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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Picking the Best CBD Vape Juice 

    The characteristics that make up good CBD vape juice include whether you can get high on CBD vape juice, whether CBD vape juice can be addictive, the purity and potency of CBD vape juice, and where you can buy CBD vape juice, and the safety of CBD vape juice. These are the factors to consider when buying CBD vape juice, as illustrated in this article. 

    It goes without doubt that CBD products are picking up pace in the market. This is based on the hemp plant's benefits in dealing with various health and wellness issues. There are numerous ways of taking CBD, and vaping is one of them. You cannot vape regular CBD oil; this will just be taking CBD oil into your lungs. Instead, CBD extract is suspended in an alcohol solution to create a vapable liquid called CBD vape juice or CBD E-liquid. Suppose you know all this; how will you pick the best CBD vape juice to suit your preferences?  

    Picking the Best CBD Vape Juice

    What is CBD?

    According to Hoseini et al. (2014), cannabidiol (CBD) is obtained from the stalks and stem of the hemp plant in powder form and then processed and combined with other substances to make up CBD oil. CBD oil is now a common ingredient as it delivers numerous benefits to the body. CBD is federally legal in some countries under strict regulations that it should be produced with a THC content of less than 0.3% and only harnessed from the hemp plant.  

    What is Vaping?

    Rychert et al. (2020) explained that CBD could be taken in various forms, including vapes, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and oils. Vaping entails inhaling CBD vape juice, a liquid heated up carefully by an electric gadget. This is the most efficient method of CBD intake since CBD is assimilated into the bloodstream via the lungs. It may come in handy for people prone to anxiety. Vaping takes about 1-4 minutes to experience the effects of CBD.

    Factors to Consider When Picking CBD Vape Oil     

    Characteristics That Make Up a Good CBD Vape Oil

    Go for products that are well labeled with the ingredients that are contained in the bottle. The packaging should specify the amounts in the CBD and THC content percentage. The bottle should also include information about its testing and proof that it is certified by a national body. Testing by independent labs is also additional proof of quality. With products containing THC, go for ones containing less than 0.02% of THC. You should also check for products with no contaminants, including heavy metals.

    Would a Good CBD Vape Oil Get You High?

    The regulation for any CBD produced is that it should not contain THC contents above 0.3%. According to Turner, Spurling & Agrawal (2021), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the hemp plant compound responsible for intoxication or giving people a high sensation. Each CBD vape juice is individually tested to ascertain its THC contents; this means you are not likely to get high when vaping CBD.

    Can CBD Vape Juice Become Addictive?     

    You must understand that the liquid mixed with CBD oil is free from harmful compounds, including nicotine, an addictive substance capable of narrowing arterial walls. McCormick (2019) stated that CBD vaping is not addictive and has no harmful long-term effects. This is because it is manufactured from natural products, including added flavors. Users may at first experience nausea and a mild sense of relief.

    The Purity and Potency      

    When selecting a good CBD product, you ought to go for high-quality products; check on the packaging information to ascertain that the product you are going for is of high quality. The product's purity will depend on the purity of the CBD extract. The CBD content in the vape juice is also an important thing to note. As a beginner, you should go for vape juice with lower potency than those with higher potency for better results.    

    Where to Buy CBD Vape Juice

    The best idea on where to buy CBD vape liquids is online, but you can also shop locally as many shops and chemists have already begun the sale of CBD products. Vape shops have also started retailing CBD vape juice and vape pens. The beauty of online shopping is that you can verify the seller's qualifications and even check on the reviews from others who have tried the product and national agencies. However, it might be hard to notice, especially when you are a beginner.  

    How Much CBD Oil Should You Vape?             

    Various factors will come into play when determining the amount to vape to be inhaled, including individual physiology tolerance and body mass. There is no optimum amount of vaping that one can vape. Furthermore, vaping differs from other methods of ingesting CBD as it delivers CBD faster and efficiently via the lungs into the bloodstream for instant effects. The potency and strength of CBD vape juice will come into play while considering the right amount of vape to be inhaled.

    Vaping CBD for Beginners       

    You should not vape normal CBD oil as this will typically be inhaling hot oil into the lungs, which poses a high health risk. Vape CBD vape juice only as this liquid contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. After purchasing CBD vape oil, you will need electric heating equipment called a vape pen. These vape pens may either be rechargeable or disposable, but they serve the same purpose.

    Is Vaping Safe?  

    It is essential to consider the potential risk of vaping CBD. CBD vaping is different from the normal kinds of vaping as there are actual health benefits of vaping CBD oil. CBD vaping also presents potential health risks, particularly problems relating to the lungs. These risks may be caused by propylene glycol (PG), a thinning agent. It is important to check the quality of CBD hemp extracts. Learn more about what ohm is the best for cbd?


     When picking the best CBD vape juice, you must choose high-quality products from reputable brands. Also, you should go for products tested for purity and potency. This will ensure that you are not going to be at the potential risk of health hazards that come with harmful chemicals. Vaping is considered better than smoking and is ideal for beginners. However, It is also important to remember that vaping puts the body at risk of lung-related health problems.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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