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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

    People are shifting their health and skincare routine to CBD. The product has gained much popularity in the market, and no health product seems to beat it soon. This article discusses; whether you should refrigerate CBD. The shelf life and storage.

    You can buy cannabidiol oil everywhere, from dispensaries to food stores. You can buy it in online stores. Since you can get CBD oils on the shelves and not in the fridge, some customers say that cannabidiol should be refrigerated to remain fresh. Some people claim that CBD should be stored in a cool dark place. What do you think is the best way of storing cannabidiol oil? Is it room temperature or refrigerated? What are the factors for proper storage and lifespan of CBD?

    Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

    Does Cannabidiol Oil Requires Refrigeration?

    Proper storage of CBD oil is vital if you wish to maintain great shelf life and enjoy all the health benefits of cannabidiol oil. You should avoid exposing CBD oil to air and sun to prevent the oil from degrading and terpene. As a result, the potency of the product. However, is it a must for CBD to be refrigerated for its active compounds to be preserved? It is not necessary, but refrigeration of CBD oil is recommended if you buy the product in bulk that will last for a year or more. The shelf life of CBD oil is approximately one year.

    However, keeping it in the fridge is senseless if you use it regularly. A bottle will last longer if stored in a cool, dry place. When cannabidiol oils are stored in the fridge, they will become thick, making it difficult to dose. This happens because the CBD you use has high strength and has some contents of waxes and chlorophyll, which are botanical compounds.

    Should Cannabidiol be Freezed?

    Just like refrigerating, freezing cannabidiol oil is senseless if your stock can only last for only a month. You can store it in a cool, dry place. Intense cold temperature may affect the viscosity and consistency of the oil, especially when it has carrier oils such as coconut. It solidifies when the temperature is low. Freezing may make the compounds of CBD have different behavior. When CBD is frozen, it makes it difficult to come out of the container, causing an unnecessary mess. Also, you should know that taking CBD out of the freezer or fridge may look cloudy. Don't worry about the look because it won't affect its quality. You can store it at room temperature to return to normal. Note that putting CBD in an oven will degrade the ingredients. Learn more about what are terpenes in cbd oil?

    The Shelf Life of Cannabidiol Oil

    The shelf life of CBD is usually about one year and may be extended to two years. However, its life depends on how it is stored. There are important factors that you should know that will help you extend the shelf life of your CBD oil without freezing or keeping it in the fridge, and are highlighted below.


    Burton et al. (2022) showed that products of high quality are usually time resistant, and the best CBD oil depends on both the quality of the extract and ingredients. This includes flavoring and carrier oils.


    Ingredients may also affect the shelf life of CBD oil. Be more cautious about ingredients when buying CBD oils. Know the main ingredients. Learn more about the best serums for oily skin

    Method of Extraction

    The standard extraction method is the CO2 method because I don't involve the toxic solvents that may have dangerous residue at the bottom. This will affect hemp compound stability.


    CBD reputable companies use dark bottles to pack the CBD, which helps preserve the freshness of the oils. Umpierrez et al. (2022) suggested that dark containers prevent the product from being exposed to light, reducing the risk of "breaking down the overtime of cannabidiol."

    The Life of CBD Oil after Opening

    CBD shelf life may be extended when it is stored properly without refrigeration. Its chemical profile and potency should remain the same for six months after opening the oil. Low temperature may help preserve all the fragile compounds of the product keeping it longer and fresh.

    Factors That Affect the Storage Condition of CBD Oil

    CBD does not require refrigeration to keep it fresh. However, what makes CBD lose its potency and quality, and how can it be prevented? Below are discussed factors that affect the storage condition of cannabidiol oils.


    Bidwell et al. (2021) noted that High temperatures might make the potency of cannabidiol oil weak. When the product is exposed to high temperatures, contained terpenes, and cannabidiol oil degrade. High temps break down all the important components in cannabidiol oil. Ensure you store it at room temperature.


    Kanabus et al. (2021) revealed that the quality of CBD might degrade when the product is exposed to much light. The dark-tinted containers do not block all the light, making you not too cautious. Don't rely too much on the product's packaging; store it in the drawer or cabinet. Also, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.


    The packages of CBD oil are of small volumes so that it doesn't take long to be consumed. There are molecules in the air that CBD oils can attract, and they include carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. Oxygen can cause great damage to cannabidiol oils because it degrades them quickly.

    The Bottom Line

    It is true that it is not a must for your fridge or freeze CBD oils because the oils have a long shelf life when properly stored. The product won't lose potency and quality if good storage conditions are. It is recommended to keep the cannabidiol oil in the fridge or freezer if you have bought them in bulk. Like when you buy them for one year and want all the products, you have not yet opened them to remain fresh until you use them. Refrigerating cannabidiol oil may change its consistency, making it difficult to dose. For the product to return to its normal state after freezing, keep it at room temperature for a few hours. The environmental factors that affect the storage condition of cannabidiol oils are air, light, and heat. All these factors may cause degradation by terpenes and break down CBD extracts. It is a nice idea to store the product in office drawers or medicine cabinets to maintain its freshness. You may refrigerate them if they are in bulk and may last one or two years.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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