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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 4 min read

    What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

    A Cannabidiol vape pen is a handheld gadget designed with metal or plastic materials. It burns cannabidiol vape oil into vapor. Vape pens have dominated the marketplace as most youth and teens have indulged in vaping. The ingredients, potency, hemp sourcing, and laboratory results are vital considerations when buying vape pens. Learn more about cannabidiol vape pens here.

    A Cannabidiol vape pen converts CBD oil into vapor for inhalation, thus the name vaporizer. Vape pens have popularized as the cannabidiol market expands, particularly among the youth. Their rise in demand has caused most brands to manufacture readily-to-use vape pens. Since CBD is unregulated by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), some unscrupulous dealers have sneaked substandard vape pens into the marketplace. Thus, consumers should understand what to consider when buying these devices to avoid falling prey to low-quality products.

    What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

    What is a Cannabidiol Vape Pen?

    According to Steel (2005), a cannabidiol vape pen is a small vaping device resembling pens designed with either metal or plastic. The e-liquid contains cannabidiol as the major ingredient. As aforementioned Vape pens evaporate CBD oil into vapor. Consumers then inhale vapor which enters their lungs. The cannabidiol instantaneously enters the bloodstream, which explains why vaping gives immediate results. Regarding functionality, vape pens use similar fundamental parts. For example, the devices contain a battery, e-liquid chamber, and a mouthpiece used for inhaling the product. Nonetheless, vape pens vary incredibly, especially in their heating power and construction quality.

    What to Consider When Purchasing CBD Vape Pens

    According to Rotermann (2021), potency, ingredients, CBD spectrum and lab results determine the quality of contents in a CBD vape pen.


    Potency is paramount your desired cannabidiol results. Mostly, cannabidiol vape pens have greater CBD concentrations than other delivery techniques. Therefore, a consumer may not require the greatest potency device to attain the intended results. Cannabidiol vape pens contain precise cannabidiol milligrams per pen indicated on the artefact leaf. Also, it might contain the overall cannabidiol per milliliter or gram. This enables the user to know each pen's potency more conveniently.


    Always consider ingredients when purchasing disposable cannabidiol vape pensLohani et al. (2014) recommended premium ingredients for the safety and effectiveness of the vape pen content. Purchase the cannabidiol vape pens from reputable companies that provide independent third-party laboratory testing. Ideally, third-party lab results provide an objective analysis of the products' heavy metals and pesticide contaminants.

    Laboratory Test Results

    Laboratory test reports are crucial for any cannabidiol products that consumers purchase. Brands might misrepresent or mislabel the products. Notably, cannabidiol is not regulated by FDA and thus does not promise the quality or safety of commercial cannabidiol products. This explains why cannabidiol companies must provide their laboratory test reports to consumers. Preferably, the customers should have full examinations to determine the contents of every vape pen. A quality device should have contents free from heavy metals, mold, and pesticide contaminants.

    Type of Cannabidiol

    Cannabidiol extracts have three major types: CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. CBD isolates are the cleanest CBD extracts. They contain cannabidiol contents exclusively after eliminating all hemp compounds. Isolates have 99 percent purity, thus suitable for consumers with plant allergies except for cannabidiol. Broad-spectrum constitutes all hemp components while excluding the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) molecule. These components are terpenes, flavonoids, essential oils, cannabinol, and cannabigerol.

    In contrast, the full spectrum constitutes all cannabis derivative compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol. These cannabis derivatives work synergistically to generate entourage effects. Therefore, determine your favourite extract to achieve the intended results.


    How Should Consumers Use a Cannabidiol Vape Pen?

    • Transfer cannabidiol e-juice into vape pen container until full.
    • Activate the coil for maximum performance
    • Delay for approximately five-ten minutes to allow your coil to saturate optimally.
    • Click your power switch five times to start the battery.
    • Input an appropriate setting provided it has a modifiable airflow.
    • Hold the switch while breathing in and begin with trifling wafts
    • Pause for five to ten minutes between wafts and observe the cannabinoid effects in your system.
    • In general, begin slowly and escalate your dose with time until you attain a maximum dose.
    • Try taking more frequent and larger puffs to determine the change
    • Wash the vape container regularly to avoid contamination


    • Fix your pod to the JUUL battery
    • The JUUL gets activated before, thus begin by inhaling a trifling puff
    • Pause for five to ten minutes between billows while observing how cannabidiol affects your body system.
    • In general, begin slowly and increase the dose until a maximum amount is achieved.
    • Also, attempt more frequent and large wafts to determine the effects
    • Click your JUUL twice to confirm battery lifespan. Learn more about do you take a hit on a cartridge?


    A Cannabidiol vape pen is a trifling handheld gadget resembling pens designed with metal or plastic materials. The device is convenient and simple to operate. Consumers get rid of disposable vape pens after using them to avoid the negative effects of re-using them. Cannabidiol vape pens function by burning e-juices until they vaporize for inhalation. Since these devices are different, producers make them with fundamental parts like batteries, an e-liquid chamber, and a mouthpiece for inhaling the product. The Food and Drug Administration agency does not monitor CBD. Thus, many illegitimate manufacturers produce unscrupulous vape pens. Therefore, consider ingredients, CBD extract, potency, laboratory results, and know-how to utilize them before purchasing.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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