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  • by Nicola Boulton August 31, 2022 5 min read

    How Does CBD Shatter Make You Feel?

    What do you feel after taking CBD to shatter? Can it get you high? Are there any side effects? These and more FAQs on how using CBD shatter makes you feel answered in this blog.

    CBD concentrates especially isolates, contain the highest and purest form of cannabinoids in all CBD products. CBD shatter has high potency and purity levels, making it a favorite among users. CBD shatter is an amazing high, potent cannabinoid that can be consumed in various ways depending on your preference. This CBD invention is more common in consumers who dab or vape. With a concentration of over 90%, people are curious to know the impact of using CBD shatter. CBD or Cannabidiol is linked to several therapeutic effects that can better your health and provide a solution to various chronic issues. The pure cannabinoid content in CBD shatter has no intoxicating or psychoactive effects. CBD shatter is a legal product easily available in various stores and online shops. It is a product of hemp or marijuana plants; CBD shatter can impact your body. Read on to discover the therapeutic effect of taking CBD shatter.

    What Is CBD Shatter

    CBD shatter is a type of CBD isolate that is highly concentrated with a potency of over 80%. The product has a rough hard texture but easily shatters when placed on the hands. CBD shatter is one of numerous CBD isolates implying that it's only packed with pure CBD ingredients free from other terpenes or cannabinoids. CBD is made from hemp or marijuana plants that pass various stages to ensure premium quality concentrates before filtering out the isolates. The production entails filtering out the other cannabinoids from the marijuana or hemp flowers. Other CBD isolates are available in the market, such as crumble and wax. Picking shatter is personal tastes as you will likely benefit similarly from all products.

    How Does CBD Shatter Make You Feel

    Many novice users think CBD shatter or other CBD supplements can have some 'high' effects. However, this is normally not the case as CBD shatter lacks the THC compounds responsible for mild to high effects. CBD shatter is non-intoxicating though it comes with a higher potency. No matter the CBD shatter dosage, you will never experience any after-effects that might arise from taking products containing THC.

    CBD isolates or concentrates such as shatter can induce similar effects to take other CBD products but with lesser side effects. The product can be used for numerous purposes but not get you high. It can improve circadian rhythms, which induces better feelings in the body. It can make you relax or lower anxiety issues which are among the top reasons for taking isolates. The CBD compound in shatter interacts with a part of the nervous system known as the endocannabinoid system to make you feel better and alleviate certain health issues. By enhancing the efficiency of the ECS, CBD shatter can promote the functioning of key biological processes. The effects might vary depending on the dosage and how the body reacts. According to MacCallum & Russo (2018), CBD shatter contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can make you feel less stressed, lower anxiety, regulate your appetite, and reduce anti-inflammatory pain.

    Is It Safe To Use CBD Shatter?

    CBD shatter is highly potent, and users worry about the safety and other negative impacts it can have on users. There are some concerns about the health risks that are posed by taking CBD shatter. It has non-intoxicating properties as it lacks THC ingredients. It positively affects the ECS to lower serious health issues. However, regular intake of CBD shatter in high doses can result in appetite fluctuations, sedation, imbalance in blood pressure, or dizziness. Evans (2020) stated that using shatter when taking prescribed medications can lower their efficiency as the CBD compounds interfere with how the drugs are metabolized in the bloodstream.

    Ways to Use CBD Shatter

    Caulkins et al. (2018) suggested that highly concentrated CBD concentrates such as shatter vaping ensure users get the most out of their supplements. A dab rig is the most preferred and safest method to use CBD shatter for easily regulating the dosage you intake. It also delivers quicker right effects as the vaped cannabinoids are absorbed in the bloodstream faster. You can opt for a vape pen to enjoy your shatter supplement. Place a small amount of shatter on the hit nail, and inhale the vape from the dab rig's mouthpiece to effectively dab out the cannabinoid vapor. Be keen on the amount you place on the scoop, as it's extremely potent and can negatively affect your respiratory system.

    Vivier et al. (2021) suggested that CBD shatter can also be consumed by infusing it in cooking oils to prepare edibles. The only downside to using this technique to intake CBD shatter is the less potency of the final product. Cooking or melting CBD weakens or destroys the cannabinoids lowering their efficiency.

    Is CBD Shatter Worth The Hype?

    CBD concentrates are common among most frequent users but can be less known in seasonal or new users. CBD shatter is worth the hype due to its high potency and can be the perfect alternative for cannabinoid consumers looking to increase their dosage while limiting the overall amount. It contains all effects of other CBD supplements and delivers the hits faster.

    The entourage effect can intimidate some users bound to traditional products such as gummies or oils. You will need specific devices to rig or vape the product with CBD isolates like shatter. Isolates are of pure quality as they undergo several extraction processes and hence come at higher costs but are worth the buy.


    CBD shatter is among the best CBD isolates available in the market for both experienced and seasonal cannabinoid consumers. It lacks THC properties implying no psychoactive impacts, and cannot make you feel high. Shatter contains pure CBD that delivers immediate effects on users. Being a CBD isolate, it's expensive but safe with less serious after-effects. CBD gummies, such as gummies and oils can cause a user an entourage effect. Note that isolates are pure CBD products and cannot make a person high. When enhancing the efficiency of the ECS, CBD shatter can promote the functioning of key biological processes.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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