old acne scars, why not go for the product? If you love organic products, ensure you go for organic anti-acne serum.

    Exfoliating Serums

    If your skin is extremely oily, you may opt for a serum that contains no oil. Also, some key ingredients that help with exfoliation that you can look out for include kombucha and acids.

    However, it would be best if you were careful with exfoliating serums. Don't overdo it to an extent your skin produces too much oil to overcompensate.

    Pore Clearing Serums

    According to Jin & Laopanupog (2021), it is important you unclog your pores. If you have visible pores in your skin, you may want to get a serum that helps clear or minimize them. However, since most of these products may contain numerous ingredients, it would be best if you first go through their ingredient list before buying them. You wouldn't want it to interact with your sensitive skin, would you?

    Anti-Aging Serum

    If your skin oily and aging, you may consider getting an anti-aging serum. There are serums out in the market that can help preserve your youthful look. Check out its list of ingredients and ensure they give you clear skin but also help protect your skin against free radicals and reduce wrinkles and any signs of aging. If the serum can give you that glow without the shine, go for it.

    How to Choose the Best Serum for an Oily Skin

    If you have tried using different beauty products on your skin to get rid of the oil, you may be skeptical about trying another thing. If you want to choose the best serum for oily skin, you can consider the following;


    You should always prioritize quality when buying skincare products. The same is true with purchasing serum. Also, ensure you find out the manufacturing processes and conditions.

    The Ingredients

    Knowing the ingredients in the serum helps you know what it targets. Does it help fight acne and aging, or does it exfoliate? Go for a product with the perfect ingredients for the goal you have in mind.

    The Price

    The market has numerous serum brands with different price ranges. Remember, the higher the price does not always translate to the effectiveness or quality of the product. So, do not overstretch your budget when you can get a similar product at a more affordable cost. Nonetheless, don't expect to get a quality serum at a throwaway price either.

    Your Sensitivity

    If you are sensitive to certain ingredients in a serum, it would be best to avoid it. You don't want to buy a product that will cause itchiness to your skin or react to it differently. So, once again, ensure you check the ingredients list.

    Your Preference

    You may sometimes want a vegan, organic, or fragrance-free serum. Therefore, when out shopping, ensure you buy what you prefer. However, ensure it also helps handle the oily skin too.


    Skin problems affect many people. You may want to get a solution if you suffer from oily skin. After all, it could cause low self-esteem, so why not address it? With the variety of beauty products in the market, you may be lost in choice. Thankfully, there are serums purposefully meant for this. The good thing is that there are ingredients you can always look out for. Furthermore, this article has helped make your search easier. It narrows down to some of the serums you can purchase to have glowing skin without the shine. Moreover, there are certain factors you can consider when you are out shopping for the best serum.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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