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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How Is CBD Shatter Made?

    What is CBD shatter? How is it made? Herein is about making CBD shatter, including; CBD shatters and what it looks like.

    CBD shatter is one of the newest CBD products on every street. It has gotten its name from the street, an extract from cannabis popularly known as butane oil. It uses liquefied butane gas to extract terpenes and other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBD shatter is well known compared to other products, especially in areas where marijuana is legally allowed. Many people like it because of its mood-changing property and its pleasant smell. Below is a detailed overview of how CBD shatter is made, its looks, its dangers, and many more.

    Definition Of CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter is an extract of cannabis called 'the crack of cannabis Sativa. Users have shown interest in its presence in learning Institutions and gathering stations. It is also known as butane oil as it contains liquefied butane gas.

    How Shatter Looks

    This is an indirect end product that resembles syrup. Some also resemble honey and wax, which is why their names are on the streets. CBD shatter concentrates are identified according to color and feeling. Shatter got its name from a visible glass surface that splits to be used.

    How Shatter Is Made

    Other than the frequent option, the openness about shatter does not provide its purity but gives the result on how it is processed. The process of production is simple. It involves keeping the cannabis flower buds in water and treating them with liquefied butane to get its extract from the cannabis plant. The end composition is obtained and subjected to high temperatures to remove the large volume of butane.

    The extracted composition is rested to cool to form a light layer of the extract. The end product looks like a honeycomb.

    This compound works effectively by consuming small quantities of the shatter by putting it on a heated surface and then smoking it. CBD shatter looks the same as 'crack pipes. Vape pens can also be used or added to cannabis edible products.

    The Difference Between Shatter and Wax

    There is a small difference between the two products apart from how they look; shatter is quite stable, complicated, and lasts longer, while the wax is easier to control and use because of its persistence.

    CBD shatter and wax contain liquefied butane and a coconut-like feeling, both resulting from the liquefaction of butane gas.

    Effects Of CBD Shatter

    Potter et al. (2018) suggested that CBD shatter has the same psychological features as cannabis in THC form. Shatter is powerful compared to cannabis in its ordinary state. It constitutes about 60%in THC form compared to the 20% THC in an ordinary state. Hazekamp (2018) noted that CBD shatter could make you high within a short period, and its effects are very strong and toxic.

    Is Shatter Dangerous?

    Raber et al. (2015) proved that  Depending on their strength, a small amount of shatter gives THC and other cannabinoids several medical inhalations. The negative effects come in when the CBD shatter is used more often, whereby the effect goes to the brain. Illegally bought CBD shatter is taken into the laboratories for proper manufacturing. Butane is removed through the exposure of the plant to high temperatures. However,  Giroud et al. (2015) discovered that some butane might remain if not heated, which can be dangerous to CBD shatter smokers. Overdose of cannabis is not common; however, some users may experience anxiety and hysteria.

    Side Effects Of Shatter

    The negative effects of using CBD shatter are yet to be clear. Shatter may have the same negative effects as cannabis flowers, but they are claimed to be adverse because of the large number of cannabinoids and terpenes. According to Partterson (2019), CBD shatter can; increase blood pressure and heartbeat, weaken the immune system, cause pain, and cause blood-like eyes and other infections.   Shatter can also cause variation in mood; one may feel over-excited or fearful. Your brain may also be at risk by making it uneasy about concentrating, poor coordination, and reducing your ability to remember. Although much use of CBD shatter may be dangerous, their strength may make the user lose consciousness. Additionally, it can lead to anxiety.

    Withdrawal Indications From CBD Shatter

    Some people may be emotionally reliant on CBD shatter. They may think they cannot control the importance of using this drug. Direct use of CBD shatter can lead to addiction. Therefore you will need extreme levels of shatter to get similar effects. Possible indicators include; being fearful, feeling excited, unsure, being easily irritated, and having sleeping difficulties. Too much use of shatter can lower the brain's productivity; they may cause problems to the network of the brain cells linked to the endocrine system, which plays a key role in the central nervous system. Altering the working of the central nervous system can cause serious problems. It can change the brain cells that allow people to recall, make recent memories and change their concentration.

    Treatment of Shatter Dependency

    Users with chronic shatter dependency can recover in inpatient care units. These units have enough counseling materials needed when someone is experiencing extreme shatter dependency symptoms. There are no medically accepted drugs to treat this condition. However, combining different treatments can assist in breaking the chain of this condition.

    Several developed countries have made cannabis for medical reasons and some for enjoyment. Since it is obtained from cannabis, CBD shatter has gained popularity regardless of discussions about its security and identity.


    How CBD shatter is made is a serious issue. You need to understand the process of shatter manufacture before using this drug. Although this product has several medical benefits, its demerit is not exceptional. We have seen that CBD shatter can affect the brain's functioning; therefore, knowing the ingredients, the effects, the color, and how to use it is vital. Stick to your product use routine, and you will enjoy the benefits. Shatter users are always at risk regarding the possible effects of this drug; always gather enough knowledge and, if need be, get assistance. However, if you are ready to detox and retrieve your way back from the drug, make haste before becoming an addict.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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