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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Should You Hold it in CBD Vape?

    Some people believe that when smoking marijuana, you should hold your breath after taking a hit. There is also a cliche in movies and TVs that when you hold a breath in smoke for a while makes the user get a more massive high. There are no facts to this belief.

    Based on theory, it can make sense if you may require a high level of THC and CBD from the herb. You are required to hold the vapor in the lungs for a while. Some users recommend holding for about 10-20 seconds or minutes for those who can before inhaling. It may seem logical that this can make you have more strong effects from cannabis. However, the truth is not yet known. The article discusses how to vape, the ingredients found in CBD e-liquid, whether you should hold the vape in, whether holding in the vape can make you feel high, and more.

    Should You Hold it in CBD Vape?

    How Do You Vape?

    It is something you may want to learn if you are interested in trying cannabinoids. It may sound like a lot of learning regarding vaping CBD. It is good to keep in mind that not all CBD is vaped. Some know it as vaping oil, but it is not oil that is vaped but a CBD e-liquid. Romero-Sandoval et al. (2017) recommended vaping by inhalation, while CBD oil is used orally.

    What are the Ingredients of CBD E-liquid?

    The e-liquid is made from food-grade properties, hence declared safe for use. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene, Glycerin, CBD, and some flavorings are properties.

    How do You Vape?

    Those who have never vaped before are likely wondering how vaping CBD is done. Choi et al. (2021) noted that CBD vaping involves inhaling from the mouth to the lungs. Draw the vape into the mouth, inhale into the lungs, and exhale after one second. Push buttons for some devices to take a draw, while others have the draw-activated.

    Do I Need to Hold in the Vape?

    Currently, no truth in the CBD vape penetrates the system quickly and effectively. According to Anderson & Zechar (2019), holding a breath after inhaling the vape can irritate the lungs. It is good to exhale after drawing the vape into the lungs.

    Why Do You Need a Vaping Device for CBD?

    A few reasons are available why vaping CBD has the ideal delivery method. First, CBD cannabinoid vaporizes at nearly 200 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for a vape kit. It does not contain nicotine and usually gets you high very fast.

    For How Long Can the Lungs Absorb THC?

    Once you take a single hit, the effects go very fast. You absorb most of the cannabinoids immediately. You may not waste much of it when you exhale. It can also help when you hold your breath for some seconds. There is no limit for exceeding. You will have absorbed more THC and CBD than you were to achieve.

    Some other ways of getting the maximum potency from the herb include grinding the weed before putting it into the vape. Smoking may be inefficient when compared with vaping. Giroud et al. (2015) proved that people who vape marijuana absorb 40% THC, more in their blood than those who smoke.

    What Period Can You Hold in Vapor and Smoke?

    It does not matter whether you smoke weed or consume a dry vape. There is no reason for holding it for more than a second. Once you inhale, absorbing the active properties takes place very fast. When you exhale immediately after the hit, it doesn't matter. If you smoke, holding the smoke in can cause a lot of damage without providing any highness.

    The deep you can breathe in determines more than the period you hold it in. Taking shallow hits means consuming only a fraction of the oxygen you should be taking in. Taking deep breaths enables you to get more effects from the hits.

    In case of Oxygen Shortage, Avoid Holding your Breath

    You can feel high as you hold your breath. But what may be happening can be harmful, according to medical experts. When you stop breathing, the brain stops receiving oxygen. It makes you feel more light-headed. The heart starts pumping faster, trying to compensate for the missing oxygen.

    More Ways of Maximizing the Effects of Vaping

    To avoid offering more oxygen deprivation which can be harmful, try using other ways. In case the normal strain is not working, use a different one and enjoy a variety of combinations of the cannabinoids. The powerful strain of the herb produces more than average high. Using marijuana concentrates is also another option.

    For those who still smoke to consume weed, try changing to vaping. You may get some more mileage from your weed using dry herb vapes.

    Can Holding the Hits in the Lungs Make you High?

    It doesn't have any difference, the period you hold in the air after you hit. Taking full and long breaths helps. You don't have to hold it for more than a second. Focus on the dry herb vapes if you want to get high from the cannabis. They are easier for the respiratory system than smoking. Also, they produce less odor and are highly discreet.

    How Efficiency is the Dry Vape?

    Using a vaporizer makes you bake the weed and not burn it. It enables you to get all the THC and CBD in cannabis. Once you burn the bud, part of its potency goes with the smoke. As the study mentioned, you can get about 40% more with vaping. You may get more bonus from the cannabis after you are done with vaping. The vaped bud is used in edibles and recipes. Between the AVB and the added potency, investing in dry vapes pays fast in saving terms.

    Which is the Best Portable Dry Herb Vape?

    Convenience and portability are always top concerns for people interested in vapes. Many vaporizers are annoying when reloading, more so when you start.

    The Bottom Line

    After you inhale your CBD vape, absorbing the active properties occurs immediately. Once you exhale after the hit, it does matter whether you are smoking. Holding the smoke in can cause many effects without feeling high or getting any benefits.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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