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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    Can You Put CBD Vape Oil Under Your Tongue?

    The legalization of CBD and its related products was publicly accepted in 2018 after the Farm Bill was signed. The signing led to various individuals' commercial cultivation and usage of hemp-related products. CBD was legally obtained in the United States, as many individuals adopted it for different purposes and reasons. CBD can be consumed variously, like topical, transdermal, ingestion, or inhaled. This article explains whether someone can put CBD vape oil under the tongue.

    CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, containing over 100 known cannabinoids. CBD has been broadly adopted across the globe because of the various claims that are associated with it. Unlike THC, a primary cannabinoid, it is intoxicating, and one may feel high on consumption. Individuals consuming CBD claim to benefit them in various health aspects. Others use CBD for recreational purposes, making one feel relaxed and calm when finished. The consumption of CBD can be in multiple ways. Individuals can choose how best they can consume CBD depending on some aspects. It can be ingested sublingually, topically, transdermally, or inhaled through vape oil and pens.

    Can You Put CBD Vape Oil Under Your Tongue?

    Methods of CBD Consumption


    Chayasirisobhon (2020) explained that this is one of the fastest ways an individual can experience the effects of CBD. When inhaled, CBD can get into an individual's bloodstream within a short time. Users can vape CBD through vape pens and use CBD vape oil specifically for vaping. Learn more about top 10 cbd vape juice flavors

    Topical Application

    CBD topically applied cannot reach the bloodstream but interacted with the skin receptors present within the skin. It is where the CBD is infused in various body lotions and creams. An individual can topically apply CBD creams and lotions on their skin to be able to feel the CBD effects.


    CBD can be ingested variously. Some can add CBD to foods and beverages. They are then consumed, where the food is digested and assimilated in the body through the liver. This method takes a lot of time compared to the others as the CBD needs to be digested and broken down; thus, an individual will feel the CBD effects later.

    Sublingual Consumption

    It is the administering of CBD oil under the tongue of an individual. Only CBD oil and tinctures can be allowed under the language because they are manufactured to be consumed under the tongue. CBD vape oil cannot be consumed sublingually because of the mode of manufacture. It is designed to be vaporized by a vape before being inhaled. The CBD oil placed under the tongue can directly be absorbed into the bloodstream.

    What Is CBD Vaping Oil?

    Individuals should be keen on the type of oil they need to keep under the tongue. Delta et al. (2021) explained that CBD vape oil, as the name suggests, is a CBD extract placed inside disposable vape cartridges. It is viscous and ticks; thus, it needs to be vaporized by the vape pen, which turns the CBD vape oil into inhalable smooth smoke containing CBD for better effectiveness.

    Can CBD Vape Oil Be Kept under the Tongue?

    CBD vape oil cannot be consumed sublingually as it contains propylene glycol, the main food additive, and is odorless and colorless in nature with a faintly sweet taste. It also contains vegetable glycerine, another food additive thicker than propylene glycol and sweeter. This ingredient cannot be absorbed through the mucous membrane under the tongue as they need to be vaporized before being inhaled or consumed. It is not advised to use CBD vape oil or concentrate under the tongue. CBD can be destroyed under the language as it is one of the great methods of feeling the non-intoxicating effect of CBD. There is increased effectiveness under the tongue, and most individuals prefer using CBD oil and tinctures. Individuals should be keen as not all CBD oil products are designed for sublingual consumption.

    CBD Vape Oil Vs. CBD Tinctures and Oil

    CBD vape oil is different from CBD oil and tinctures. Although they contain the same type of extract, CBD, they also have some carrier oil infused. As vape oils are used in vaporizing equipment, CBD oils and tinctures are directly placed under the tongue by an individual. It is not advised to vape CBD oils or medicine, and it is not recommended to consume CBD vape oil sublingually.

    Riskiness of Breaking the Vape Cartridges

    Vega et al. (2012) explained that most CBD vape cartridges are made or surrounded by glass. Although it is possible to open the vape cartridge after it is sealed technically, it involves the addition of tiny silver glass on the vape concentrate, which is dangerous to an individual’s life. The silver glasses can contaminate the vape oil, which will not be efficient enough to be vaped.

    Why CBD Under the Tongue?

    Individuals prefer CBD under the language because of the thin membrane, which is the mucous membrane. Also, a significant artery under the tongue will receive the CBD absorbed into the bloodstream, taking it to the brain. Most CBD oil or tincture under the tongue, for some time, prevents the inherent low bioavailability that is associated with the consumption of CBD orally. Learn more about how to use terpenes in vape?

    Which One Is Better? CBD Oil or CBD Vape Oil

    CBD tinctures and oils are the only hemp-based products manufactured to be consumed under the tongue. Putting CBD vape oil under an individual’s tank can be very dangerous and wasteful as it is not designed to be consumed that way. CBD oil and tincture have a higher bioavailability rate because of the incorporation of carrier oils. The oils help in carrying the CBD through the absorption process in a faster way compared to other CBD consumption modes. Varlet et al. (2016) stated that, compared with vaping and CBD vape oil, CBD oil and tincture are very efficient and accessible when used.


    CBD vape oil should not be consumed sublingually as it is designed to be vaped. Many individuals who vape are advised not to orally use CBD vape oil as it is not safe for oral consumption. The product that should be consumed sublingually is CBD oil, which contains some carrier oils that make absorption easier. When purchasing CBD vape oil, individuals should be keen to prevent any purchase of low-quality crude as it can harm one's health.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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