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  • by Nicola Boulton August 17, 2022 5 min read

    CBD Oil Without THC: Does It Work?

    There are more than one hundred compounds in the cannabis plant, and two of the most dominant compounds are THC and CBD. Hemp has a very high percentage of CBD products and a low percentage of THC. However, although many CBD products are extracted from hemp, they might have traces of THC. But can a CBD product without THC work the same? This article talks about CBD isolate products and how CBD is extracted from products that contain all these compounds.

    There are a lot of similarities between CBD and THC; however, they have their differences too. Although these two are very similar in molecular structure, they have different effects on the body. CBD and THC come from the same plant because they are mostly used in harmony. The Hemp plant has a higher percentage of CBD than THC, although there is still a small percentage of THC in the products. Can CBD without THC work the same way? Look at CBD isolate products and how this might influence the effects of the drug.

    CBD Oil Without THC: Does It Work?

    What Is the Difference between THC and CBD?

    You must have heard of THC if you have heard about CBD. These two are an example of over one hundred compounds found in the cannabis plant; the plant contains cannabinoids and terpenes that combine to give you a powerful effect. THC is dominant in marijuana, and CBD is dominant in the Hemp plant; this makes hemp the favorite amongst those who wish to extract CBD.

    THC is responsible for the 'high' effect that most smokers enjoy feeling, while CBD, however, doesn't make you high. This effect is caused by THC acting on the cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system to trick the brain that more anandamide. According to Marzo & Piscitelli (2015), the endocannabinoid chemical is responsible for happiness and calmness, giving you a euphoric effect.

    The Different Forms of Cannabis

    CBD products are all over the internet, and different companies have taken advantage of the recent surge in demand for CBD products. You can take CBD today in many ways: edibles, CBD oil, and topicals. It gives the users a wide range of options when choosing the right CBD products for their various health ailments. These products can exist in three ways Full spectrum, Broad spectrum, and Isolate CBD.

    Full-spectrum CBD is a product that contains all the compounds in the cannabis plant, including THC and CBD. Broad-spectrum products are, however, those that contain some but not all compounds of the cannabis plant. Isolate CBD, however, prefers products with only CBD as the sole compound. Most people love full-spectrum CBD products because they don't want to miss the advantages of the other compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant. According to Nahler et al. (2019), these products combine harmoniously to give you a heightened effect through the entourage effect.

    THC has psychoactive effects, and it remains illegal in many countries. Therefore, Full spectrum CBD must have a THC percentage of below 0.3% to be legally accepted. This low percentage of THC doesn't make you high and is mostly untraceable when users go for a drug test.

    How THC Is Excluded From CBD Oil

    There are many methods of extracting CBD oil; the most famous ways of extracting CBD oil are by using a solvent such as alcohol or using natural oils such as hemp oil. However, most companies that make CBD products use the C02 extraction method because it offers more pure products free from toxins. The products are purified from the residual plant material and distilled to separate CBD from the rest of the compounds after extracting the oil using this C02 oil.

    Can CBD Oil without THC Work?

    The entourage effect happens when all the compounds of the Full spectrum product work in harmony. It is thought that the combined effect of these compounds is better than the effects felt by only one compound; however, a person may still benefit from using a single compound. CBD oil without THC works and can still be beneficial, although it might cause a loss in efficacy when a certain level of it is used.

    When CBD is used in isolation, a user misses out on the benefits of the other cannabis compounds. However,  according to Lundquist (2022), CBD isolates products might be more beneficial in combating inflammation and pain in a specific area. According to Kosgodage et al.(2018), This might be a great advantage for those using CBD to ease pain caused by chronic diseases such as arthritis and cancer. Although there is still a lot of research to be done to know how the benefits of CBD vary when combined with other compounds or used in isolation, this has not stopped some users from opting for CBD isolate oil. Many people prefer using CBD isolate because they prevent testing positive for THC; there are some instances where users have a false positive on a drug test because they used too much CBD.

    What to Know

    The rise in the demand for CBD products has resulted in many companies producing CBD products; however, this might risk some CBD products being of low quality or mislabeled. It is important to be careful when purchasing products in the market; you must shop from a company that has been in the market for a while. When purchasing your CBD isolate products, you must check their contents and ensure they contain no THC amounts.

    You must check on the lab results of the product; a third-party testing lab result is preferable as this might help you understand the quality of the product. The price of the product might not necessarily go with the quality of the product, so whenever you are shopping, be careful to check on these tips to ensure that you get the right quality for your money.


    There are so many ways you can enjoy CBD; whether you prefer edibles, topicals, or CBD oils, a wide range of products fit you. Many people might prefer full-spectrum CBD because it benefits from all the compounds, although some prefer using CBD isolates. Whether you make sure you test negative on your next drug test or enjoy CBD isolates, you can enjoy the benefits without the other compounds. Choosing CBD to isolate or Full spectrum products comes down to what you prefer; remember to keep an eye on the products you purchase to ensure you get the right quality for your money.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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