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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read


    If you are new to vaping, you may fail to notice when a vape pen is finished. However, if you are familiar with vape pens, an empty one would easily be noticeable. This article explains more about vape pens and how to know when they're depleted.

    Vape pens have grown more popular recently because they are small, light, and discreet. Furthermore, they easily dispense their effects since the digestive system doesn't process the e-liquids. Sometimes you inhale your vape pen but are unsure if any e-liquid is left in it. The vape pen may not produce sufficient vapor when you start vaping, especially at lower temperatures. However, the fact that you cannot notice any vapor does not mean that the vape pen is finished since the battery might instead be depleted. Newbie vapers may find it challenging to notice when the e-liquid is depleted. However, there are instances where you can notice some changes in the vape, which may indicate that the vape pen is finished.


    Paying attention to the flavor and taste of the terpene

    The taste emitted by the vape can indicate that the vape pen is depleted. Cannabinoids such as CBD and THC also contain other essential compounds known as terpenes. Terpenes assist in giving out flavor and smell. They also dispense relaxing effects that ease muscle tension and reduce high anxiety. When vaping, you may notice a change in taste after every session. The first hit should not be relied upon as it is usually weak, and the vape is probably heating up. However, the vape will have its 'peak' flavor after several hits. As you continue vaping, the terpenes present in CBD vape oil will be heated and vaporized. Once the flavor runs out, it will indicate that the e-liquid is depleted.

    The vape pen does not produce vapor, although the battery gets hot

    Disposable vape pens are draw-activated, while refillable vape pens are activated using buttons on the vape pen. If you notice that your vape pen produces less vapor, it could indicate that the e-liquid is depleted. However, the atomizer in the vape pen may continue to heat the molecules inside the e-liquid even though no vapor is produced. Once you notice that the vapor is depleted, even though the vape pen still heats up, it could signal that the e-liquid is depleted.

    The color of the vapor emitted

    It is important to check on the bud in the chamber. If you're keen enough, you may notice that, at times, it may look toasted. Be sure not to touch any parts but turn it off immediately. When the vaped bud is brown, crumbly, and very brittle, it may not be efficient to use the vape since it's most likely depleted. However, when the bud is still green and has not changed in color to black and dark brown, you are good to go and can continue vaping as long as you want. In addition, you can always stir the vape inside to expose the areas close to the heat, and the green pockets can be vaporized. Giving a stir may not be useful, but the convection vaporizers can help. This is because it does a great job of heating them.  

    How can one know when to stop using vape pens?

    According to Gutterman (2020), the endurance of the vape pen depends on the temperatures and the preference in terms of flavor and taste. When vaping, you can always squeeze some hits out of the brownish vape by ensuring the temperatures are high. However, the flavor gotten may be quite unpleasant.

    A vape pen's longevity depends on the frequency of use, the battery capacity, and the pen quality. Higher battery capacities last longer than lower battery capacities. Furthermore, vape pens with larger tanks would contain more e-liquids over a longer time than smaller vape pen tanks. Furthermore, a frequent vaper would quickly deplete a vape pen compared to an infrequent vaper.

    Get to know your sweet spot by increasing the temperature gradually.

    It is always a great idea to explore different temperatures using the vape. Most people are a fan of starting their vaping sessions with lower temperatures. After that, they increase the temperatures as they increase the intensity of their hits. Once you begin vaping, the flavors will taste delicious, and the scent will be discernible. Additionally, as you breathe, more vapor will be visible as you increase the vape temperatures. However, those that aren't keen enough about the changes in taste usually prefer less intense hits. However, the quality will be lower compared to the sessions in the beginning. Brewer et al. (2019) suggested that most people use vapes because they have relaxing effects, are convenient, and prevent burning, which is regularly caused by traditional smoking. However, once you notice that the taste of the e-liquid has suddenly changed and tastes more like burnt metal, the vape is probably depleted.

    How to keep the vaping sessions efficient

    Proper cleaning and regular loading will always help get the best effects on the vapes. You should make sure that you have them maintained well. This will especially help those with medical health conditions by keeping the light effects on the lungs. When packing the vape, be sure to grind the marijuana flower down by using a grinder. The herb will likely burn less when you don't grind it well.

    Be sure not to have the chamber packed too tight; you do not want to have some airflow back into the vape pen device as it may affect the vape pen's efficacy. A regulated airflow ensures a smoother inhalation. However, the blockage of the airflow will affect the quality of the e-liquid and the efficiency of the atomizer while heating the molecules in the e-liquids.

    Possible risks of using vape pens

    According to Peruzzi et al. (2020), vape pens may cause severe lung damage if excessively used.

    Qasim et al. (2019) suggested that excessive use of nicotine is addictive, and it could cause high blood pressure, constriction of blood vessels, and various cardiovascular conditions.


    You will likely notice slight changes in taste and flavor when using a vape pen. A change in taste of the e-liquid may signal that the e-liquid is depleted. Furthermore, changes in the amount of vapor produced may also indicate that the vape is done. You can notice that the vape pen is finished by understanding the quality and functionality of your vape pen, as well as constantly noticing the taste and scent emitting. While purchasing vape pens, ensure you read customer reviews, and purchase from a reputable brand. Furthermore, ensure the e-liquids have undergone intensive independent third-party testing.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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