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  • by Nicola Boulton December 09, 2023 5 min read

    How Many Puffs of CBD Oil Vape?

    Vaping CBD is more effective than other methods of consuming CBD oil. This article discusses how many puffs of CBD vape an individual should, including what CBD is, its bioavailability, and the effects of vaping CBD.

    Vaping is among the most efficient ways of consuming CBD for two main reasons. It is a healthier alternative to smoking and provides a quick onset of the desired effects. Inhalation offers a much higher bioavailability, meaning more of the CBD you take will enter the bloodstream. Research reveals that vaping is better than oral ingestion because the lungs are far more efficient at delivering CBD into the bloodstream than the gut. However, that does not mean that other methods of consuming CBD, such as sublingual intake and topical application, are worse or better than vaping. Each method of consumption has its pros and cons. It is entirely up to you to choose the method that effectively delivers your desired effects.

    What Is CBD?

    Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in hemp, a cannabis plant. The cannabis plant has more than one hundred compounds known as cannabinoids. These compounds are responsible for the therapeutic properties cannabis is widely known. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and CBD are the most popular compound of this plant. THC is known for causing psychotropic effects when consumed. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychotropic. Meissner & Cascella (2022) suggested that CBD provides the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without causing any intoxicating effects. People who want to experience the benefits of medical cannabis without experiencing mind-altering effects prefer CBD-based products.

    Cannabidiol is hailed for its excellent therapeutic properties, making it a star ingredient in most pharmaceuticals and other products such as skincare and edible products. Almost everything of infused with CBD, from oils and tinctures to vapes and gummies.  William & Nutbrown (2021) suggest that CBD can treat various health conditions, including pain, anxiety, neurological conditions, skin disorders, and more.

    How Many Puffs of CBD Oil Vape Should You Inhale?

    There is no precise answer to this question since there is no specific dosage for CBD vape oil. Everyone has a unique body system that responds to products like CBD differently. When it comes to CBD vape oil dosage, there is no one-size-fits-all amount. Even if a specific amount of CBD is recommended to everyone, they will still experience varying results. Consider the following factors to know how many puffs of CBD vape oil you should inhale;

    The CBD Content in Your Vape Oil

    Manufacturers use different methods of extracting CBD from hemp, which can impact the composition of CBD in your vape oil. Niesink& Van Laar (2013) proved that most hemp resins contain about 45% to 90% CBD. The first thing to consider when determining the correct dose of CBD to vape is finding out how much CBD each puff you inhale contains. Once you understand this, you can decide what amount of CBD (in milligrams) you want to vape daily. The potency of CBD vape oil also varies depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, users should determine the total amount of CBD in the vape cartridge to help them calculate the correct CBD vape dosage for their needs.

    The Bioavailability of CBD

    According to Price & Patel (2021), bioavailability is the extent a substance or drug becomes completely available to its intended biological destination. It is also the rate at which the initial dose of a drug or substance successfully reaches the site of action or the intended targets. The bioavailability of vaping CBD may be about5 times higher than in oral ingestion.  Therefore, this can impact CBD vape dosage since the potency of vaping CBD is much higher.

    The Nature of Your Vape Device

    It is vital to understand the unique impact of your vaping device to determine the ideal dosage of CBD vaping. For instance, some vape devices are customized to heat CBD vape oil to different temperatures. Others supply constant heat temperature. This may provide an entirely different amount of CBD vape oil inhaled. Consider certain factors like battery cut-off time and whether the airway of your vape device is clogged to determine dosage. These may impact the amount of CBD you inhale with each puff. The amount of heat that vaporizes your CBD vape oil impacts the amount of CBD inhaled per puff, and the quality of your vape device can impact your CBD vape dosage.

    How Long Do the Effects of CBD Vape Oil Last?

    The disadvantage of vaping is that it doesn't last long. The effects of vaping CBD last for about 60 to 90 minutes. Baron (2018) claimed that one hour or two after your last puff of CBD vape oil, the effects of CBD will have worn off. Therefore, you will need to decide the rate at which you re-supply your body with CBD as you determine your daily CBD dosage. Determining how often you will vape CBD throughout the day based on how long the effects of vaping last is vital when finding your ideal daily CBD vape dosage.

    How Frequently You Want To Vape CBD

    Consider when determining how much CBD you should vape at the exact rate. People often stay awake for about 15 to 16 hours a day. Suppose you divide this by 90 minutes (the longevity of vaped CBD). You will need approximately 10 vape sessions to experience the effects of CBD nonstop. Depending on how frequently you want to vape CBD, you'll need this baseline to determine how many puffs of CBD vape oil to consume.

    You can vape CBD as often. Most CBD users find a single puff sufficient for approximately every 60 to 90 minutes daily. Others only need 2 to 3 puffs of CBD oil vape throughout the day. Unlike certain substances, it is not considered hazardous to try dosing CBD as you find an ideal amount of CBD vape oil for your needs. Taking higher doses of CBD is unlikely to cause any real danger.


    Vaping provides a more efficient way to take CBD with a quick onset of desired effects. Determining the ideal amount of CBD to vape depends on various factors that may require some experimentation. Consult your physician before you start vaping CBD, and find vape products made from organic hemp without harmful additives. Ensure you buy your CBD vape product from licensed and certified retailers. Trusted and reputable companies always share their third-party test results with customers to verify the quality of their vape products. Finally, vaping might not appeal to everyone, which is okay. Other alternatives to vaping CBD include sublingual intake, oral ingestion, and topical application of CBD. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks, so it is entirely up to you to decide which works well for your needs.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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