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  • by Nicola Boulton September 15, 2022 5 min read

    Is CBGA a Stimulant?

    Most people consider CBG as a sedative and not a stimulant. However, the response of people to CBGA differs based on dosage. Research suggests the higher dose of CBGA is sedative while low doses are stimulating. This article will explain more about CBGA and whether it is a sedative.

    Cannabis compounds have taken abuzz over the past few years; thus, they are the common specimens in the labs today. Although the compounds have many health benefits, as suggested by several researchers, people are still skeptical about the effect of the compound and how it impacts the body. This is because some cannabis compounds have many regulations because of their intoxicating nature. However, other cannabis compounds have therapeutic effects, which led to Congress passing the 2018 Farm Bill that redefined hemp as a non-intoxicating substance. However, marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug since it contains psychoactive THC. Hemp compounds such as CBG and CBD are popular because they relieve pain, reduce anxiety and improve mood.

    What is CBGA?

    CBGA is the acidic form of CBG and is commonly known as the mother of all cannabinoids. The compound is derived from the cannabis and hemp plant. Furthermore, it does not have a psychoactive effect on the user. CBGA is in higher amounts in the younger cannabis plants. As the plants grow, the compound is converted to CBD and THC, making CBG scarce and more expensive to obtain and manufacture.

    Different strains are designed to increase the production of CBG, such as the White CBG, Jack Frost CBG, and Super Glue CBG. Studies show that they have high CBG amounts. Additionally, cannabis growers are experimenting with crossbreeding and genetic mutilation to increase CBG amounts. This follows many health benefits associated with CBG.

    Although CBG is less available, broad-spectrum CBD contains CBG, which helps reduce anxiety and remove harmful bacteria from the skin.

    According to Teitelbaum (2019), CBG can improve sleep and prevent insomnia by targeting the root cause of sleep problems. CBG triggers the production of higher melatonin levels and also increases serotonin levels. However, studies show that a small amount of CBD improves sleep, while amounts lower than 15mg may increase alertness.

    The Factor Determining the CBG Effect

    The Body Composition

    Your body size and weight can affect the impact of CBG on the body. Studies show that people with smaller bodies experience the effects faster due to the smaller surface area. On the contrary, people with plus body sizes tend to take longer to feel the effect. This is also an advantage since they can benefit from the compound since they are stored in the fats, and thus, the user can benefit from it for a long time.

    Dosage and Concentration

    It is important to consult your doctor concerning the right CBG dosage to use. The dosage will differ from one user to the other based on the reason for taking CBG. A highly concentrated and high dose of CBG has a fast effect on the body. CBG is not legalized for medical use in several states, although the FDA approved Epidiolex to be used to treat two rare forms of epilepsy.

    CBG Potency

    CBG products have different potency levels. A highly potent CBG has a fast impact on the body compared to a low potent one.

    Mode of CBG Administration

    There are different ways of taking CBG. Also, taking the product into the body affects the effect you experience. For example, CBD taken by vaping have a higher bioavailability since the compound is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. CBG edibles are broken down in the digestive tract before being absorbed into the body. Therefore, the effects are dispensed within 30 minutes.

    People respond differently to cannabinoids. When your body can tolerate high CBG doses, you will have high and long-lasting effects compared to those whose bodies have a lower tolerance. Also, when you regularly use CBG, you will experience the effects faster because the cannabinoid receptors are not desensitized when CBG binds with them.

    Health Benefits of CBG

    Alleviating Inflammation

    According to Hill et al. (2016), CBG is used to alleviate internal and external inflammation because the compound has an anti-inflammatory effect. For example, inflammatory bowel disease is a health condition causing severe swelling in the bowel. Many people in the world face incurable conditions. However, research suggests that patients exhibited significant change after CBG administration.

    Treat Glaucoma

    According to Cairns et al. (2016), CBG reduced eye pressure and increased the outflow of aqueous humor. Aqueous humor is a fluid essential for providing eye nutrition and maintaining pressure. The eyes produce the fluid. Additionally, glaucoma might lead to blindness if left untreated.

    Fighting Cancer Cells

    According to Lu et al. (2017), CBG has shown the ability to block cancer cell growth receptors and prevent colorectal cancer cell growth. Cancer is in levels since there is the multiplication of the cells in the body research suggests that CBG can help prevent and cure colon cancer. There is a need for more research and scientific backup to the claims.

    Anti-Bacterial Property

    According to Aqawi et al. (2021), CBG has an anti-bacterial effect and thus helps prevent and treat several harmful bacteria. For example, research shows that CBG can fight against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a bacterium that causes staph infections and is majorly resistant to drugs.


    CBG is not widely available like the other compounds due to its scarcity. It is found in fewer quantities, making it rare and expensive. This has made cannabis farmers experiment with the crossbreed, develop newer CBG strains such as Super Glue, Jack Frost, and White CBG, and adopt genetic manipulation to increase production. THC and CBD are the product of CBGA, an acidic compound of CBG. Therefore, CBG is higher in younger plants compared to fully grown plants. CBGA is converted to THC and CBD as the plant grows. Like other cannabinoids, CBG has different health-associated benefits, such as reducing muscle pains, relieving anxiety, and alleviating inflammation.


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    Nicola Boulton
    Nicola Boulton

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