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  • by Nicola Boulton August 18, 2022 5 min read


    Have you ever encountered an aromatic smell in fresh oranges peels, pine or in flowers like rosemary and lavender? I believe you have been at once or severally. Taking a nature walk in a pine forest, one may realize a strong scent, peeling fresh oranges or even smelling flowers like rosemary makes one feel nice because of that scent. This is because of the compounds called terpenes.

    These are compounds found in plants but are abundant in cannabis plant. These compounds play an important role in plants as well as in animals. This article will discuss different types of terpenes, their roles in plants and animals, how they help in the body of human beings and why they are being added to the CBD oil.


    Meaning of Terpenes

    Terpenes are natural compounds which gives a plant an aromatic scent. These compounds are abundant in the cannabis plant and play vital roles in associated plants and animals.

    Types of Terpenes and Their Functions

    There are five types of terpenes. They include mycrene, limonene, linalool, pinene and beta-carophyllene.


    Mycrene is found in lemon grass, hops and thyme.


    1. When applied on the body it prevent brain it from damage which may result from stroke
    2. It protect the heart tissues from injuries
    3. Used in the treatment of stroke
    4. Prevent disintegration of cartilages


    These are types of terpenes found in lemon and oranges, giving them their characteristic scent called citrusy.


    1. Prevent introduction of bacteria into the body
    2. Prevent growth of cancerous cells
    3. Detoxifies harmful substances
    4. Help in treatment of diabetics
    5. Prevent blockage blood vessels like arteries and veins
    6. It can be taken as a supplement


    It is abundant in lavender flower.


    1. Used in aroma therapy
    2. Protect the neuron from infections
    3. Prevent entry of bacteria and other microorganisms
    4. Used to treat cancerous cells
    5. Treat anxiety
    6. Used as an anti-depressant


    This type of terpenes is found in pine trees, basil and rosemary flowers. Scientists say that just having a walk in a forest of made of pine tree makes somebody feel nice.


    1. Used in the cancer therapy
    2. Used to prevent blockage of blood vessels
    3. Help to control blood flow in the lungs
    4. Relieves pain and anxiety giving one a relaxed mind


    This type of terpenes is found in black pepper, cloves and other herbs.


    Treat nerve pain and other long-term chronic pain

    Other Types of Terpenes

    Other types of terpenes are:

    • Ocimene
    • Phytol
    • Geranial


    • Neridol

    CBD Oil

    This type of oil is made by diluting coconut oil with CBD extracted from the cannabis plant.

    Types of CBD Oil

    There are three types of CBD. They include the following:

    Full-spectrum CBD

    This type of CBD contains all-natural compounds of the cannabis plant but with a low amount of THC, a substance that makes somebody feels high.

    Broad-spectrum CBD

    Contain all-natural compounds of the cannabis plant except THC.

    Isolate CBD

    This is the purest form of CBD with none of the natural compounds of the cannabis plant.

    Importance of CBD Oil

    CBD play important roles in the body of a human being. Some of the roles that are played by the CBD oil in the body are as follows:

    Reduces Heart Diseases

    CBD oil improves the rate at which blood flows. It also prevents blockage of the blood vessels which may cause staining in the heart. This way, it helps to control hypersensitivity. Other diseases that may result from hypersensitivity that include diabetes are controlled.

    Soothes Pain

    Different CBD oil products like ointments help relieve pain when applied on the skin surface. For instance, CBD oil can be applied on the part which has been stricken. The oil will help in the alignment of joints. This should be done on the external parts only as they may irritate the body's internal parts and bring injury.

    Protect infection of the neuron cells

    CBD releases some compounds which fight against infection that may get into the nerve cells. When nerve cells are affected, the infection is transferred to the brain. Consequently, diseases like ellipsis may arise which may result in mental disorders. Such mental disorders may end up bringing domestic problems and loss of life. CBD help to control and treat such diseases.   

    Diminish symptoms of cancer

    CBD regulate inflammation which aid in controlling cancer. This is achieved through control of growth of unnecessary cells. CBD help to in avoiding the growth of tumor cells. Cells may undergo much growth or rather much division. CBD oil helps to prevent this which accounts to diminishing symptoms of cancer. Cancer has been one of the deadly diseases; hence there is a need to curb it. The first and simplest way to get prevent it is by using CBD.

    Side Effects of CBD Oil

    Dry Mouth

    This is one of the long-term effects of CBD. Much usage of CBD can cause reduction of the volume of saliva. As a result, digestion will be interfered with, leading to an individual's poor health. One should use CBD with a lot of care to avoid such effects. Health is more important hence should be secured.


    It is one of the side effects of using CBD oil products. It may result because of usage of much CBD causing interference with the intestinal structures.

    Extreme Sleepiness

    Much CBD can make a person feel sleepy most of the time. As a result, one may be unable to carry out whatever is before him or her.

    Why CBD is added to Terpenes

    CBD has importance to the body and so do terpenes. Adding CBD to the terpenes help in various ways as discussed below:


    Adding CBD to terpenes help to prevent blockage of blood vessels. Combination of terpenes and CBD oil will help to produce chemicals that help lymphocytes and lysine to produce antibodies. This in turn helps in sustaining the body’s immune system. This is necessary for the well-being of an individual.      

    Acts as anti-microbial

    Terpenes and CBD help in preventing the introduction of microorganisms. These microorganisms can cause infection in the human body. The microorganisms can destroy blood vessels interfering with blood flow. CBD releases compounds that prevent invasion by such compound.

    Prevent Growth of Cancerous cells

    Chemicals called anti-tumor are released by adding terpenes to CBD oil. These chemicals are used to prevent excessive growth of unnecessary cells. Production of such compounds helps fight cancer, one of the world's deadly diseases. Whenever one realizes the growth of such cells, it is better to use terpenes added to CBD oil.


    Terpenes are necessary as far as life is concerned. This is because we have found that different types of terpenes play an important role in an individual's body. Moreover, we have found that each has a significant role it plays. The article also explains how it is necessary when CBD is added to terpenes. Amongst concern is the treatment of cancer which has drained lots of people leading to poverty, much usage of government revenue and increased cost of living. It is high time each individual should come out and take the necessary steps to change the course of their lives since actions are always stronger than words.

    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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