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  • by Nicola Boulton September 15, 2022 4 min read

    Types of CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter is a hemp plant extract with one or two compounds. Different types of concentrate include the CBD isolate, broad spectrum, and medium spectrum CBD. Each of the c concentrates has varying amounts of hemp compounds once a consumer is familiar with the type of CBD he intends to take. There are two major types of CBD shatter: solvent-based CBD shatter and non-solvent CBD shatter. The two significant shatter types have their advantages and disadvantages.

    CBD Isolate Shatter

    This is the purest form of CBD extract as it contains only CBD as the primary chemical compound. This concentrate is preferred to consumers who would like to feel the effect of CBD with not necessarily having to worry about other compounds such as THC, which has a high impact. The shatter effect can be felt for a short period. In the market, CBD concentrate products come in powder and crystal. CBD shatter can be melted, dipped, or sprinkled on food or taken sublingually on the lower part of the tongue.

    CBD Medium Spectrum

    The medium spectrum, on the other hand, has most of the chemical compounds of the hemp plant but lacks THC. Chemical compounds such as terpenes, which are best in therapy, and others like CBC, CBN, and CBD, are all in the medium spectrum. According to Elsohly et al.( 2020), this concentration is ideal for people who do not want the effect of THC but would like to enjoy the benefits of the other compounds in the hemp plant.

    Full- Spectrum

    This concentrate includes the already forsaken TCH compound in the other concentrate. Using this concentrate leads to the entourage effect, which is the feeling brought by the combination of all the compounds in the hemp plant.

    Different CBDs can be found today. The difference between the products' composition and properties is attributed to the purposes to be achieved.

    Hash Oil

    Different extraction methods can be used to get the hash oil. Such is the use of CO2 and butane extraction. According to Williason (2016), CO2 reduction is vital in removal. The varying difference is like the product to obtain. Butane extraction involves the operation of passing the trichomes buds through the solvent where the chemical compound CBD is extracted. Many solvents can be used, but butane is preferred to ethanol since it can quickly be evaporated to obtain the pure CBD known as shatter. However, in the streets, the product has a slang name known as the BHO, coined from the use of butane.

    CBD Budder

    This is a type of concentrate that has a CBD concentration. The manufacturer, during the final stages, the product is subjected to high temperature and high air pressure that leads to a butter-like texture. Learn more about does cbd shatter get you high

    What are the Two Major CBD Shatter Types?

    Solvent-based CBD. This is the most common type of CBD you'll encounter. It's made from organic hemp and extracted using an organic solvent (usually ethanol, CO2, or butane). The extraction removes all the plant matter from the hemp plant, leaving only a concentrated oil behind.

    The resulting extract is then mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil for easier consumption. Like all extracts, solvent-based CBD is more potent than its raw form, but it also has an unpleasant taste and smells that make it less appealing to some consumers.

    Non-solvent-based CBD. Non-solvent CBD doesn't use chemical solvents to extract cannabinoids from the plant material. Instead, non-solvent extraction uses water or CO2 to produce pure CBD isolate that doesn't contain other cannabinoids or terpenes (the compounds found in cannabis essential oils).

    Non-solvent extractions don't use chemicals because they often produce higher active ingredient concentrations than solvent extracts — typically around 90 percent compared to just 30 percent for solvent extracts. Learn more about what is cbd shatter and crumble

    What Are the Benefits of CBD Shatter?

    CBD shatter has high potency compared to other CBD products. Hence the product is highly recommended to people who want to get the total hit of the cannabidiol. If you have been trying more doses of your previous CBD product with little difference, then you must try this new product. It has a high shelf life about other CBD products. However, proper storage of the product is also recommended so as maintain the potency of the product.

    How to Use CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter can be used through vaping, dabbing, or smoking. The best method of consumption is inhalation, where the molecules of the shatter reach the olfactory system of the lungs and eventually to the parts of the body where the effect is needed.

    Shatter can also be placed in a vape pen, then inhaled smoke. The vape pen is the new type of technology where an e- smoke device is used. This is an electrically powered device known as smoke.

    Shatter can also be dabbed in the sense that it is placed in the dap ring and then heated on the bottom side. While heating the coil, smoke appears on the other side, inhaling.


    In the market, there are different CBD shatter products. Their differences are mainly aimed at getting consumer preference. The choice of the CBD In summary, many different types of shatter give varying consumer experiences. Whether CBD shatters for the light consumer or terpene-rich CO2 extracted for the heavy user, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Check out a few products and vendors so we can explore this variety firsthand.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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