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  • by Nicola Boulton August 30, 2022 5 min read

    How To Store CBD Oil & Other Hemp Supplements

    Nearly all hemp-based manufacturers offer directives on how to your CBD oil and the expiry dates. CBD oils should be stored in an airtight, cool, dry container. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or any heat within the house.

    The normal shelf life for CBD oil is about one year. However, the period can be shorter or prolonged depending on how you store it. Poor storage of CBD interferes with its purity levels and effectiveness. It also lowers its potency levels, making it less effective, thanks to the manufacturers since they provide the estimated shelf life of CBD oil. Therefore, you should use them before they expire. If where to store your CBD oil, among other hemp-based products, is worrying you, this article will help you find the most convenient places to store your CBD oil.

    How To Store CBD Oil & Other Hemp Supplements

    Where Can I Get CBD Oil?

    After the legalization of hemp-based products by the 2018 Farm Bill, their availability becomes easier. You can either get them from your nearest store or online. However, buying CBD oil is much easier. Oleinik Gleb (2022) noted that buying online gives access to a wider range of products and potency levels. It also exposes you to the best deals and free delivery depending on the brand you are buying from. However, quality guarantees can be questionable. Buying from the nearest store allows you to interact with the actual product and the seller for more guidance. Before making purchases, you can access QR codes and scan them to determine potency and purity levels. A

    Is CBD Oil Legal?

    Knowing where and what makes CBD oil legal is important to help you avoid going against national and federal laws. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized all hemp-based products. However, the bill restricted THC levels to 0.3%, the amounts in hemp and cannabis sativa. Therefore, CBD oil and other hemp products are only legal if their THC levels are below 0.3%. Besides, the Farm Bill gave states mandates to restrict hemp-based products within their territories. As a result, 12 states limited the usage of CBD products within their territories since it would violate federal laws.

    Why Storage Of CBD Oil Matters

    Nearly all hemp-based manufacturers direct their customers on how to store their products appropriately. This is to make your CBD oil reach the shelf-life stated. Storing CBD oil appropriately helps in the prevention of premature breakdown. It also helps to determine how much bulk you will buy to avoid damaging products before usage. This can also be useful if you are traveling where you can't access CBD oil or other hemp-based products.

    How To Store CBD Oil

    The most effective way of extending the shelf-life of your CBD products is to store them in a cool and dry place. Most CBD oil is packed in opaque materials to avoid light penetration. Light interferes with potency and purity levels, especially sunlight. Therefore, keep it away from sunlight, moisture, and oxygen. Consider maintaining the original packaging, which should always be upright to avoid spilling. The following tips will help you with where to store CBD oil conveniently.

    Avoid Sunlight Exposure

    Although most people like storing their CBD oils on the windows, it is not the most convenient place. CBD oil will not be affected by light only. The UV light causes an adverse impact and results in the breakdown of the cannabinoids,  making the product less effective. It reduces the potency levels and loss of the cannabinoid contents completely. Manufacturers often pack CBD oil in opaque containers or blue glass to protect it from light damage. The two minimize the impact of UV light and heat. Notably, it is among the reasons to maintain the original container. Most importantly, low-quality CBD products are packed in a clear bottle. Therefore, pay attention to the container before making purchases since transparent containers expose CBD to sunlight risks, interfering with their effectiveness.

    Store in Room Temperatures

    Normally, room temperatures don't put CBD oil at risk. However, this depends on the environment where CBD oil is stored. Extremely cold or hot temperatures affect your product's quality and shelf life. Consider a room temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius. Bourell et al. (2019) warned users to avoid placing CBD oil in certain areas, especially around the window or machines that produce heat.

    In an Air Tight Container

    Peki Winston (2022) explained that exposing CBD oil to oxygen dramatically affects its quality and shelf life by breaking down the cannabinoids. Oxidation makes CBD oil less effective by lowering its potency levels. The best CBD oil manufacturers provide them in airtight containers, making them durable. Therefore, ensure you close the container tightly to avoid oxygen penetration after every use. Do not accept CBD products with a broken seal.

    Does CBD Oil Expire?

    Like any other medication, CBD oil can go bad. Manufacturers place the expiry dates on their labels to safeguard the consumers. Avoid buying CBD oils without the manufacturing and expiry date. Although expired CBD oil might not be of no harm, it is equally ineffective. To reach the stated expiry date of CBD oil, store it properly. It is easier to note expired CBD oil. According to Barrus Daniel et al. (2016), the following indicators will alert you;

    • Unusual or unpleasant smell
    • Change in color; turns a little darker from the original color
    • Failing to deliver the suggested benefits under regular dosage

    How to Determine the Best CBD Oil

    Various brands offer CBD oils; over 180. However, not all brands offer quality CBD oil that guarantees effectiveness and safety. The best way of determining the best CBD oil is by the lab results. Avoid CBD oils without lab results since they are likely to be fakes. For accuracy and transparency, the lab results on potency and purity levels should preferably be from an IOS-certified lab.


    Any hemp-based product can only be effective if it is of high quality. Expired CBD oil doesn't give you the desired results since the potency levels are already interfered with. CBD oil should be appropriately stored in a cool and dry place to attain the suggested shelf-life. Maintain the original container to avoid contamination. After every use, ensure you close the container tightly to avoid oxidation and interrupting chemical structure.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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