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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How to Make CBD Shatter

    The legalization of hemp products and the increased popularity of CBD products have led to the invention of new techniques to enjoy the supplements. One of the excellent ways to reap the benefits of CBD is by creating CBD shatter. Learn how to prepare this solid-like extract at home and the industrial processes involved from this blog.

    CBD products are rapidly attracting more uses due to their efficiency for recreation and remedies to some health issues. People have prepared homemade edibles for a long time using only CBD oil infused in cooking or butter. Hemp flowers can also be used to prepare edibles and other products. CBD concentrates such as shatter are also ideal alternatives for people looking to prepare cannabis-infused supplements. Knowing CBD shatter and how to prepare it will make it easier on why it's recommended and the hype surrounding it.

    What is CBD Shatter?

    Cherney & Small (2016) noted that shatter is one of the various CBD isolates made from hemp or marijuana plants in the market. It has a solid-like texture but shatters when handled. Its highly concentrated, implying that its potent levels are higher than other traditional CBD products such as oils, tinctures, and gummies. There are many reasons why people are opting for isolates like shatter nowadays, as projected by the high demand for concentrates. Some common reasons include its high potency, ease to use, can be consumed in various ways; you can opt to vape using special vaporizers or infuse it in edibles.

    CBD products are widely used for medical marijuana remedies worldwide. CBD shatter is mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties that can aid ward off various chronic health conditions.

    CBD shatter is made of pure CBD; it does not have traces of THC. Giroud et al. (2015) concluded that the lack of THC in shatter makes it safer for all users. It cannot make you high or have a psychoactive effect. CBD shatter has plenty of benefits and can be the appropriate supplement who don't want to fail any drug test.

    How To Make CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter is available in stores in a solid form, ready for consumption. It can be either yellow or white solids undergoing the whole extraction process. To easily understand how to prepare CBD shatter at home, know the industrial chemistry to avoid lowering the potency of your products. Here is the procedure for making a CBD shatter;

    All CBD products are sourced from marijuana or hemp plants. The plant is then filtered to squeeze out all the unwanted plant material. Filter the plant well to remove excess residue oil and THC, which can cause psychoactive effects. The filtration process gives a pure CBD type known as CBD isolate, which can be used to prepare various CBD concentrates like shatter and wax.

    Add terpenes to the extracted isolates to increase the potency levels of CBD isolate before turning to shatter. Pick high-quality terpenes that can give your product a better scent or flavor for users who are irritated by the raw hemp smell. Terpenes have additional CBD effects and enhance their efficacy. At this stage, CBD isolate will be in the form of white powder with crystal-like particles with a potency of over 90%.

    Place white powder extract far from heat or anything that can interfere with the chemical process of creating a shatter. After settling well, take the shatter in the method that suits you best. The CBD shatter can get sticky and turn to CBD wax when disturbed.

    Other Ways To Prepare Shatter At Home

    Several recipes create shatter at home; some can be harmful and result in explosions depending on the ingredients you pick. I advise against making shatter at home using butane recipes. The items involved are highly flammable and can lead to explosions. One of the best and easiest ways to make shatter which is generally safe and provides high concentrates, is discussed below.

    Kief's Technique of Making Shatter

    Kief is the whitish powder usually left at the bottom of your hemp grinder. You can use this powder to prepare shatter. The only ingredients needed are oven gloves, plenty of kief for those who want more shatter, parchment paper, and hair straightener. Learn more about how long does cbd shatter last

    The Process

    Place ground kief on the wax or parchment paper well. Fold it tightly and neatly while ensuring that it covers the whole powder. Cut off the extra paper to avoid any spills. Gently wrap another parchment paper on the folded kief. Use low heat from your hair straightener to heat the folded paper for around 1 minute. Squeeze the heated kief using the hair straightener clamps while holding on both ends for 15 seconds. Unfold the parchment paper; this gives you yellow or honey-like products on the squeezed edges known as shatter. Repeat the process if you need more shatter. The best way to enjoy homemade shatter is by dab rigging it while still fresh.

    Shatter can be taken in several ways though we recommend dab rigging or vaping as they make it easier to suck out all the shatter and provide quicker heat. It is used in the kitchen when infused with cooking oils. 

    Benefits of CBD Shatter

    According to Lucas et al. (2021), shatter delivers similar effects to traditional CBD products. With a high potency, Kogan & Mechoulam (2022) established that it interacts with the CNS's endocannabinoid system to improve the circadian rhythm, which can aid in reducing stress, and anxiety, regulating appetite, and providing the body with antioxidants or anti-inflammatory properties to ease the pain.

    Are There Risks of Homemade Shatter?

    There are little or no harmful effects of using homemade shatter compared to purchased ones. The potential risks can come from preparing shatter at home with butane. Learn more about why does cbd shatter make you cough


    Making CBD shatter at home is easy and a cheaper way of taking highly concentrated products. The information above will guide you safely on how to create yours. CBD shatter has plenty of benefits for users and can be recreational or medical. Be cautious of the many methods used to make shatters and choose one that suits your needs best. This will provide the required results more effectively than choosing an unreliable method.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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