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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    Why Does CBD Shatter Make You Cough

    CBD concentrates are less known but are among the top CBD supplements used by people who value high potent products. Vaping CBD shatter is linked to coughing, one of the minor side effects users can experience from using this product. This blog covers CBD shatter, why it makes you cough, how to prevent or stop it, and other useful ideas.

    Some people, especially newbies, tend to cough after inhaling CBD shatter. This might be caused by some factors easily curbed to provide better CBD shatter usage experiences. Not all people tend to cough after using CBD shatter. There are several ways to ingest CBD shatter. Some might trigger coughing, while others help you evade these negative after-effects. Coughing when using CBD products is not a worrying issue as it can easily be resolved by tackling the main triggers. The few affected users can better their overall CBD shatter consumption with useful ideas below.

    What is CBD Shatter?

    CBD concentrates are used to make several products with varying potencies. CBD shatter is a less popular CBD isolate that contains over 90% of pure and premium quality CBD. It is loaded only with CBD cannabinoids and is considered one of the best supplements for users looking for high-quality and pure CBD products. CBD shatter owes its name to its physical characteristics as it has a hard texture that easily shatters on your hands. People can confuse CBD shatter in its normal solid-state for CBD wax due to the color similarities, but they differ in texture.

    Like most CBD isolates, CBD shatter passes through the same processes and is extracted from hemp or marijuana products. Its high potency allows consumers to experience mild to extreme therapeutic effects. Shatter exhibits similar potency or concentration degrees to other CBD isolates. It can be consumed in various ways, from dabbing and vaping to kitchen use.

    Is Dabbing or Vaping CBD Shatter Safe

    Anything that can have negative after-effects on your respiratory system after inhaling is generally not safe. Dabbing is the most and best way to enjoy CBD shatter but might have some side effects such as coughing and sore throat. For those who experience any form of discomfort after using CBD shatter, seeking a quick way to counter it helps avoid future serious health issues, according to Tran & Kavuluru (2020).

    Why Do I cough From Using CBD Shatter?

    The method you use to consume CBD products such as shatter determines whether you will cough or not. People who prefer dabbing, vaping, or using CBD shatter in e-cigarette smokes are likely to cough as the CBD directly impacts your lungs and throat. The respiratory system contains plenty of sensory nerves that function by filtering the irritating substance or particles. The smoke or vaping from inhaling CBD shatter can trigger irritations in the respiratory tract, which makes you cough. This is due to hindering smooth airflow in and out of your lungs. According to Lopez (2019), the respiratory nerves respond by causing a cough reflex to protect them from foreign invaders. Other factors that might make you cough from CBD shatter consumption are;

    Being Dehydrated

    A dry throat is likely to increase the irritation chances. When dehydrated, the body lacks adequate water and increases the risk of coughing due to throat irritation. A dry throat will likely make you cough as the PG content will disrupt efficient airflow.

    Having an Existing Health Condition

    People with certain health issues hugely impacting their respiratory or cardiovascular system might cough when dabbing CBD shatter. In some, the conditions might worsen, affecting their overall health.

    Taking large or quick hits as you dab or vape your CBD shatter can also result in coughing. Users who place more than the average doses, which range from 2 to 5mg, are likely to cough as the smoke or vaping can be too much for the lungs to handle. According to Hage, Fretz & Schuurmans (2020), dabbing or vaping numerous times in a row can cause coughing due to the conflict in inhalation and exhalation in the air pathway.

    Can Coughing from CBD Shatter Impact Your Lungs?

    CBD shatter usage will not make you cough all the time of your intake. Most of the effects are less serious and short-term. Some health conditions that tend to arise due to chronic coughing when using CBD shatter include bronchitis, as the smoke slightly damages the bronchi's airways, leading to chronic bronchitis in extreme situations. According to Choi et al. (2021), quitting smoking or vaping CBD shatter is the easiest way to lower any risk of bronchitis infections.

    Extensive research still fails to prove if CBD shatters vaping or dabbing can lead to long-term respiratory impairment and weaken lung efficiency in fighting infections; taking the products in moderate quantities is essential. More research is ongoing to show the link between heavy CBD shatter dabbing or smoking and its association with lung problems.

    How To Prevent or Minimize Coughing from Taking CBD Shatter

    Knowing what causes your coughing when using CBD shatter is the simplest way to avoid coughing from using these highly potent isolates. Here are some easy practicals to stop coughing by using CBD shatter;

    • For new dabbers or vapers, the easiest way is to take the supplement in moderate amounts starting from low till you find the dose that suits your body best. Your respiratory system needs time to adjust to CBD's pure form, hence the need to start in low doses.
    • Opt for high-quality and pure CBD shatter products only. This curbs the risk of coughing from taking other irritating additives in the products.
    • Learn different inhalation methods with the best entailing slow and short hits at a time till you experience the therapeutic effects.
    • Avoid using CBD shatter with some vape juice as they contain ingredients like terpenes, VG, and propylene, common coughing triggers. Some users can also have allergic reactions when these vape juice particles enter the airway.

    The Bottom Line

    Coughing after inhaling CBD shatter is a common side effect in most users. When you notice any slight effects from sore throats, irritation, to coughing, especially in novice users, limiting your intake of CBD shatter is the best remedy. Inexperienced consumers, frequent coughing might be due to the techniques you apply when using CBD shatter; you can reduce the effects by resolving the underlying issues. CBD shatter is a safe and high-quality product, but its usage should be monitored to prevent serious health issues.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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