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  • by Nicola Boulton December 13, 2023 5 min read

    CBD Oil or Capsules Which Is Best?

    Whether taking CBD oil or capsules depends on individuals' preferences and tastes. This article explains CBD, which is better between the two, and their legal status.

    CBD oil and capsules are all methods to deliver CBD into the body. These methods are effective. It depends on individuals' tastes and preferences, such as dosage, bioavailability, convenience, and lifestyle. Users take CBD oil by placing drops underneath the tongue using a dropper, while CBD capsules are only swallowed. CBD capsules contain a soft gel covering that makes them easier and simple to swallow. They interact with the endocannabinoid system to make its functions more effective. Consumers who take these products experience similar benefits like improved sleep, relief from pain and inflammation, and reduced anxiety, stress, and depression.

    What Is CBD?

    According to Marinotti & Serial (2020), CBD is derived from cannabis sativa plants. It is consumed in many forms like CBD edibles, tinctures, topicals, and drinks. All these methods are good for delivering the benefits of cannabidiol to the body. It only depends on users' preferences and tastes. CBD has an earthly odor and flavor, but individuals can infuse them in drinks or foods or take them in capsules if they dislike this taste. CBD is available in three types, including CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD,and full-spectrum CBD. They deliver benefits to the body. Their difference is the components in them. Full-spectrum CBD is the only type that contains THC levels below 0.2%. According to Ferrarini et al. (2022), Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain THC but has all the cannabinoids in cannabis sativa plants. CBD isolate contains only pure CBD, no extra compounds. CBD does not make individuals feel high. However, it improves overall well-being and relaxation.

    CBD Oil or Capsules;Which Is Better?

    CBD oil or capsules can be better depending on consumers' preferences. The main difference between these two is the bioavailability and the way they are consumed. CBD oil is taken sublingually by placing drops underneath the tongue using a dropper, while CBD capsules are taken orally. Itinvolves swallowing the capsule.

    According to Majimbi et al. (2021), CBD capsules have lower bioavailability than CBD oil. CBD capsules take longer to enter the bloodstream since it has to pass through the digestive system. CBD oil is taken orally, absorbed through the sublingual glands, and enters the bloodstream. Individuals who consume CBD oil orally start experiencing the effects of CBD within less than fifteen minutes, while users who take CBD capsules experience the effects within 45 minutes to an hour. However, the effects of CBD capsules last longer compared to CBD oil. This is because the faster CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, the faster it leaves the body, and the longer it is absorbed into the bloodstream, the longer it stays in the body. CBD oil is the better alternative for users looking for higher bioavailability.

    Since CBD oil is taken orally using a dropper, consumers can control their dosage. CBD capsules have consistent CBD doses. Individuals must measure the CBD oil they want to consume to treat their condition. CBD capsules come when packaged, so users cannot add or reduce the dosage. CBD oil is the better option for consumers looking to control their CBD dosage. However, for individuals looking for a fixed dosage of CBD, CBD capsules have become the better alternative.

    CBD oil is consumed in different forms apart from taking them sublingually. Some individuals prefer adding them to their drinks, like tea or coffee. There is no other method to take CBD capsules other than taking them orally by swallowing.

    Many consumers struggle with swallowing CBD capsules and soft gels. This makes CBD oils a better alternative to swallowing a CBD capsule. However, CBD oil has an earthy odor and flavor, making consumers avoid using it. CBD capsules are flavorless and odorless, making them a better alternative for individuals who dislike the bitter taste of CBD oil.

    CBD capsules are friendly when traveling with them. They are not like oils that will leak in the bag. CBD capsules are solid; individuals can carry them around safely. CBD oil is liquid and can leak in the bag when carelessly mishandled.

    CBD capsules may have additional components like minerals and vitamins that benefit the human body. CBD oil consists only of CBD and oils. CBD capsules are the better alternative when Consumers want to benefit from other compounds besides CBD alone.

     CBD oil and CBD capsules do not make individuals feel high. They do not contain THC; if any, it is in small amounts. THC is a chemical compound that alters the mental states of users. CBD in these products works with cannabinoid receptors to deliver overall wellness and calm feelings. When small amounts of THC are combined with CBD, they have an entourage effect. Individuals can choose these products when looking for products that will not make them high.

    Legal Status of CBD Oil and CBD Capsules

    These methods of consuming CBD products are legal in the UK as long as they have THC levels below 0.2%. THC is a compound that makes users feel high when consumed in high quantities. When used in small amounts with CBD, it makes its effects more effective and stronger. Individuals can buy and carry them around without fear. They are available in online shops and physical stores in the UK. According to Sekar & Pack (2019), the only approved drug is Epidiolex accountable for treating epilepsy and other seizures. Users should be aware that CBD products are not regulated, and they can find products of poor and high quality in the market. It is up to them to be careful when looking for a CBD product. Not all states CBD is legal. Individuals should observe the legal status of the CBD of the state they plan to travel to before carrying any product. Individuals are advised to look for a reputable company and ask for a certificate of analysis and third-party lab test results to be sure that the products are safe for consumption.


    Choosing between CBD oils and capsules is determined by an individual's lifestyle preferences and priorities. Bioavailability makes them different, although the duration of effects, dosage precision, ease of use, and convenience also matter. CBD capsules may be a better alternative for individuals looking for a fixed dosage. CBD oil becomes the better option for users looking to control dosage for themselves. In terms of bioavailability, CBD oil comes first. It is only absorbed through the sublingual glands and then enters the bloodstream, and individuals start experiencing the effects of CBD quickly. CBD capsules have to enter the digestive system and then penetrate the bloodstream, which takes a long for the effects to kick in.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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