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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    What Is CBD Shatter And Crumble?

    There are varying cannabis CBD products that users can enjoy. CBD concentrates are common among consumers who are into vaping, dabbing, or smoking CBD. CBD shatter and crumble is unique, highly concentrated, and most vapors prefer. The article will discuss what CBD crumble and shatter are, the benefits, how they are made, and other things you need to know.

    The consumption of cannabis products is rapidly increasing due to its versatility in improving different life sectors, from entertainment to treatment. The high demand for CBD supplements that are of pure quality and stronger variations has led to the production of better products. CBD shatter and crumble more common in users who dab and deliver the stated therapeutic effects due to the pure concentrations.

    What Are CBD Concentrates and Isolates?

    Understanding CBD concentrates is essential to knowing what crumbles and shatters in CBD. CBD concentrates normally contain several chemical compounds such as Cannabidiol or terpenes, including humulene or myrcene. According to Bidwell (2021), the CBD concentration is filtered multiple times to create a pure CBD solution free from terpenes or THC, known as CBD isolates which are finally processed to manufacture CBD crumbles and shatter.

    What Is CBD Shatter?

    CBD shatter is made of pure CBD isolates with an external brittle texture that cracks or shatters when gently pressed. It exists as a solid and contains only CBD chemicals; this ensures it maintains a high concentration for better dabbing experiences. CBD shatter is extracted from hemp plants after filtering out the other cannabinoids to remain with CBD isolates. The isolate concentration from a shatter-like substance when placed away from any heat or light. The product is THC-free with a CBD concentration of 90%. For those looking for CBD supplements of high and pure quality, Abraham (2021) recommended trying CBD shatter.

    What Is CBD Crumble?

    Another high potent and pure CBD isolate with a soap-like body and look. CBD crumble is a solid CBD concentrate that looks like organic soaps but is very soft. It crumbles when handled and has no THC strains; hence cannot induce any psychoactive effects. Potter (2018) explained that CBD crumble is sourced from hemp plants and passed through similar manufacturing procedures to keep the CBD potency high.

    How Can I Use CBD Shatter and Crumble?

    There are various ways to consume these two CBD isolates effectively. The most effective way is by dabbing or rigging using vape pens. Dabbing CBD shatter and crumbles provides quick hits with no psychoactive effects due to the absence of THC. You can enjoy dabbing CBD crumbles and shatter and other alternative consumption methods like;

    How to Dab Rig Crumble and Shatter

    Ensure you have the right equipment when looking for a faster way to feel the effects of CBD crumble and shatter. Light the flame slowly by placing your torch on the nail device till it appears red hot. Turn off the blowtorch and vaporize the CBD concentration in the glass pipe for around 60 seconds. Inhale the vaporized CBD crumble or shatter through the dab or vape mouthpiece. Ensure the crumble or shatter is directly linked or applied to the nail and rotate the glass pipe to suck out all the CBD oil. Dabbing is the fastest and best way to absorb the potent high CBD. CBD shatter and crumble are available in tiny tubs for users to enjoy moderate amounts. Avoid dabbing the products in huge volumes as you they are extremely potent.

    In E-Liquid Form

    Mixing CBD crumbles with concentrations such as propylene glycol is ideal for CBD consumers who prefer vaping. Warm the e-liquid juice gently to enhance its efficiency. Some people might opt to melt the CBD shatter and crumbles used in the kitchen for various purposes. It can be used with cooking oils or to make sauces and butter. However, cooking your crumbles or shatter lowers the degree of the CBD concentrations lowering the expected effects one can get from dabbing. Though not recommended, smokers can crush the crumbles and shatter them to use them in their e-cigarettes.

    Benefits of Using CBD Crumbles and Shatter

    According to Potter et al. (2018), Cannabidiol use is linked with several benefits that users majorly report. Taking CBD shatter and crumbles can induce similar positive impacts faster as they are purely and highly concentrated. Here are some potential benefits that might come from using these two common CBD isolates;

    Can Aid in Pain Relief

    Cindy & Rupasinghe (2021) concluded that CBD supplements are common remedies to lower body pain. CBD crumble and shatter are loaded with similar Cannabidiol compounds that greatly reduce body pain in shorter durations. Inhaling shatters or crumbles using a dab or concentrated vape pens releases immediate effects on the user to relieve pain.

    Can Lower Inflammation and Anxiety

    Dabbing crumbles, and shattering has a soothing impact on the body when the CBD binds with the endocannabinoid receptors in the brain after being released into the bloodstream.

    CBD Crumble and Shatter Vs. CBD Wax

    CBD crumble, shatter, and wax are all CBD isolates; hence contain the same high potency and can deliver immediate effects. All products can be dabbed or used in similar ways. CBD wax can easily turn to shatter if left under no heat and untouched. The only difference is mainly in their external appearance. CBD wax has an opaque and deep yellow color.

    Which Is Better; CBD Shatter or Crumble

    Both CBD crumble and shatter high potent products that can be consumed similarly to deliver quick, immediate effects. The main reason why CBD shatter might be considered a better concentrate is that it's easier to handle and use, unlike crumble. People's options vary based on numerous things; knowing what works for you best provides better dabbing experiences.

    What Are the Risks of Using CBD Shatter and Crumble

    Some potential health risks that can arise from using these CBD concentrates in the long-term include; increased heart rate, sore throat, respiratory issues, bloody eyes, pain or difficulty in breathing, and weak immune.


    CBD shatter and crumble are the best alternatives for CBD users looking for high-quality isolates in the market. They have numerous benefits but also come with risks. Shatter and Crumble are pure concentrates sourced from hemp plants that are all safe for use. The main reason why CBD shatter might be considered a better concentrate is that it's easier to handle and use, unlike crumble.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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