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  • by Nicola Boulton September 15, 2022 5 min read

    How Do You Use a CBD Vape Cartridge?

    A CBD vape cart comes with a power button that activates it. It is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to use the cart. This article highlights what a CBD vape cartridge is, using a CBD vape cart, tips on how to take your CBD vape game to the next level, what is the ideal wattage of a  CBD vape pen, the type of CBD vape carts, and how to choose the best CBD vape cart.

    Most individuals are aware of CBD and its products by now. The most popular forms of CBD are tinctures and edibles such as gummies. However, if you are a newbie to vaping CBD, it may seem unfamiliar and overwhelming when you begin. You have probably heard of vaping CBD oil. It normally refers to CBD vape carts and juice used for inhalation. Most newbies always wonder how to use a CBD vape cart. Hence the reason this guide provides ways to use a CBD vape cart. Many CBD vape juice is manufactured from various food-grade substances like normal vape liquids.

    How Do You Use a CBD Vape Cartridge?

    What Is a CBD Vape Cartridge?

    Most individuals find it difficult to find the most effective method of consuming CBD. The good thing is that CBD vape carts came at the right time. Most CBD users always wonder whether it is possible to vape CBD oil. With the introduction of vape carts, it is possible to vape CBD oil as long as it is in liquid form and you have the appropriate vape cart. You must put your CBD oil in your cart, and you are good. CBD vape carts are devices that hold and aid you vape CBD oil. Depending on the cart, they are available in various shapes, forms, and sizes. You can also find them in various flavors giving you several options while enjoying your CBD dose.

    Using a CBD Vape Cartridge

    Below are steps on how to use your CBD vape cart:

    • Connect your cart to a 510 battery and ensure it is fully charged before using it
    • While your cart contains a power button, you must click it around five times to turn it on.
    • While vaping begins with small puffs and presses its button simultaneously.
    • Wait for around five to ten minutes in between puffs to notice how the CBD affects you,
    • You should slowly and gradually increase your dosage until you find your desired effects.
    • When you get used to it, you can take larger and longer puffs

    Tips on How to Take Your CBD Vape Game to the Next Level

    Below are simple tips on how you can take your CBD vape game to the next level;

    • You must keep your CBD cart always charged since a low battery may lead to vaporizing your CBD oil inefficiently
    • When empty, CBD vape pens hit more harshly; hence it is easier for you to know when your CBD vape cart and also tin wisps of vapor are extracted
    • You should also have various CBD vape carts on hand to enable you to switch them out whenever you want a different CBD strain. Various CBD strains have different flavors; you can't miss what you prefer.

    What Is the Ideal Wattage to Vape a CBD Cart?

    CBD's boiling point is low than other cannabinoids. Hence, you should not vape your CBD oil at high temperatures since it may burn it, making it ineffective. However, to control your vape carts' wattage, you should begin with around ten watts and increase your way up until you find the perfect hit. You should not exceed thirty watts since anything more than that will burn your CBD oil.

    Types of CBD Vape Carts

    Refillable Vape Carts

    Yingst et al. (2021) suggested that refillable vape carts are designed in a way that you can refill their vape juice when exhausted. Most individuals prefer refillable vape carts since they are more cost-effective than disposable carts. They are also environmentally friendly since you do not throw them away when they are exhausted, like disposable carts.

    Disposable Vape Carts

    According to Do et al. (2022), a disposable vape cart is a vape cart that you can use for e liquids, oils, or CBD distillate. They come empty; hence you can fill them with your preferred CBD oil or distillate. Once you exhaust your first fill, you can dispose of it. CBD disposable cannot be used for multiple fills, and they are budget-friendly too.

    How to Choose the Best CBD Vape Cart

    Below are the top three picks o how you can get the best vape cart in the market:

    Lab Test

    The best CBD manufacturers must provide proof of third-party lab test results. You should know the difference by researching the lab that gave the report and ensuring they are not linked to the CBD manufacturer that gave the test. Hence the reason you should buy a vape product with reliable and 3rd party laboratory test results

    Customer Reviews

    It would help if you always go through the internet to see what other customers say about the CBD vape cart before purchasing it. You would find a good CBD cart for yourself with the help of other consumers. The good thing about other customers is that they will always say the truth.


    CBD vape carts are almost the same price as THC vape carts. A highly priced CBD cart does not necessarily mean that its quality is good.

    Type of CBD Extract

    CBD extracts exist in three formulations: Full -spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. According to Marinotti & Sarill  (2020), full-spectrum CBD has all the compounds of the cannabis plant, including THC, but its levels are less than 0.3 percent making it legal and safe to use. De Almeida et al. (2020) noted that broad-spectrum CBD has most compounds of the cannabis plant except THC. Pure CBD is the purest form of CBD since all the other cannabinoids are extracted from it; hence CBD is left solely.


    Vaping CBD has become one of the most popular ways of taking CBD. Most individuals prefer it because of its bioavailability since its effects are almost felt instantaneously. However, it may seem difficult for newbies at first to use CBD vape cartridges. The good news is that it is simple and easy to use the CBD vape cart since it works similarly to the regular vape cart. All you need to do is connect it to a fully charged 510 battery first, and if your carts contain a power button, you have to press it around five times for it to be turned on, and that's all. However, while taking puffs, ensure you inhale from the cart while simultaneously pressing the button. Beginners should start small, notice how the body responds to CBD, and gradually increase their dosage with time.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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