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  • by Nicola Boulton September 01, 2022 5 min read

    What Does It Mean When Your Vape Pen Flashes 3 Times?

    Vape pens have sparked considerable interest in recent years. While younger adults are enthusiastic about them, some are still skeptical about their effects and efficacy. This article will discuss vape pens more and what it means when it flashes thrice.

    Most times, a vape pen may flash 3 or more times, and still, it may be able to work properly. Some of the issues that may cause the spontaneous flashes may be connection and battery issues. However, various issues surrounding vape pens may influence their endurance, such as the battery capacity and the frequency of use.

    What Does It Mean When Your Vape Pen Flashes 3 Times?

    For one to know what's happening in the vape pen, the LED indicator would indicate whether the vape pen is active or depleted. Additionally, the LED indicator will often change its color, blink or even pulsate when the vape pen seems faulty. However, not all vape pens are similar, so it is important to know that blinking on them may not necessarily indicate the same thing. The blinking may sometimes be caused by a low battery, a connectivity problem, or a faulty installation. If you are questioning why the vape pen keeps blinking 3 times, you've come to the right place.

    How do vape pens work?

    Vape pens are battery-powered devices that convert e-liquids to vapor. They inhale vaporized substances such as nicotine, THC, and CBD vape oil. Furthermore, they are popular because they have a higher bioavailability and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Vape pens have an atomizer that heats the molecules inside the e-liquid. The cartridge stores the e-liquid while the battery activates the pen. Additionally, the mouthpiece facilitates the movement of the e-liquid from the tank to the mouth.

    Why does The Vape Pen Flash 3 Times?

    According to Salzman et al. (2019), connection problems can cause vape pens to flash thrice. There are times when the heating coil and the battery may seem to be disconnected. Therefore, it will make the vape pen blink multiple times. The vape pen may also flash multiple times when there is a short circuit in the tank or when the battery is faulty, even though the pen doesn't have a tank.


    What Do the Colors On The Vape Pen Mean?

    If you're a newbie to vape pens, you may not be entirely familiar with the LED colors and what they indicate. However, once the vape pen is active, it may flicker different lights depending on the voltage setting. Furthermore, the button should be clicked twice when changing from one voltage setting to another for refillable vape pens.


    This indicates that the vape pen has a higher voltage, which is recommendable for getting more intense vape hits. However, the e-liquid is depleted quicker if the voltage is higher.


    Also referred to as the 'dab mode,' the blue light is always visible when the vape pen is on 3.8 volts. This voltage is mainly used when vaping 510 thread wax atomizer extracts. To avoid destroying the vape pen, you should only use cartridges that can withstand the higher voltage settings.


    This light will only be visible using the vape pen with a 3.6-voltage setting. Furthermore, this setting is best for you if you plan to guarantee the pen's longevity. It also helps minimize the heat vaporizing some of the contents in the cartridge.

    What is the Best Way to Charge the Vape Pen Battery?   

    While charging a vape pen, ensure the voltage settings are accurate to avoid excess current flowing through the pen, which may eventually damage it. When the temperature of the vape pen increases due to an excessive current flow, disconnect the device from the charger and wait for a few minutes before reconnecting.

    According to Seifert et al. (2019), a faulty battery or charger may also cause charging faults. Therefore, ensure you check the vape pen it's charging to avoid damaging it.

    Should The Flashes Be Ignored?

    At times, the vaping device may flash, and suddenly the LED lights go off even though the vape pen functions normally. Other times, the vaping pen device will blink continuously, but it will still function correctly. However, do not just ignore the flashing lights even if the device is working properly. It may be a sign of an underlying issue with the vape pen that needs to be fixed. Therefore, find out why the vape pen is flashing and fix it quickly.

    Why Doesn't the Vape Pen Hit?

    In some cases, the vape pen may be fully charged and still not display any lights, even though it has sufficient e-liquids. Various factors can affect the efficacy of the vape pen, such as:

    An inactive or depleted battery

    According to Davidson et al. (2019), refillable vape pens are activated once the firing buttons are pressed about 5 times. It is difficult to vape when the pen is inactive or when the e-liquid or the battery is depleted. When you turn on the device, ensure the LED lights turn green. If you notice that the LED lights remain orange or red, consider recharging your vape pen.

    The Firing Pin May Be So Low

    The firing pin is made to move up and down to have the clearomizer properly connected. This gives the coil a solid electrical current. However, excessive use of the vape pen will sometimes have the firing pin sit too low on the connector. This may hinder you from getting an intense hit, even after everything seems to be working properly.

    Where to buy vape pens

    Vape pens are widely available in various local stores, such as convenience stores and dispensaries. They are also available in several online stores, which is advantageous because you have a wider inventory of products, a reduced shopping time, and you can easily read customer reviews. According to Chen et al. (2017), ensure you read the product label to ensure the product does not contain harmful substances, such as heavy metals and molds.


    Vape pen flashes can be caused by several factors, such as connectivity issues, battery issues, and heating problems. Therefore, ensure you solve these issues by reading the user manual and researching more on the functionality of the vape pen. However, ensure you do not ignore the flashing lights on the vape pen because they may indicate that the battery is depleted or faulty.

    When purchasing vape pens, ensure you read the customer reviews. This will give you more insight into the brand's authenticity and product quality. Furthermore, confirm whether the e-liquid has undergone thorough independent third-party testing.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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