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  • by Nicola Boulton August 26, 2022 5 min read

    Guide on Taking CBD Oil for Pain

    Are you a newbie to CBD? Do you want to use CBD oil to mitigate pain? Learn more about taking CBD oil for pain in this article.

    CBD has been linked to various health benefits with no intoxicating effects of THC It interacts with CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors are found in the peripheral nervous system, which has a biological network of nerves connected to all body parts. It usually plays a role in pain management and the immune system. When one is hurt, the brain releases signals to the neurotransmitters through the CB2 receptors to the neurons. The neurons will convey the signal to the required area, thus alleviating pain. With its legalization and regulation in 2018 by the US Farm bill, CBD has been used to treat many health conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, migraine, and inflammation (Boyaji et al., 2020). Therefore, using hemp for relieving pain might be a better choice. This article is here to help you if you don’t know how to use CBD oil for pain.

    Guide on Taking CBD Oil for Pain

    CBD for Pain Relief

    You’ve probably read a lot about CBD oil and discovered that it has many health benefits, such as treating or relieving pain. Pain is a common sign or symptom of infections that cause discomfort. Sometimes, over-the-counter drugs may fail to treat pain or expose you to side effects like opioid drugs. Fortunately, this is not the case for using CBD oil for pain (Kogan et al., 2020). CBD is a natural cannabis plant derivative with numerous health benefits. The main reason people like CBD oil for pain is that it doesn’t have severe side effects. Moreover, you will only experience these side effects if you overdose on CBD. But that doesn’t raise the alarm because the side effects are mild and can be eliminated with simple medication. Currently, the food and wellness industry is bustling with CBD oils for all types of pain to ensure your life is comfortable.

    How To Take CBD Oil for Pain

    There are various ways to take CBD oil for pain. However, the method used depends on the nature and strength of your chosen CBD oil strain. For example, if you have 2520 milligram CBD oil – considered a great start - you can put five drops sublingually and hold it up for 30 to 120 seconds before swallowing. You can do this three times daily, depending on the severity of the pain you want to relieve. You may also put the drops in beverages like juice, morning cupper, or smoothies and drink them in one go. This brings us to the following:

    The Best Ways to Take CBD Oil for Pain

    In Tincture

    CBD tinctures are a highly concentrated strain of CBD oil. It is packed in a bottle like a dropper or a spray. You are supposed to spray or put several drops in your mouth – sublingually. The area under the tongue is filled with a dense network of capillaries; hence the CBD will take effect in less than two minutes. It is a great method of taking CBD if you are experiencing severe pain that needs quick relief. Taking CBD in tincture using this method allows it to reach the bloodstream after a short time, thus relieving your pain. After dropping the CBD oil under the tongue, you can hold it for a minute or two and then swallow or rinse it off your mouth if the taste doesn’t suit you.

    In Capsule

    CBD oil may also come in capsule form. Capsules have an accurate level of CBD; hence it is easy to guide your doses for pain relief. Taking CBD oil in capsule form also allows you to maintain constant levels of CBD in your body. This is efficient for people dealing with chronic pain as it will be convenient every time the pain flares up (Boyaji et al., 2020). However, taking CBD in this method means you must endure the pain and suffering for at least half an hour before the effects kick in.That because the CBD will go through the normal digestive process before it reaches the bloodstream.

    In Smoothies

    This method is used by people who hate the smell of CBD. Some CBD oil strains may have disgusting smells. In such cases, the best way to take such CBD oils is to mix them in your smoothie to mask the flavors. However, that doesn’t lower the effects of CBD oil. This method is also used when treating long-term pain before it flares up. It will take half to one hour to lower pain.

    In Coffee

    For coffee lovers, it’s easy to take CBD oil for pain infused with coffee. Infusing CBD in coffee also comes with the advantage of clearing the anxiety effects that might be caused by caffeine. Taking CBD oil infused in coffee will also take half to one hour before you are relieved of the pain. Other than coffee, you can also use dairy-free milk or any other relevant drink for the same.

    In Salad Dressing

    This is another friendly method of taking CBD oil for pain, especially if you don’t love the smell or taste. Infusing CBD oil in your cooking routine allows you to take CBD without even knowing. However, when using CBD oil for cooking, remember to avoid high temperatures as you may destroy the CBD. For making a delicious CBD salad dressing for pain, use three spoonsful of olive oil and two spoonfuls of CBD oil, and then add lemon, salt, and pepper to taste. It takes close to two hours to feel the effects of CBD oil taken in this form.

    InTopical Rub or Balm

    CBD oil topical cream or balm is the best way to treat pain from inflammation – soreness or redness. The time it takes for this method of administering CBD to be effective is not clear. CBD oil applied in this method is also efficient when targeting pain from specific joints and sore muscles.

    In Vape Pens

    This is also another method of taking CBD oil to relieve rapid pain. It produces little to no smoke. Hence it may go undetected. Vaping allows the CBD to enter the lungs, filled with a dense network of capillaries to reach the bloodstream immediately. If you want to relieve abrupt pain, this is an efficient method to use. However, the safety of using CBD oil for long-term purposes is not clear.

    The Bottom Line

    No CBD medications have been approved for pain except Epidiolex. It is a CBD-based drug approved by the food and drug administration to cope with epilepsy in children. Meanwhile, many states have approved CBD or deal with complicated health conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, damaged neurons, and inflammation. The United Kingdom approved the use of CBD to deal with multiple sclerosis, and Canada later approved CBD to cope with cancer pain. Learn more about what is kosher cbd oil?


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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